New Comics for 02.08.2012 loved the Honda commercial

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

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This week Conor has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Which Super Bowl commercial was your favorite? (Not counting the movie trailers.) You can see all the commercials here.


  1. Marvel: Scarlet Spider and Carnage USA

  2. Not as good as last weeks but still good. Looking forward to Batwoman, Scarlet Spider, Severed, Secret Avengers and Venom.

  3. Very solid week for me

    Carnage USA
    Green Lantern
    Penguin: Pain and Prejudice (super stoked for this finale)
    Secret Avengers (only if marvel gets it’s head out of it’s ass and makes it digital on comixology/graphicly)
    Suicide Squad
    Venom 13.1 (ugh probably going to regret this one)
    Wolverine and the X-Men

    BQ: For some reason the Acura Seinfeld/Leno commercial just struck me as hilarious

    • Secret Avengers was digital last week … you had to use the Marvel app though, and then you can download it to the other comixology apps … stupid, I know., but I’m assuming this week it’ll be available digitally as well.

  4. I’m really excited for Brian Wood on Conan. Also looking forward to the last few issues of Northlanders! Unfortunately I’m dropping Frankenstein. I like Lemire, but I just can’t get into these characters. It’s OK though, he’ll have more of my money when he takes over JLD.

    BQ: Not a good crop this year; didn’t really like any of them.

  5. Big week for me. Lots of DC, but nothing will stand in my way of reading Punisher Max 22 first. I’m so excited and so sad to read this last entry into a great Max run.

    BQ: They all kidna sucked. Except for Mike in the Honda commercial. All the others where pretty lame in my opinion.

    • I too will be pouring out some of my 40 oz. for Punisher Max. SO sad to see it end. Doesn’t look like they are leaving it possible for a continuation either. I’d love to see Ennis pick it back up.

  6. A rare all Marvel week for me with Secret Avengers, Captain America, and Journey Into Mystery.

    BQ: The Audi Vampire Party ad because I’ll always be a sucker for 80’s and 90’s post punk.

  7. BQ: Clint Eastwood Halftime in America ad.

    Imported from Detroit.

    Worst moment was during the halftime show when someone flipped the bird on live tv.

    A great game overall & congrads to the Giants.


    • I believe the Superbowl half-time show is ALWAYS the worst moment on TV. Its an annual kind of thing, like award shows.

      You got a washed up 60 year old lip syncing her greatest hits because she has no new music that anyone gives 2 craps about and has to pull in Cee-Lo and MIA to get any type of ‘street cred’ and the worst thing about that was the middle finger?

      Superbowl half-time shows in general are a huge middle finger to viewers year after year. Seriously, can’t remember a decent half-time show in decades. Might as well just had a dance-off between Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer while they’re at it.

  8. Frankenstein and Demon Knights always make this a delicious week. Also looking forward to Wolverine &TXM.

    BQ: Gotta say, I missed most of them. I was at a very crowded party and engaged in deep conversation with a number of beautiful ladies. I checked in with the game periodically, and I did catch all the movie trailers because my buddies would shout my name when anything nerd-related came on. But since those are off limits I’d have to say the flying baby Doritos commercial OR the e*trade one at the hospital. The “it’s like speed dating” got me pretty good.

  9. i’m still really pissed about the Pats losing the Superbowl so i’m boycotting everything that reminds of of New York….and Marvel and DC remind me of NY. haha i might get over it by the weekend provided i don’t hear that Jay Z/ Alicia Keyes song anymore…..then again i’m still not over the velcro catch from 2007.

    BQ: i barely saw any of the commercials, but i liked the Met Life cartoons commercial the best.

  10. SEVERED 7!!
    Otherwise really pumped to see where Demon Knights is going after last months issue.

    BQ: Tim and Eric’s rejected super bowl ads from Jimmy Kimmel last week

  11. Journey into Mystery #634, Lobster Johnson #2, Batwoman #6, Frankenstein #6, Deadpool #50, Secret Avengers #22, Wolverine & the X-Men #5, Venom #13.1, Adventure Time #1

    BQ: We don’t get the good commercials here in Canada and I skipped the SuperBowl anyway in favour of watching stand-up comedy dvds with friends.

