New Comics for 05.04.2011 lives its life a quarter mile at a time

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, Chris, Tom, Molly, Ryan, Josh, Ben, Ali, Chris and Matt.

This week Conor has the Pick!

Bonus Question: How do you live your life?


  1. Why, however The Fast and the Furious tells me to.  I tried following Diesel’s other work, but The Pacifier confused me.

  2. Nice week, not a big one though. Hopefully getting Xombi #2 since I forgot to pull it last week. Also, my LCS is having a big sale for FCBD so I’m not getting comics till Saturday.

    Herc #2, Superboy #7, Sweet Tooth #22, and Xombi #2

    BQ: Poorly 

  3. Jonah Hex, Green Wake, and Blue Estate

    BQ: one day at a time

  4. Batman Beyond #5
    Bprd Dead Remembered #2 (OF 3)
    Fear Itself #2 (OF 7)
    Sweet Tooth #21
    Witchfinder Lost & Gone Forever #4 (OF 5)

    BQ: One day at a time.

  5. Just the Taskmaster trade for me this week.

    BQ:  With liberal applications of beer and baseball

  6. Fear #2 and MoonKnight #1

    BQ: With Rage, Hate and Twinkies!!!

  7. Really excited for my books this week.

    Green Wake #1 reprint and issue #2, Sweet Tooth, Uncanny X-Force, and Little Endless Storybook are all at the top of my list.

  8. *And Delerium’s Party

  9. @RandoCalrissian  Damn you, Rando!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. @stuclach  what great timing. that made me lol, a lot.

  12. Uncanny X Force, and i’m thinking about Trying out Moon Knight. 

    BQ: I try to do the right thing whenever i can.  

  13. Abyss: Family Values
    Atomic Robo
    Blue Estate
    Green Wake
    Heroes for Hire
    Sweet Tooth
    Uncanny X-Force

    (some of these will be digital, either same day or whenever they show up)

    BQ: Inebriated

  14. Annihilators, Avengers Academy, Deadpool Annual (b/c of the Layman Identity Wars crossover), Fear Itself, Moon Knight, Sweet tooth, Taskmaster TPB, and Uncanny X-Force. Most excited for Uncanny, Moon Knight, and Annihilators.

    Dropped Heroes for Hire (I gave it one arc b/c it was DnA, but I wasn’t floored), and Superboy (feel bad b/c it’s Layman but the last issue wasn’t good, and none of the issues thus far have been stellar)

    Also, picking up the BPRD:Plague of Frogs HC

  15. More of a maybe list this week than a definite pull list:

    Son of Superman #1
    Jennifer Blood #3 (haven’t read the first 2 I bought)
    Image Firsts Phonogram #1 (only a dollar, and it’s on the amazon wishlist anyways)

    MouseGuard Black Axe #2 (My very impatient wife will be thrilled)
    Witchfinder #4
    Red Spike #1

    My HardCover for Brightest Day vol 2 is pre-ordered through amazon.  Not getting into any more event books. If they’re good, I’ll wait for the trade.  Officially dropping Superboy.  It’s being traded out for Action Comics going back into monthly rotation.

    BQ: Wednesday to Wednesday…

  16. Wow, quiet week.  Blue Estate, izombie, Fear Itself, Herc, Moon Knight and my personal favourite, X-Force.

    BQ: In a state of bewildered confusion, mostly.

  17. BQ:  Stoned

  18. Nothing for me this week.

    BQ: Like a candle in the wind.

  19. BQ: On my butt.

  20. Wow, Marvel looks to be having a solid week for me.  New Fear Itself, Annihilators and the launch of Moon Knight.  Also looking forward to Son of Superman, which is a reprint of an Elseworlds tale by Chaykin and JH Williams III.  Sounds awesome!

    BQ: …with donuts.

  21. Proof, House of Mystery, Moon Knight, and the Split Lip horror collection I just got in the mail today. 

    BQ: Don’t ask me how I’m living, ‘cus yo, I’m living swell.  

  22. Damn, I am getting no DC books for the first time ever.

    BQ:  Rationally. 

  23. Debating the Bat Boy strips collection – Peter Bagge never fails to crack me up. May wait for the paperback, but HC is $13.99 so if I pull the trigger I won’t be out too much.

    BQ: A lot better than I think I am…

  24. I knew this would happen. I’ve had two stellar weeks so the third was bound to be pretty weak. Oh well, my wallet will thank me.

    BQ:” You’re born alone and you die alone and this world just drops a bunch of rules on top of you to make you forget those facts. But I never forget. I’m living like there’s no tomorrow, because there isn’t one.” – Don Draper 

  25. Got 6 or 7 books this week, not sure if I’m getting that giant sized Avengers Academy or not. But I’m pretty excited for Moon Knight #1!

    BQ: I try to treat people right, take care of my family, work hard, and throw myself into things I am passionate about.  

  26. Only 2 or 3 books, really looking foward to freeComicBook day!

    BQ: Awesome

  27. Only 3 books this week. I’ll pick up issue two of Future Foundation since I picked up issue one last week and loved it!

    BQ: One Wednesday at a time. (someone had to say it right?) 

  28. Most excited for Blue Estate #2 and BPRD #2 this week.  Also looking forward to DMZ Vol. 10 mainly because I just finished volume 9 last week so it’ll be awesome to flow right into this one without the usual 6 month wait.

  29. Whoa. One book. I don’t think that’s happened ever.

  30. BQ: one vagina at a time (no one had to say that)

  31. Artifacts #7
    Blue Estate #2
    Fear Itself #2
    Moon Knight #1
    Uncanny X-Force #9
    X-Men: Prelude #1 

  32. @edward  and yet someone did LOL

  33. BQ: Decidedly NOT like a candle in the wind.  That seems like a risky life plan.