Marvel’s Next Big Thing: MIGHTY AVENGERS

Mighty Avengers #1

Mighty Avengers Promo

Mighty Avengers returns this September with a new #1 issue by 2000AD writer Al Ewing and artist Greg Land. Spinning out of the events of Infinity, the mad titan Thanos launches an attack on the Earth while the core Avengers team are off in outer space! Luckily a few card-carrying members remain behind. Luke Cage cuts his paternity leave short to assemble a motley crew of Mighty Avengers to keep ol’ cosmic Grimace from messing up the lawn.

The lineup includes She-Hulk, Power Man (Iron Fist protege Victor Alvarez), Falcon, White Tiger, the Superior Spider-Man, Monica “Spectrum” Rambeau, Adam the Blue Marvel, and a mystery character who eventually adopts the Ronin persona.

During the press call, Ewing and editor Tom Brevoort were asked whether the team’s diversity was a happy accident or an intentional choice. For Brevoort, the final roster speaks to his efforts to deliver an Avengers roster his late friend Dwayne McDuffie would have approved. The idea was to assemble a team composition that was at least 50% non-white, non-male, and that as the roster grew, the number actually surpassed that.

We asked about Luke Cage’s relationship with Victor Alvarez, the young man who assumed his mantle as Power Man. Ewing likened their rapport as an employer and an intern hired as a favor for a friend. “He’s your friend’s kid, but he’s kind of a jerk, really.”

As for Otto Octavius, still occupying the body of Spider-Man, his motives for joining the team are strictly territorial. New York is his city, his jurisdiction. If a bunch of kids and cosmic crusaders are going to zip around the skylines, he wants to keep an eye on them.

As for threats, Thanos is the obvious, looming presence. But then there’s…the Plunderer?

It’s a fascinating group of characters, from wet-behind-the-ears street level brawlers to real universe-class powerhouses like Monica Rambeau in her new role as Spectrum. And no, that’s not Dr. Fate. That really is Adam the Blue Marvel. Who lives in a trench under the sea. And man, does that Ronin costume get around. It’s like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Gi up in there.

Look for Mighty Avengers #1 this September.


  1. the first avengers book i wont be getting. thanks greg land and i just don’t care about these characters except spidey.

  2. Hooray, another Avengers book!

  3. Huh, Falcon is on this team ‘eh? Guess that means Hickman won’t be bringing him into space with his Avengers?

  4. I like that they are using the Blue Marvel character again.
    Between him, Hyperion, and the Character-I-Won’t-Name, Marvel really is upping their use of Superman analogs.

  5. Really! No Moon Knight title yet? come on, please.

    • They’ve tried many times and they don’t sell that well–even with Bendis writing it.

    • Even in a post-Patton Oswald Rant world?


    • They could at least put him on a team book. Moon Knight and Bucky are great characters without a home.

    • @jpriester73, Brubaker put MK on Secret Avengers back in 2011(?). I didn’t love the results, MK acted like a kiss-ass and he would disappear in the story so much sometimes I forgot he was even part of the team. I thought Hurwitz handled the same situation better in “Vengeance of the Moon Knight #12” but that’s just me. If Marvel put MK on a team book, I doubt it would work any better than another Solo series. Put Bucky on an Avengers team, there’s like 12 of ’em.

    • The last short lived Moon Knight title by Bendis and Maleev was fantastic and even that sold poorly. I don’t think we’ll be seeing another Moon Knight book any time soon unfortunately.

  6. If Land weren’t on this title, I’d probably check it out. I like the cast.

    Mostly I’m just happy Monica has a semi-decent code-name now

  7. I’m honestly curious about this one. It’s not the “diversity,” but the nature of the team you get when you pull together a group like this: She-Hulk is a lawyer. Falcon was a social worker. Luke Cage has certain done his share of community outreach. So, could we be getting a slightly more organically formed “community” of heroes? Your friendly neighborhood Avengers?

    I do the like the idea of a slightly more street level approach, maybe dealing with some more down-to-earth social ills, as opposed to the big, world-altering, SHIELD-sanctioned level team.

    But I could just be projecting my own desires here. 😉

  8. seems like otto thinks that the superior sidey-costume would be a mix of ben riley’s and miles’ costumes … 😛

  9. I’m glad Monica Rambeau is once again with Earth’s Mightiest. I meal she did use to lead the Avengers, after all.

  10. Why Greg Land, why!? Ugh.

  11. Well Spider-man is in this so I’ll be getting it for sure. I just wish Land wasn’t on this book but oh well.

  12. Maybe it’s just Power Man Jr.’s goggles, but this title reeks of 1994.

    • Thats not power man jr!

      That is the awesome Triathlon .. and youre off by 4 years. Ha. I will be buying this for Al Ewing’s awesome writing and because of Triathlon……..

    • @ilovecomics: That’s Power Man Jr.. It’s discussed in the article.

    • isn’t power man jr also on some preview covers of young avengers? I thought he was going to be a member of their team. and if so, I remember that Gillan said he wanted to keep the Young Avengers seperated from other titles and cross-overs as long as he can (to have them do their own thing. opposite to Heinbergs very continuity-loaded take).

    • Triathlon was featured heavily as 3-D Man in the last Atlas mini series also.

    • Oh crap.. Thats what i get for skimming the article.

      Me just like pictures.. No like read.

