New Comics for 02.13.2013 did some urban gardening

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Josh, and Paul.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Jim, Mike, Molly, Ryan, Ali, Timmy, Chris, Jeff, and Matt.

This week Paul Montgomery has his first Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: What was the single most interesting thing that happened to you over the weekend?


  1. Just Batman and Uncanny X-Men for me this week.

    Btw, I’m so glad Paul’s first PotW comes on Batman finale week. Whether it winds up being deserving of the pick or not, I am really excited at the potential amount of flack Paul will get in his first at bat if he doesn’t pick Batman.

  2. Manhattan Projects
    Planet of the Apes Special
    Batman: The Night of the Owls HC

    BQ: Seeing the completed art for a short comic story I wrote.

  3. Hold on, when did the follow-up to Battlefields: Night Witches start? And why haven’t I been told about it?

    Getting that, FuryMAX, Django Unchained and Batman.

  4. Oh yeah The Manhattan Projects finally, plus Clone & I think I’ll try Uncanny X-Men #1!

    BQ- Set a date for me & girlfriends wedding, finally!!!

  5. BPRD 104
    Batman 17
    Star Wars 2
    The Walking Dead 107

    BQ: Wounding myself on a trampoline.

  6. Getting:

    Batman, Threshold, Fatale, Manhattan Projects, BPRD: the abyss of time.

    And trying Katana *probably*

    BQ: err…ate a kurobuta terimayo from Japadog? Is that interesting? You didn’t do it.

  7. Batman #17
    Scarlet Spider #14

  8. Batman
    Batman and Robin
    Manhattan Projects
    Fantastic Four

    BQ: Got buried under four feet of snow.

  9. Good week. Looking forward to Fury Max, Manhattan Projects, and of course, Batman.

    BQ: This was literally the dullest weekend I’ve had in a while. Umm. My little three year old niece told me I was her best friend. May not be interesting to you, but my heart grew three sizes.

  10. Kind of a light week this week, but I’m cool with that. That said, I’d *really* like to check out Hoax Hunters. I remember hearing about it in either an episode of Don’t Miss or Word Balloon and it really sounds like fun.

    BATMAN #17
    FATALE #12
    FURY MAX #9

    BQ: Met with the artist who’ll be giving me my first tattoo. Appointment is set for this Wednesday!
    BQ Runner Up: Got the tickets on Friday to see my favorite touring band, the Old 97’s, this Tuesday!

  11. I’m both excited and terrified for Batman #17.

    Demon Knights, GLCorps, Katana (great cover art), Manhattan Projects, Peter Panzerfaust, AoA, UncX-Men, Wolverine and X-Men, Saucer Country

    On the chopping block:
    Batgirl, Batman and Robin

    Digital: Avengers Assemble and Star Wars

    Suicide Squad

    BQ: Found a store that sells all sorts of scotch not available in liquor stores – you get the stuff straight out of the barrel!

  12. Lively week :- Bedlam #4, Change #3, Fatale #12, The End Times of Bram & Ben #2, The Manhattan Projects #9, Batgirl #17, Batman #17 and Batman & Robin #17.

    BQ : Wrote a new song that I’m actually fairly happy with.

  13. Big ones for the week are Batman, Avengers Arena and the Chew poster.

    BQ: Went to school on saturday.

  14. BATMAN #17
    FATALE #12
    STAR WARS #2
    POWERS #1
    CLONE #4
    CHANGE #3

    BQ: I did nothing but read the PROPHET trade (along with my other picks) and fantasy fiction novel that I won through a website I’m a member of.

  15. STAR WARS #2
    FURY MAX #9
    FATALE #12
    BATMAN #17

    Must say that I’m super stoked for Uncanny and the Bat…

  16. I’m buying Batman #17 as an issue for the first time since #1 because I just can’t wait to find out what’s going on under that serving tray. Normally, I’m a trade waiter but man, I’ve just got to know.

    BQ: Our local art house theater was showing the Oscar nominated Live Action Short Films so we saw that. We really enjoyed ourselves.

  17. Avenger Arena
    Avengers Assemble
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9
    Fantastic Four
    Scarlet Spider
    Secret Avengers
    The Manhattan Projects
    Uncanny X-Men
    Wolverine and the X-Men

    BATMAN #17
    FATALE #12
    FURY MAX #9

    Holy crap, that’s some good comics.

    BQ: Outrageously bitchy woman was the first person to come into the store Saturday . This woman got pissed and stormed out when I was trying to get the info I needed to help her. Brushed it off and didn’t let it get to me. Sunday morning, my boss forwards me an email her husband, who I had zero interaction with, wrote to corporate saying how rude I was. That got to me, and I just got madder and madder about it until I finally called my boss and told him to start looking for my replacement.I’ve been so sick of this shit job, with shit pay, where I am entirely overworked for quite a while now. This finally pushed me over the edge. That guy never stepped one foot into my store, nor did he call.