  12. I sure wish just one of you guys was still reading Batgirl I think its a worthwhile book.

  13. Bittersweet week: Looking forward to both Punisher Max and Black Panther, but they are both the final issues of the series.

    Thinking I may give Suicide Squad another shot. Dropped off with either issue #1 or #2. But seems to be a small amount of buzz around the book with this upcoming 2 issue arc.

  14. Getting:

    Demon Knights
    Frankenstein: AoS
    Journey into Mystery
    Conan the Barbarian
    Lobster Johnson: the burning hand

    Great looking week.

    BQ: i checked out after the 2nd quarter, nothing particularly good.

  15. Clint Eastwood’s Chrsyler ad was great.

  16. Not a single DC book this week for me. Kind of weird, I guess. Not really. Really excited for Thief of Thieves, Conan, and, of course, JIM.

    BQ: What’s a Super Balls?

  17. No idea… I ordered my comics 3 months ago…

  18. Liked the Chevy silverado surviving the end of days commercial.

  19. 8 books this week, I cannot wait for Adventure Time #1.

    BQ: Yeah, I didn’t watch the Superbowl so I have no idea what the commercials.

  20. Huntress is in my pull-list this week and I couldn’t be happier!

    BQ: The Hyundai cheetah ad was hilarious in my opinion.

  21. ALL NEW BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #16 – Last issue :/

    CAPTAIN AMERICA #8 – Mostly for Alan Davis. Brubaker’s CA series has gone away from the darker character-driven plotting and spy roots the run was originally built on, and Steve/Sharon are infinitely less interesting characters then Bucky/Widow. Now its just boring superhero stuff, decompressed to hell. Winter Soldier is the new hotness, Captain America is old and busted.

    CARNAGE USA #3 (OF 5) – Still waiting to see what happens with this one. Wells pacing makes Brubaker look like Slott.

    CONAN THE BARBARIAN #1 – Wood/Cloonan

    JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #634 – Kid Loki

    PUNISHERMAX #22 – Final issue :/ I have NO IDEA what’s going to happen, and that is a rare feeling in mainstream superhero books these days.

    SCARLET SPIDER #2 – I’m sticking with this book. Yost has a good handle on Kaine, and Stergman’s artwork is great. I think this is gonna be a very dependable book month in and month out, going forward.

    SECRET AVENGERS #22 – I echo the sentiments stated above, that I wasn’t a big fan of the point one issue, but lets call that a mulligan and start over again. When Remender has a good artist and given free reign to do his long-form plotting(as all the interviews point towards), the man can work magic. And Gabriel Hardman is a damn good artist. This should be one of the better books Marvel has going forward.

    WOLVERINE AND X-MEN #5 – Speaking of one of Marvel’s best book, FINALLY we get WATXM #5. I adore this book. It takes aspects from so many beloved X-men runs and eras(Claremont, Morrison’s New X-men, Milligan’s X-Statix, Remender’s already hailed Uncanny X-Force), and it builds on them in new and interesting ways. Its got big ideas, but never skips out on the character beats. It’s the X-men you love, but not like you’ve ever seen them before. Every issue I come away smiling like a goofball and ready for the next one immediately.

    WOLVERINE AND X-MEN ALPHA AND OMEGA #2 – Here’s another neat idea for a comic stretched out to five issues to get more money out of stupid consumers like myself. I think Marvel just REALLY wanted to snatch up Brain Wood and they tossed him on a Wolverine book until they can find some better for him to do. In the meantime, this is ok.

  22. Pretty big week for me. Batwoman, DemonKnights, Conan, Blue Estate, Haunt, Last of the Greats, Lobster Johnson, Severed, and The Unwritten.
    BQ: I liked the Doritos one where the dog bribes his owner, it was a really morbid commercial considering they are selling chips, but I was laughing my evil ass off.

  23. Really light week for me, just 2 books: Ferals and Batman & Robin.

    BQ: I don’t pay attention to commercials. When the game wasn’t going, I picked up a book and read during the breaks.


