New Comics for 04/28/10 are innocent, I say. Innocent!

Get to pulling this Wednesday's books, and then let us know what you're looking forward to most, what you're dropping, what others should be buying and anything you're thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Ron, and Josh.

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This week Conor has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: If you murdered someone, which fictional cop would you most like to have on your case? Which would you least like?


  1. And I still don’t have my books from last week thanks to that volcano.

    BQ: Dexter. Don’t know why, he’s the first that pops in my mind.

  2. Too many books to list these week–definitely a wallet-breaker.

     BQ–If I murdered someone (and if I DID they probably had it coming) I’d hope against hope that Kelso the cop from PLAN 9 was put on the case.  Worst scenario–anybody written by Bendis or Rucka.

  3. Golly, The Great Unknown AND Stumptown are all back this week?  Woo!

  4. Holy crap, there goes the new budget. 

    Fictional cop I’d most want = Chief Wiggum

    Fictional cop I wouldn’t want = John McClane 


  5. @blulew23 wins the BQ already.. I completely agree…


    and. it’s going to be a nice long week of comics. Hopefully next week is a short 5-8 book week. 

  6. @gobo – How are you digging Golly? I’m kicking around jumping on the next arc…

  7. My List

    BQ: I would need Sherlock Holmes cause I would be innocent. Sherrif of Nottingham worst case.

  8. @OttoBot I liked issue 4 when it came out months and months ago. I’m not sure when #6 will come out, if at all.

  9. Ahhh, 19 books and Marvel is half my stack! Seems like they pile on all their books at the end of each month…

  10. I’ll be picking up Amazing Spider-Man, Superman, Last Stand of New Krypton, Stumptown, Last Days of American Crime, the $1 Proof #1, and the new trade of Dynamo 5.

    I was under the impression a new Star Trek Captain’s Log one-shot would be out this week. Is the Comics page all updated?

  11. Fantastic Four #578
    G.I. Joe: Cobra II #4
    Green Lantern Corps #47
    Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows #5
    Scalped #37
    Secret Warriors #15
    Siege: Secret Warriors #1
    Stumptown #3
    Unknown Soldier #19
    The Walking Dead #71

  12. BQ, Most wanted Detective Chief Wiggum , Least wanted Sherlock Holmes!

  13. Wow, ginormous week. 

     Captain America #605

    Green Lantern #47

    Incorruptible #5

    Invincible #71

    The Last Days of American Crime #2

    New Avengers #64

    Northlanders #27

    Stumptown #3

    Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #1 

    Kind of wondering if I want to pick up Detective Comics…but who’s David Hines? Guess I’ll just wait till JH Williams starts writing.

     BQ: Chief Wiggum, as usual, for fav cop and Robocop for worst cop 

  14. Amazing Spider-Man #629, Detective Comics #864, Fall Of Hulks Red Hulk #4, Fantastic Four #578, Invincible Iron Man #25, Peter Parker #2, World War Hulks Hulked Out Heroes #2, and X-Force #26….big week!!

     BQ: Yeah I like Chief Wiggum since I could probably get away with it, and though he is not really a cop, I would not want Jack Bauer coming after me.

  15. Just Scalped and Invincible for me. Small but awesome week.

    BQ: I don’t know. I just got through watching all seven seasons of Trailer Park Boys so I guess I would want Jim Lahey on the case bcause he would probably just talk about shitstorms and shitburgers and shitapples and the winds of shit then get really super wasted and screw up the whole operation. And I suppose I would least like Sara Pezzini because that Witchblade is no joke and it will fuck you up.

  16. I’d want Bunk Moreland on my case, as long as he promised to call me Jimmy.

  17. Amazing Spider-Man, Invincible Iron Man and Fantastic Four. My three favorite Marvel books in one week. Sweet!


    BQ: I would most want Det. Kate BEcket to be on my case, not because i think I would get away with it, but because she’s ridiculously beautiful and if i have to get caught it might as well be by her. I would least want Dirty Harry on my case, because he would just kill me. Probably painfully.  

  18. Looks like I’ll be getting "Detective" just for the backup story (and the Cliff Chiang cover), since the Batwoman story appears to be over.  Also interested in the Siege-tie-in Avengers books, and the Terminator mini from Dark Horse.  (That’s a prequel to the first movie, by which I mean it takes place in the future before anybody time-traveled).

    BQ: I would want to be investigated by any of the cops on original-flavor Law & Order because they always arrest the wrong person first, which would give me time to flee the country.  I would least want to be investigated by Jimmy McNulty because you never know what that crazy Irish fuck is gonna do.

  19. Light week. Lookin forward to GL Corps and Walking Dead the most as usual.

    BQ: I was gonna say Barney Fife, that is until I saw kenkneisel wanted Jim Lahey. Nobody beats Lahey for worst cop of all time. The fuckin drunk.

    Worst cop to have after me would be Det. Robert Goren (D’Onofrio on Criminal Intent), not only because he always gets his man, but he freaks me out so I’d probably confess immediately.

  20. Some great tradea and HCs this week, sorry piggy bank…

  21. IDW books have been added to the comics page.

  22. Pretty good week, mostly bat books and New Avengers. 

    BQ: I’d want Philip Marlowe or Harry Callahan. They’d get the job done. Don’t give me Ronnie Barnhardt (From Observe and Report) or Detective Arlen (The Wrong Guy)

  23. And that’s how you drop Detective Comics.

  24. @Josh-I concur.

  25. I actually couldn’t convince my comic store guy that I wanted to keep *getting* Detective. 


     Great, looks like one of those weeks where i will have to sell my plasma to get all my books

    BQ:  Sgt. Frank Drebin

  27. I almost want to get Detective Comics, but it’s not worth it for the small short Question. I hope Conor does a review of it so I see if the new team is worth picking it up.