    TL;DR: Raging bitchhole gives me the push I needed to get going with the job hunt.

    Also, level 20 in Star Trek Online. Wheeeeeee new ship! Pew pew pew I’m shootin’ Klingons.

  19. This week is full of great books, I’ll have a hard time choosing which to read first–well, after Batman–it’s one of my favorite problems to have.

    Batman: Hard to contain my excitement for this
    BPRD: I wish this was longer, so I could enjoy more James Harren art.
    F4: This got off to a decent start, but I’m hoping the pace starts to pick up.
    Fatale: The second of four one-shots, I’m interested to learn more about the curse, so this should be fun.
    Manhattan Projects: I don’t think I’ll ever tire of the historical craziness found in this book, the stranger it gets, the bigger I smile.
    Popeye: I’ve enjoyed this, but I might drop it because it just isn’t must read. The stories are fun and all, but the nostalgia factor that got me pulling this in the first place is wearing off.

    Saucer Country: I’m still bummed this is canceled. Ryan Kelley’s artwork is a real treat though, so I’m just gonna enjoy these last three issues.

    BQ: Sadly, I didn’t do anything very cool this weekend. I guess the most interesting thing was playing “Monster Tag” with my 2-year old nephew and his 3 imaginary friends. It consists of running around in a circle and yelling monster tag. He really likes monsters, which is a bond we share, so it was pretty fun.

  20. “Batman #17”, “Before Watchmen: Comedian #5”, “Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth #2”.

    BQ: I got my tickets to Gem City Comic Con after only 4 days of waiting!

  21. Fantastic Four
    Wolverine and the X-Men
    Manhattan Projects
    Walking Dead

    BQ: Nothing much, I hurt my back friday so I was mostly lying in bed. I missed a gig because of my stupid back. Oh well.

  22. Batman 17 I think Alfred is dead and his Head is under the dome with an apple shoved in his mouth because the Joker wants to show Batman he is just like everyone in Arkham Asylum by having Batman kill him.

    BQ: Watched all four Spider-Man films and realizing Spider-Man 3 sucked compared to the others and realizing that my 17 year old self was crazy or absolutely stupid

  23. BATMAN

    BQ: Visited the parents!

  24. Awww. Ron missed out on the relaunch of Uncanny X-Men.

    Come to think of it, remember when Ron said he’d quit reading if Marvel ever renumbered Uncanny? He went back on that. But little did we know he would quit the show instead!

  25. Batman #17
    Uncanny X-Men #1
    Star Wars #2
    Ultimate Comics X-Men #22
    The Walking Dead: Govenor Special

    BQ: My wife and I took our son to his first NHL Hockey Game in hometown Ottawa!!!!

  26. It’s a double shot of DC and Images Comics this week. With Batman getting a double shot within the DC Comics double shot…

    Batman and Robin
    The Manhattan Projects

    BQ: Saw SIDE EFFECTS in the theaters on Sunday and it was the first great movie of 2013. Seriously, people should watch this cause it’s an amazing thriller….and sadly Steven Soderbergh’s final movie.

    BATMAN #17

    Really excited for walking Dead and Batman, both had HUGE cliffhangers. I think I will just read them alternating one page at a time. Unfortunately with my new job getting to the LCS before saturday is going to be tough.

    BQ: Not me, but my fiance got a “job” as a wardrobe assistant on an indie feature film.

  28. Batman #17
    Cable & X-Force #4
    Scarlet Spider #14
    Uncanny X-Men #1
    Walking Dead: Governor’s Special

    BQ: Snowed in by a fish, had to shovel my STREET to leave the house.

  29. STAR WARS #2
    BATMAN #17

    BQ at a trade show they held a jimmy buffet concert to wrap things up. I can still taste tequila ?

  30. Uncanny X-Men
    Fury Max
    Peter Panzerfaust
    Cable & X-Force
    End Times of Ben & Bram
    Todd the Ugliest Kid On Earth
    Before Watchmen Comedian
    Star Wars
    Manhattan Projects
    Demon Knights

    On the fence about X-Men #41, last issue, cool cover with everybody, Ultimate X-Men cause Brian Wood and the cover is sweet, and Secret Avengers cause I loved Rremenders run on em and this is basically a S.H.I.E.L.D. book which is cool but think we have enough Avengers.

    BQ:Sounds lame (maybe not on here) but watching the Walking Dead comeback with a group of friends that I rarely see all at once then came home to a new girl in my world to close the night right. Actually that’s not lame at all.