New Comics for 02.06.2013 will have to go with Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check their pull lists out here: Conor, Josh, and Paul.

And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Check out their pull lists: Jim, Mike, Molly, Ryan, Ali, Timmy, Chris, Jeff , and Matt.

This week Conor Kilpatrick has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: I realize that this might be a difficult question but: what was your favorite Super Bowl commercial in 2013?


  1. My most anticipated of the week is easily Green Arrow. Also getting both Avengers books, X-Men, Spider-Man, and Snapshot. Curious about the Rotworld finales and the first part of Venom War, but all of those books are now trade waits.

    BQ: as a big football fan, I thought the Deion Sanders and Joe Montana commercials were great.

  2. The Oreo Commercial was my favorite… followed closely by Star Trek 🙂

  3. Earth 2 #9, Worlds Finest #9, Multiple Warheads #4 & Red Team #1.

    BQ: Super Bowl? Nah mate 😉 What ye & I call ‘football’ are two very different sports.

  4. Hit girl 5
    Superior spiderman 3
    Amazing Spiderman 700 2nd printing

  5. It’s a week of great comics for me.

    Daredevil: End of Days: The fun(?)continues now with more(less?) Punisher

    Earth-2: I don’t know who Dr. Fate is but this has been awesome so far, I’m sure this issue will be no different.

    Hellboy in Hell: I’m enjoying Red’s new adventures, just sad it’s only 4 issues for now.

    Multiple Wardheads: Brandon Graham is something else, I just finished King City, and now that this is over I’ll have to get the Prophet trade.

    Swamp Thing: The end of the Rotworld event. I have to say I’m happy this is ending, but I’ve enjoyed the Swampy side much more than Animal Man, so I hope it ends well.

    Winter Soldier: I’m giving the new team a chance, Bucky is a great character, so I hope Latour and Klein do as well as I think they can.
    BQ: I thought the commercials this year were pretty forgettable. Nothing really stuck out to me, but I did get a chuckle from the Taco Bell ad with old people out late and wreaking havoc to the soundtrack of Divertido’s “Somos Jovenes”.

  6. Yay, it’s an Earth 2 week! I’m definitely picking up the new issue.

    I’m excited for Superior Spider-Man #3. I loved the first two issues. I’m really looking forward to this one.

    I’m going to give Snapshot #1 and Green Arrow #17 a try.

    And if I go to the Dan Slott signing at Midtown on Wednesday, I’ll be picking up the 2nd printing of ASM #700.

    BQ: I want a Leon Sandcastle jersey!

  7. All-New X-Men #7, Animal Man #17, Avengers #5, Earth 2 #9, Swamp Thing #17, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #18, The Superior Spider-Man #3, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #20, Young Romance: The New 52 Valentine’s Day Special #1.
    BQ: Go Daddy commercial were the model makes out with the geeky looking dude. I like that everyone hated it. It gave hope to every below average looking guy that they had a chance to make out with a model.

  8. All-New X-Men
    Animal Man
    Dial H
    Green Arrow
    Hellboy in Hell
    Legends of the Dark Knight
    New Avengers
    Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm
    Rachel Rising
    Secret Avengers
    Fearless Defenders
    Superior Spider-Man
    Winter Soldier

    Looking forward to several books, but probably Green Arrow #17 the most.

    BQ: I live in Canada so I didn’t see any of the comercials.

  9. Worlds’ Finest #9
    All-New X-Men #7
    Green Arrow #17
    Superior Spider-Man #3

    I may or may not Pick up the Valentine’s Day special. $7.99 is STEEP.

  10. Hellboy in Hell, Animal Man, Green Arrow, Phantom Stranger, Swamp Thing, Multiple Warheads, Avengers, New Avengers.

    BQ: my brain naturally filters out commercials, so i never remember Superbowl ads:)

  11. EARTH 2!

    BQ: I can’t decide which ad I liked best! But I am mourning the tragic loss of Seth Rogen’s eyebrows (honestly men, over-plucking just makes you look like Whoopi Goldberg) as well as the loss of Bob Odenkirk’s natural and human-shaded hairline. Otherwise? – I loved that commercial 🙂

  12. Detective comics
    Red Team
    Iron Man
    Son of Merlin
    Superior Spider-Man
    Tower Chronicles

    I think I am most looking forward to Snapshot, although I am definitely digging Tower Chronicles.

