Matt Fraction on Thor

Following a Free Comic Book Day one-shot, featuring Thor and Iron man, and drawn by John Romita Jr., Matt Fraction will take the reins as the ongoing Thor writer.  This news will come as little surprise to Thor readers, as Fraction seemed like the odds on favorite to follow J. Michael Straczynski's run, with a story by Kieron Gillen between them.  Fraction previously wrote several Ages of Thunder one-shots, as well as a Giant Sized Special, and the Thor: Secret Invasion mini-series, in the midst of JMS' run on the title. 

So let me ask you this, Thor fans: Is this what you want?  I say thee… uh, most likely.


  1. awsome

  2. Cool. 

  3. Hey Marvel does listen, this is exactly what I wanted.

  4. Can’t wait.

  5. I wonder, then, if the arrangement that Marvel has worked out is if Gillen is going to wrap up all the loose ends of JMS’ story, and have Fraction come in and start something completely new and different than the previous Thor stuff. I’m speculating that they want him to do the same thing that he did with Invincible Iron Man, which is to relatively start from scratch with this character.

  6. SO EXCITED! I’m already loving Gillen’s run, but Fraction has proven that he can write an incredible Thor story.

    I asked him if he was going to be writing the ongoing during this year’s SDCC, so either this was just recently decided or he has a great poker face.

  7. This is more then I could ever ask for.

    I mean Fraction on Thor was pretty damn good. But putting JRJR as the artist? It’s like a sign from God or something….

    Cannot wait for this to happen and hopefully Thor still stays as a quality title by the time those two come on board.

  8. Awesome news. Though, I’m not sure judging by that cover that JRjr is the best fit for the new look of Thor. Still JRjr is a fantastic artist, so I have no doubts he’ll do a great job. Perhaps this is a lesson for both companies: test out writers on a one-shot and gauge critical/fan reactions. 

  9. The article doesn’t say JRjr is the ongoing artist. He’s just on the FCBD one-shot.

    But if he was, it would be awesome, because he’s my favorite Thor artist.

  10. Do’h should’ve put this in the first post.

    But the coloring does make this cover seem a bit off. Did JRJR color this himself or not?

  11. JRJR is only confirmed to draw the Thor/Iron Man one-shot for Free Comic Book Day. I’m sure it will be a gorgeous book.

    If Fraction sticks with Iron Man and X-Men while writing Thor, I’ll be the happiest guy reading comics. It’s like they made this announcement just to please me.

  12. I’m excited for this, and will definitely be continuing to pick this up.  I enjoyed his Ages of Thunder one-shots and will even be picking up the trade tomorrow! That should get me all hyped up.  What’s interesting is I thought JMS left Thor because Marvel wanted him participating more in the Marvel U, what with the return of the Avengers and all?  Fraction’s take on his run seems to be pushing the mythological a lot more, which is awesome, because that’s what made AoT so good.

  13. I’ll pick up the FCBD book (if I make if over there on FCBD) on the strength of Romita, and if he sticks around I might as well.

  14. I’m psyched about this. I wonder if it means he will drop off one of his other ongoing titles? I kind of hope to see him drop off Uncanny. I really get a sense there that he isn’t being allowed to really write what he would like, even given the usual editorial challenges.

  15. I just hope Fraction can keep to the same fast paced schedule that made JMS’s run such a joy to follow.

  16. This is gonna be so fricking sweet!

  17. Oh man this is awesome. Fraction has slowly become one of my favorite writers because of Iron Man, but I’m not familiar with his Thor work. Maybe I’ll pick up the paperback thats coming out tomorrow.

  18. Cool news. If what Fraction’s doing on Iron Man is any indication, this is a great move. It also sounds like Fraction and Bendis work well together, so with Bendis on Avengers and Fraction writing two of the main Avengers, I suspect there will be a good synergy between those titles.

    I’ll say this: I read one or two of his Thor one-shots, and I liked large bits of them, but I did feel in places that he was still working out his "voice" for Thor. That said, I felt the same about Iron Man at the beginning. The dude is definitely growing as a writer, and I like what he’s written about his take on the assignment, so I’m likely gonna get this.

  19. I liked Fraction’s Thor 1-shot stories, but they were a completely different take on the character than JMS was doing at the same time. THe Secret Invasion mini started strong but wasn’t of much consequence in the end (though that’s to be expected, I guess). I’m cautiously interested.

  20. ok when this happens i’ll be pulling Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. I had never pulled any of the big three until i jumped on Brubakers Cap during Civil War and Fractions Iron Man after Secret Invasion. This is awesome

  21. So, this gentleman whose work I had not read roughly two years ago is now writing Iron Man, X-Men and Thor? If we keep it up, we can whittle A-List Marvel down to two writers by 2011.

    Is Mr. Fraction staying on his existing projects, or does something have to give?

  22. @Jimski: Good point. It’ll be interesting to see if he can hold down three major books or if some of themj start to suffer.