  24. Big week for me, looking forward to secret avengers,wolverine and the x-men, batwoman and the last issue of black panther.

    I think this will be the last week I pick up new mutants and captain america unless it picks up in quality. Also I’m dropping incredible hulk the second I find out who split them and why, I’ve been pretty dissapointed with it so far.

  25. BATGIRL #6
    SPAWN #216

    Slightly bigger week for me than usual. Lot’s to look forward to, but I’m a little sad that Punisher Max is ending. Here’s hoping it goes out with a bang!

    BQ: I didn’t watch the superbowl. Spent the day drawing, writing, and having a nice dinner with the fam.

  26. What’s a “Super Bowl” ?

    • Its a big party during which a bunch of large gentlemen give each other big hugs while tall skinny men dance around them. Its kind of a big multipartner ballet dance. Ive heard the skill comes mostly from having graceful toes. Hmmm.. wait a minute. Were you talking about the all you can eat past bowl at Mama Labriola’s Pasta shack?

    • Must be a typo….I think he was trying to say something about a Superb Owl.

  27. That Fiat girl speaking Italian was AMAZING looking

    • That’s Catrinel Menghia. She isn’t Italian, she is Romenian. Her accent betrays that too. Not that it matters 🙂

    • Yeah, that’s why I said that “Fiat girl speaking Italian.” I don’t care where her lineage is from though. I’ll have one of those.

      *I’m Italian although I don’t speak much. I’m currently trapped in Arizona, and while there are lovely ladies here, there are few authentic Mediterranean women. I miss New York. They had more.

  28. Most excited to see how Severed wraps up!
    BQ: Clint Eastwood gave me a surge of patriotism and hope for our country

  29. Is it wrong that i’m really tired of Star Wars Car commercials? Oh well.

    Looking forward to this week with so many great books coming out.

  30. Really like week. I might get a one-shot that came out a few weeks ago that’s been in my pullbin for quite some time. It’s about the artist ‘Jason’, who is one of my all time favorites, so with a light week I’ll go finally read it.

    Batman and Robin
    Journey Into Mystery

    BQ: The Clint Eastwood one was VERY good. If it wasn’t about cars and just about America then it would be the best I’ve ever seen. Another would be the NFL timeline where they showed the evolution of the game. Wonderfully conceived and edited.

  31. This week I’m all about Conan, Batgirl, Snake Eyes, and of course my main man Judge Dredd.

    Don’t forget to pick up the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trade from IDW, I know I’m hopping on it.

  32. Lightest week I’ve had in quite a while. Only 3 books; and 2 of them are not even for me.

    Batwoman #6
    Batgirl #6
    Haunt #21

    BQ: I watched neither the super bowl nor the commercials, but maybe i’ll check it out now cause someone said there’s a hot girl in the Fiat ad.

  33. The Seinfeld NSX ad was cool… because of Seinfeld and because the new NSX is pretty damn sexy. I hate Leno and didn’t like seeing him, but I get how it ties into the gag, so its alright.

    Worst commercial is anything Go Daddy did. Don’t forget, Go Daddy supported SOPA.

  34. Buffy, JIM and Batwoman……

    BQ: I thought Elton John with his gold platform winklepickers and gapped tooth was pretty great.

  35. Buying: The usual.

    BQ: The Seinfeld/Leno commercial stuck with me the most. What was it for again?

  36. My wallet is aching at such a heavy week!

    Batwoman, Conan, Demon Knights, Elric, Frankenstein, Next Men, Secret Avengers, Iron Eclipse, Crimson Empire, Warlord of Mars, Alpha and Omega…

  37. Dammit, 12 books this week

    BATGIRL #6
    CARNAGE U.S.A. #3 (OF 5)
    SEVERED #7 (OF 7)

    BQ: I really liked the Fiat one with the red and black, if you know what I mean. Also, there was some other car commercial that had their dreams, the guy was driving fast on a track while Motley Crue played, being cheered by bleachers full of bikini babes. Too funny.