New Comics for 03.06.2013 made butter nut squash risotto

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Josh, and Paul.

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This week Paul Montgomery has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What’s the last thing you cooked with your own two hands?


  1. B.Q. Toast.

  2. EARTH 2 #10
    ALL-NEW X-MEN #8
    ANIMAL MAN #18

    BQ Zucchini Lasagna

  3. Avatar photo filippod (@filippodee) says:

    Strangely all Marvel and thankfully slow-ish week for me (6 books) + Fionna & Cake and My Little Pony for my daughter.

    Looking forward to Red She Hulk: the story is kinda meh but I love the Betty-Hulk & Machine Man interaction. Plus… Francavilla cover!

    Loving All-New X-Men but after the lame “movie Avengers” entrance in last week’s Uncanny the cover is turning me off a little bit.

    BQ: rice & cheese omelette, just one hour ago. I actually cook every day as I am in charge of the cooking at home.

    ALL-NEW X -MEN #8
    MARA #3

    BQ Spaghetti al limone (last night’s dinner)

  5. A light, but likely solid week for me, just Avengers and All New X-Men.

    BQ: Some baked cod all mixed up with rice and peas and carrots, seasoned with some garlic salt, pepper and a little soy sauce. Simple, but delicious.

  6. Nice light week for me. Looking forward to All-New X-Men and Earth 2.

    BQ: Umm … can we count hot dogs? I don’t cook.

  7. A small week but good All New X-Men, Avengers & Sex!

    BQ- Vegetarian Lasagna, for me & my future wife tonight here in blighty!

  8. Earth 2 #10, Green Arrow #18, Green Lantern #18, Worlds’ Finest #10, 47 Ronin #3, Bedlam #5 & Lost Vegas #1.

    I actually forgot to delete 47 Ronin #3 from my list, having been slightly underwhelmed with the first two issues, so hoping for improvement. Lost Vegas shows promise; I like the premise.

    BQ: Rice noodles, chicken, an assortment of vegetables, generous garlic & seasoning with soy sauce.

  9. Wrkngclasshero (@joinedtofollow) says:

    ANIMAL MAN #18
    EARTH 2 #10

    Looking forward to Animal Man. Have stayed away as Rotworld didn’t really do it for me, but I’m hoping this is a good jump-on point. I’ll give Age of Ultron a go, but as I don’t really read Marvel (except for Hawkguy) I expect to get lost and give up on it, but here’s hoping for the best!

    BQ: Filet Mignon and baked potatoes last night. Started on the grill but ran out of propane so I finished ’em in the oven.

  10. Just the Sleeper Omnibus for me this week.

    BQ: Thai red curry

  11. Looking forward to Dial H and dropping Green Lantern!

    BQ: Pasta with butter (I don’t cook. I have a wife. Thats not a sexist remark, she does the cooking because I’m bad at it and its her place)

  12. Has anyone else noticed or commented on how the “YOUR COMICS” link at the top of the page is not working properly? Just wondered. It shows last week’s date but this week’s comics.

    Here’s my pulls:
    ANIMAL MAN #18
    BATWING #18
    HELHEIM #1
    LOT 13 #5

    I may be jumping off Swamp Thing and Animal Man (probably should have before now!). And this will likely be my last issue of Ultimates – it’s just not fun anymore. Reconstruction is dragging on too long.

    BQ: Peanut butter toast this morning!

  13. Avengers #7
    All new x-men #8
    Superior Spider-man #5
    Swamp Thing #18 (My last issue)

  14. Waiting for the headline

    “Paul Montgomery chooses Sex……#1 as POTW”

    BQ: Pork Chops

  15. Best week in a while. Ive finally weeded out a lot of the new 52 titles that werent going anywhere. All new xmen is sweet.. Bendis back in form… and anything Hickman like avengers 7 sure to be good. Im mostly looking forward to 47 Ronin as im a big Stan Sakai fan. Really digging Dan the unharmable as well.. its wacky.

    BQ some kind of pasta and some kind of sauce out of a bottle. Does that count? Im just dealing with electric range cooking now for the first time in my life and ive been burning everything.. im kind of scared of gas but man do gas cookers cook better. Or maybe i just suck at cooking. Im not quite sure.

  16. I am thoroughly enjoying 47 Ronin and can’t wait for the next issue. Personally, I have never heard this tale before, so I get to enjoy for the first time in one of my favorite formats. My main draw to this title is that Stan Sakai is doing the artwork. If you have any interest in Japanese culture, be sure to check this out.

    Lookouts has also been a lot of fun. Created by the team from Penny Arcade, it features an excellent fantasy world that grows richer and deeper with each issue.

    BQ: Artichoke pizza with bechamel sauce, truffle oil and mushrooms, but that was about two weeks ago.

  17. Another nice compact week. Getting:

    Animal Man
    Swamp Thing
    Green Arrow
    Hellboy in Hell

    BQ: eggs & fried potatoes for breakfast. Yummers.

  18. Only nine titles. looking forward to Animal Man, Swamp Thing and Green Arrow (did I just say I’m looking forward to Green Arrow?)