  28. I am also dropping Detective, $4 is to much for a creative team I know nothing about.

    BQ: Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau from The Pink Panther (1963 version).

  29. Unknown Soldier, GLC, Walking Dead, Ultimate Avengers, GI Joe Cobra, and New Avengers

    BQ: If anybody’s gonna take me down, it better be Dexter Morgan.

  30. Fantastic Four #578Green Lantern Corps #47Invincible Iron Man #25Secret Warriors #15Siege Secret Warriors #1Stumptown #3Walking Dead #71X-Force #26

    BQ: Wouldn’t mind Rene Montoya coming after me 🙂 Would just turn myself in if Barry Allen’s on my case. 

  31. Amazing Spider-Man, GI Joe Cobra, Invincible Iron Man, Northlanders, Punisher, Stumptown, and that Random Acts of Violence OGN.

    BQ: Dont really understand the first part of the question because if I killed someone I would just want to get to Mexico as quickly as possible. Now for a cop I would least like it would either be John McClane from "Die Hard" or Joe Hallenbeck from "The Last Boy Scout" because that guy killed someone with a single punch.

  32. Amazing Spider-Man #629
    Fantastic Four #578
    Gi Joe Cobra Ii #4
    Green Lantern Corps #47
    Incredible Hercules Tp Mighty Thorcules
    Invincible Iron Man #25
    Last Days Of American Crime #2 (OF 3)
    New Avengers #64
    Punisher #16
    Stumptown #3
    Most like to have Eckhardt from the first Tim Burton Batman,  I could probably outrun him.
    Least like to have Jim Gordon. He’s honest.
  33.  Best cop – High Tower

  34. Random Acts of Violence

    Invincible #72  

    Green Lantern Corps #47

    BQ: I would like the Great Mouse Detective, because I could catch him with some cheese. I would least like  John McClane.

  35. I forget, how does this site handles FCBD? I know we won’t be pulling any of the comics but is there a way we can review them?

    Anyways I will not be getting my comics until Saturday, however I am missing out 3 fantastic books until then.

    Deadpool #22, Green Lantern Corp #47, and Thor #609

    BQ: McGonigle. He eases the pain. 

  36. Boy howdy, what a big week: GI Joe Cobra, Scalped, Fantastic Four, Stumptown, and New Avengers, among others! I am quite excited for Wednesday. Super excited for the Francesco Francavilla drawn Garrison.


    BQ:  I am glad everyone thought of Wiggim, since I forgot about him, though he’d clearly be the easiest to give the slip. I think the relentless Inspector Jarvert from Les Miserables would be the guy I’d least like on my tail for any crime, much less murder. I can’t decide if I’d want to be chased by Vic Mackey or not. On the one hand, he’s like an unstoppable for of nature. On the other hand, I could bribe him.

  37. Big week for me, with tons of Marvel stuff. 

    BQ-  Vic Mackey was my first thought to have after me, but I think I’d rather have Shane Vendrell.  It’d be easier to work out a deal with him.  As for who I don’t want on my tail…we’ll go with a Vic Mackey that I CAN’T work out a deal with.

  38. Most excited for Stumptown, GI Joe Cobra, Dynamo 5 vol. 4, and three Super-titles this week.

    BQ:  I’d most like to get Mike Kellerman from Homicide.  Meatball.

    I’d least like to draw Frank Pembleton from Homicide.  Badass.

  39. Fantastic Four, Scalped, Wasteland. 

    BQ: Does Carmen Sandiego count?  I know she works for the bad guys but the chick would make one heck of a PI.

  40. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    most like: eddie or lou from the simpsons

    least like: frank castle (after family murdered but before he quit the force)  

  41. Looking foward to Green Lantern Corps!


    BQ: Most like to have on the case, the Big BossMan lol he would just fake wrestle me for my crime.

    He is not a cop but still Dexter would be worst case to have on the case cause I would be killed.

  42. my comic shop under ordered Spirit #1 due to past performance. Hopefully they got enough requests to put in a second order for this week so hopefully……

     not looking forward to anything Brightest Day. Issue #0 was meh.  

  43. A nice week.  Looking forward to FF, ASM, Detective, Punisher, and Scalped. 

    BQ: Most wanted detective- Soap from Punisher; least wanted detective(s)- Tango and Cash

  44. just g.i. joe cobra II and stumptown. im broke 🙁

  45. This week:

    Fantastic Four #578
    New Avengers #64
    Siege Secret Warriors #1
    Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #1

    Plus all of last week.  Stupid volcano

  46. Locke & Key:  I always get excited for it when it comes out, despite that my comic shop always gets IDW stuff in one week after the rest of the world for whatever reason.

    Bonus Question.  Most like, Special Agent Dale Cooper:  not a cop, sure, but if I’m going to kill someone, I’d want it to be the kind of case the FBI needs to come in on, and also I’d want to be the killer who respects the person chasing him.  Least Like,  Detective Elliot Stabler: because if Christopher Meloni is going to pin me to the ground and treat me like a criminal, I want him to be Chris Keller from Oz.

  47. @WheelHands: Plus even if you do somehow wind up in jail despite Lahey’s drunken incompetence, it’s still not that bad. The food is pretty good, you basically just get drunk all the time and smoke dope with all your friends. It’s actually pretty cool! 🙂

  48. What am I most excited for? Well, Iron Man, obviously, but I’m expecting everything to be awesome, except Greem Lantern Corps. That I’m gonna buy, read, and then drop.