  23. I’m in. 

  24. I guessed from Iron Man #21 that they were making Tony into movie Iron Man but to somewhat make the suit look exactly like the Iron Man 2 suit is kinda silly.  Matt Fraction on Thor though?  I’m waiting and seeing before I pass judgment.

  25. Time to start reading Thor.

  26. Romita art! Hell yeah. Also, maybe some have not noticed as much as others, but Fraction has grown into a really compelling storyteller as evidenced in Iron Man and Uncanny. This will be the first time though that his artist is of high caliber.

  27. I’m curious as to who the ongoing artist is going to be.  I’ll most likely pass this up because my weekly stacks are already way over the top, but if I have the room at the time, I may add it on.  I’m a recent Invincible Iron Man convert.

  28. Sign me up…already digging Gillen’s mini-run and this could be great as I loved his one-shots.  JRJR would be the icing on the cake!

  29. I don’t wanna be this guy, but I’m gonna be. Am I the only one who thinks that Thor’s face is kinda wonky in that picture? I usually love JR jr. but something’s off.


    Also, this makes me happy. Very happy. Hopefully Gillen gets a diff marvel book. 

  30. @Anson 

    I agree.

  31. My first thought on hearing this news was feeling bad for Gillen (as I had not realized he wasn’t permanent). I hope he picks up a new, great gig at Marvel, mostly to help pay for continuing his indie work.

  32. I bought Thor when it relaunched with John Romita Jr. on pencils way back when…I will probably do the same if that’s the case this spring.

    I doubt it though. "Top-Secret" is what I’ve been reading, so having the mystery pick draw a free comic with the character seems pretty obvious. 

     …Unless that’s what they WANT us to think.

    One of my most cherished comics I own is Mighty Thor #1: Rough Cut with JRJr.’s pencils and  Dan Jurgen’s script. I learned a lot from that issue.

  33. I like Fraction, but I got no interest in Thor. Count me out.


  34. finally


  35. I love Fraction.  He’s in my top five probably.  But, was Gillen even considered.  What if we have three amazing issues?  Do we ever get to know what could have been?  I’m just throwing out thoughts here.

  36. End of they day Fraction’s name will sell more copies every time. And that’s the name of the game.

  37. good point.  I’m just curious if he was on the short list of names considered, or if he was just doing a job to tie up the loose ends like someone mentioned.

  38. That’s cool. Now give Hickman another book. Actually, dvide the kindgdom between Hickman, Fraction, Remender and Abnett / Lanning.

  39. Ahhh, so conflicted! Matt Fraction is one of my favorite writers and I really loved the first half of JMS’s Thor, so I would love to read some more good Thor stories. But I really do not like that JRjr picture of Thor and Iron Man. I love his artwork on Spider-Man, Kick Ass and The Punisher, but for some reason I just don’t like it when he draws anything else

  40. I bought JMS’s run and am buying Gillen’s. In fact I was really happy for Gillen that he got to do Thor and will be kind of sad that he won’t be continueting it. Maybe he’ll get a cool book later.

    Fraction is a good choice though, I will definately check out the FCBD issue and probably give the next few a chance with or without JRJR, although, how amazing would that be if JRJR got on board. 

  41. @Leonard: what? No love for brubaker?

  42. @BirdsEyeView – Fraction was given a few minis (I think) and co-wrote a few books before he was left on his own with X-Men and Iron Man. Same with Remender (definitely) and Aaron (I think). It seems like that’s pretty standard OP for Marvel breaking in new talent. Hopefully the Gillen arc impressed the editors enough to get him consistent work from them in the future.

  43. @amircat. He does have a cool marvel book. It’s called SWORD.

  44. YES!  i’m excited to hear this!  I’m upset that JMS left, regardless the reason, but i’ve not read a marvel book by fraction i did not enjoy.

  45. I’m in.  Does this mean we get a book that’s printed monthlly?

  46. Wow, I seem to be in the minority here, but I’m thinking if Romita’s in, I’m out.  That’s just not an art style I find appealing. 

  47. @Anson17 – You’re right I was going to mention that he does has S.W.O.R.D. But I meant something more high profile like a Thor, or Iron Man, or etc etc …

  48. Fuck. Yes.

  49. Let’s just hope his dialogue is better than it has been over in Uncanny.  I can only imagine that clunkiness mixed with Thor-speak

  50. Yeah I would not want to see those stupid character intro boxes in this series like he does with Uncanny.

  51. It would be pretty hilarious if the artist for this ends up being either Greg Land or Salvador Larocca.

  52. The cover doesn’t look appealing but I bet the issue’s interiors look good.  If Fraction continues his good writing trend then this should be good.  I will continue to pick up Thor and check it out before I make a decision.  If JRJr is not the ongoing artist, I wonder who Marvel has lined up?

  53. Those Age of Thunder one-shots were amazing.

  54. Interesting, I hope this means Fraction leaves Uncanny so I can start reading it again.