    BQ: I don’t watch the Super Bowl so I dint see any of the commercials

  13. EARTH 2 #9
    ALL-NEW X-MEN #7

    Bq The Iron man 3 clip

  14. Holy Hell huge week this week. Big ups for me is X-Factor, Earth 2, MLP and New Avengers.

    BQ: Don’t give a crap about the Super Bowl and I haven’t watched any of the ads. Im gonna see Iron Man 3 and Star Trek: Into Darkness, I don’t need to see 30 second teasers.

  15. ALL-NEW X-MEN #7

    Can’t complain about back to back light weeks.

    BQ: Couldn’t care less about football, or commercials. Went to Atlanta Comic Convention and got some good loot, hung out with friends there and afterwards. It was a good day.

    • Was that this weekend? I knew Days of the Dead was going on, but I didn’t know there was a comics convention this weekend.

  16. Short but sweet one for me. Looking forward to All New X, Avengers, and Earth 2. Which is my entire list. Read only what ya love, and you’ll never have a mediocre week!

    BQ: I cracked up when that goat screamed. Probably wouldn’t be as funny the second time around, but the surprise made it my favorite. Also, the Budweiser horse commercial made my friend cry, so that made it pretty memorable.

  17. AVENGERS #5
    ANIMAL MAN #17

    Finishing up Rot World and cutting those titles loose (well I’ll finish up Snyder’s run, let’s be honest). I’ve just become disengaged with the story, it really started to drag, but I have to admit the last Swamp Thing with the battle of Arkham was a great way to suck me back in just enough to finish it up.

    BQ: Budweiser horses tend to always be my favorite and they did not disappoint this year.

  18. Avengers
    Dial H
    Hellboy in Hell
    New Avengers

    1) Doritos Goat
    2) M&M’s tribute to Meatloaf
    3) Quiet Oreos commercial

  19. Green Arrow, Earth 2, Hellboy, Dark Times, All-New X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man

    Rogan & Rudd.

  20. Who else is pulling My Little Pony?

    • I used my upcoming kid as an excuse to get this comic, not knowing the sex of the lil one, if it was a lil girl cool. But now knowing that it is a boy. I may still pick this book up because I read the first two and find this book entertaining and the artwork is great.

    • I have a daughter….so yeah….they’re for….her. I say that too.

  21. After a missed issue or two of Earth 2, I’m taking the hint and dropping the book. The only book this week is Winter Soldier, I figure I’ll give the new team a shot. Since it’s just the one book, I’ll probably wait until next week to go grab books.

  22. DIA DE LOS MUERTOS looks great, shame Action Comics 17 is not shipping this week

  23. Smallville season 11 #10 is what I can’t wait to read.

    BQ: Dodge Ram truck, the farmer themed one. Loved it!

  24. What a small week just Avengers & New Avengers, maybe some Manga!

    BQ- Over here in blighty I was well asleep so haven’t a clue, but I’ll make one up the advert about colon trouble, yeah that’s my fav.

  25. All New x-men #7
    Avengers #5
    New Avengers #3
    Secret Avengers #37
    Superior Spider-man #3
    Swamp Thing #17
    Ultimate Spider-man #20

  26. BQ: I liked the ad at the end, selling Ravens championship gear. BALTIMORE BABY!!!!

  27. Looking forward to Smallville the most. Gonna give Red Team and Green Arrow a look in the store and I might by those as well. No drops this week.

    Red She Hulk
    Earth 2
    Dr. Who

  28. Wow, my list is really short this week.

    Detective Comics
    Great Pacific

    Didn’t watch the superbowl.

  29. Daredevil: End of Days
    Hit Girl
    All New X-Men
    My Little Pony (possibly)

  30. ALL-NEW X-MEN #7
    ANIMAL MAN #17
    HIT-GIRL #5
    SCARLET #6

    For me the most anticipated comic book of the week is THINK THANK, its my second favorite comic book right now, SAGA of course is my favorite book