    As for the BQ, like a lot of folks, my answer is a peanut butter and jam sandwich. Because I am crazy spoiled when my wide is off work. (She loves cooking, I love eating. Perfect!)

  19. Big ones for this week are Willow: Wonderland, Lost Vegas, Earth 2 and Dial H.

    BQ: Haven’t done any cocking by my own hands, yet.

  20. EARTH 2 #10
    SEX #1

    BQ. Does a bowl of Fruit Loops count?

  21. Just two issues for me – Avengers, and Glory.

    Which is cool, I think I’ll pick up a Power Pack tpb this week – I crave more of the FF type stories and maybe some classic Power Pack will scratch that itch.

  22. Detective Comics, Iron Man, Snap Shot, Superior Spider-Man and Son of Merlin for me. Plus my two books from last week.

    BQ: it’s been a while since I actually “cooked” something. I mostly just make pasta or order pizza these days. I get home from work and just don’t have the energy for actual cooking.

  23. BQ: Eggs…..I can’t cook.

    Dial H
    Hellboy in Hell

  24. AGE OF ULTRON #1
    ALL-NEW X-MEN #8

    The weeks have been getting lighter & I had no idea Age of Ultron already was starting, I feel like AVX just ended.

    BQ: Rigatoni with Zucchini sauce

  25. It’s a lighter week for me, which is great for the ol’ budget.

    DD: END OF DAYS- Really enjoying this series, feeling bittersweet that there’s only two more after this.
    EARTH2- Learning more about Dr. Fate and this Wotan fellow. This is one of the few New52 books that I’m still enjoying, along with Batman, WW, and Swamp Thing.
    HELLBOY IN HELL- Another bittersweet read, hopefully the wait isn’t too long for the next issue.
    SWAMP THING- I’m hoping this issue compensates for the lackluster “finale” of Rotworld.
    WINTER SOLDIER- Last issue was the first for the new team, and I really liked it, so I hope that trend continues.

    BQ: Hey Conor did you get that risotto from Trader Joe’s?
    I enjoy cooking, last night I made panko crusted chicken breast with a champagne/pear/gorgonzola marinade (from Trader Joe’s) and a side of spinach and carrot polenta (also from TJ’s). Did I mention I like Trader Joe’s?

  26. Looking forward to Detective #18, and Earth 2 #10. Not dropping anything (yet).

    Dinner tonight: pan fried pork chop (onion & garlic powder, salt/pepper in olive oil) sauteed frozen corn and fresh onion over spaghetti. Washed it down w/rum & cranberry juice and this column.

    I fear no kitchen. Nor should you.

  27. Detective, Earth 2, Green Arrow, Daredevil: End Of Days, Superior Spider-Man.
    Worlds’ Finest hasn’t been doing it for me lately so not sure about that one.

    BQ: Do two eggs and toast count?

  28. All new Xmen, Green Arrow, Earth 2, Hellboy, Dark Times, Rorschach, Green Lantern

    BQ: Creole marinara with vegan Italian sausage and wild mushrooms over gluten free penne pasta.
    I like to cook with wine. Sometimes I put it in the food. 😉


    This is the lightest week in a while for me

    BQ: I can grill an excellent steak, but my lady is a better cook (the kids would agree) and we always agree to let whoever is better at something do it. Although I always take the garbage out, not sure Im better at that Im just trying to even up the score because cooking is not my thing….

  30. Really light week

    Superior Spider-Man

    BQ- Graduated cooking school in 2008 and made some pretty fun stuff while there. Stuffed chicken was a good one, served with mushroom risotto. I worked at a golf course one summer and this bbq chicken pizza we made was amazing!

  31. Green Arrow
    Before Watchmen : Rorshach
    All New X-Men
    Hellboy In Hell
    Willow Wonderland
    DD: End of Days (begged to be a trade wait but I dig the team on it & that its in the future, I really like it too, still gonna get HC)
    Road to OZ
    Cable & X-Force

    BQ: Cream of Wheat with almond milk, all natural boysenberry preserves and mango peach preserves, all mixed w a little bit of orange blossom honey and its not just cream of wheat anymore. Great on a cold Michigan Winters day.

    • Earth-2 and Fashion Beast also. So much for a light week for me, but half of em are minis that are ending anyway so it’s cool.

  32. Planet of the Apes 7
    Winter Soldier 16
    DD End of Days 6
    Mara 3
    Green Arrow 18
    Insurgents 3

    Also, I’ve been waiting forever for that No Place Like Home trade.

  33. Animal Man
    Swamp Thing
    Detective Comics
    Red She-Hulk
    Superior Spider-Man

    BQ: Cajun Shrimp & Bacon Twice Baked Potatoes

  34. Wicked-light week. Not trying anything new or dropping anything this week. Toying with the idea of switching to trades on everything and saying goodbye to issues for awhile. I’ve lost interest in just about everything that DC is putting out so trade waiting might not be so painful.

    Red She-Hulk
    Earth 2

    I made a Mexican casserole that turned out to be pretty decadent. Layers of flour tortillas, cheese, poached chicken, sour cream, rice and refried beans.