    • Thanks ResFlan.. ill check out the Atlas books…

    • When did Triathlon officially become 3-D Man? I know it was around the time of The Initiative or Secret Invasion, definitely post-SI, because he was with the Skrull Kill Krew.

    • @Godzilla: That’s Prodigy (depowered mutant that was featured in New X-Men a few years ago) on the Young Avengers cover.

    • @ ken: okay, thanks.

    • @ilovecomics No problemo. All the Agents of Atlas stuff is good but the last few arcs have Jeff Parker AND Gabe Hardman on art with Bettie Breitweiser on colors and are just super nice good looking fun weird comics! I was so sad when it was canceled.

  13. Despite Land, I’m definitely interested. I’m a huge Falcon fan, and I have to say I love what Monica looks like on that cover image. Don’t know why you need Cage AND She-Hulk on the team…team is a little large for my tastes, that’s what, 9 core characters?? I think 4-7 is the sweet spot. I hope Cage/Falcon/Spectrum are the core.

    I do get bored with Hank Pym/Steve Rogers/Clint Barton/Thor/Johnny Storm everyone has blond hair and blue eyes, nice to see some color.

    But would Malcolm X be happy that Monica lost the ‘fro?

  14. Not getting any Marvel books at the moment, but the announcements for this interested me, until….Greg Land. No thanks

  15. I like Al Ewing and the lineup sounds cool, but for the love of Thor why Greg Land. He must have a following of people who love his work , Marvel puts him on premier titles like Uncanny X-Men, Iron Man, etc and I always jump off or don’t get titles with his name attached and that seems to be the consensus of other comic readers. STRANGE he keeps getting work.

    • He definitely has his fans. A few years ago we had a chat with someone who works at Marvel and we were all talking about our disdain for Land and his practices and they told us that whenever they put him on a book the sales go up. *Shrug.*

    • @Conor thanks for that, I was just getting ready to ask how Land ends up on book like this since it seems like everyone on the internet dislikes his work.

    • Thanks Conor for the info, if the guy moves books then I see why he gets to be on big name titles.

  16. Al Ewing is a really good writer. Looking forward to this. MAN! THEYRE BRINGING TRIATHLON BACK.. YAY! Was a big fan of his during K Busiek’s Legendary run. The original “age of ultron”.

  17. Land? No thanks, even if Triathalon is in it. 😉

  18. This group is filled with heavy hitters so I’m excited about that. I’m glad to see Blue Marvel and Monica “Spectrum” Rambeau and She-Hulk; I’m curious to see who the new Ronin is?

    I wish that Marvel would spread diversity all around the Marvel Universe instead of putting them all in this book.

    • Maybe Ronin is Eli Bradley?

    • Adam The Blue Marvel and Ronin were random choices I have to check it out. I’m really curious who’s dawning Ronin and loved all the stuff involving that costume in the 1st vol of New Avengers and Widowmaker as well. Blue Marvel needs to look more silver like before or he looks too much like Dr Fate. Only one mini series story about that character ever told as far as I know. Spectrum, White Tiger & the young Power Man along with the already mentioned give this a pretty fresh start. I’m willing to see what Greg Land can do again.

    • Definitely curious who is under the Ronin mask, as well. Last two were Echo and Clint, correct? It would be interesting if it was Eli, but I’d have to think that he’d show up in Young Avengers before Mighty, because of the drama that’d create between him, Kate and Noh varr.

  19. Just what we needed, a ninth avengers title!

  20. Is the lovely She-Hulk going to continue in FF as well as this title? Now that her own book is being cancelled, Red She-Hulk should join the Avengers. Red really grew on me in her own title.

  21. You lost me at the mention of Greg Land…

  22. Great writer.
    Interesting line up.

    Sure it’s ANOTHER Avengers book and it’s a MIGHTY relaunch which was not that strong of a series to begin with….But I’m down for this!

    …..And then I see Greg Land. Jesus H. Christ. Count me out.

  23. Um, am I the only one wondering why Marvel would launch another Avengers title besides to make more mon– oh wait, silly me, answered my own question. 🙂

    Won’t be buying it, but it is nice to see that Cage’ll be back .

    • At least this one has a justification for its existence – these are the heroes left behind to defend Earth while everyone else goes off and plays Space Marine.

  24. Is it me or, in the top pic, is Power Man Jr’s secret identity really Wesley Snipes, and doesn’t the woman in the lower left corner(w/ the black & white Cap Marvel costume, just Rhianna w/o the bad whig?

  25. Oh snap, I think SHe-Hulk is really Jennifer Lopez!!

  26. Luke Cage and Monica Rambeau? YES! Sign me u– Greg Land? For fuck’s sake.

  27. Not crazy about Land at all, but I do like the line up, especially Monica Rambeau finally being used again. She’s always been one of my favorite characters

  28. I’m happy this gets Greg Land away fro m Kieron Gillen’s Iron Man book.

  29. Avatar photo filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I’m going to check this out as a book spotlighting Luke Cage, Falcon, White Tiger & Monica Rambeau has the potential to interest me. I hope She Hulk’s presence is not going to interfere with FF. I’m not familiar with Blue Marvel but for some reason he looks like a second tier DC character to me.

  30. I’m in the minority here but greg land is a draw I’m a huge fan. I’m excited for this book

    • What do you like about his style?

    • I also like Greg Land. Reasons? His stuff looks like Steve Mcniven’s art put on plasma, his girls look sexy, the people look real(ish), and it just looks cool to me. I can see why people wouldn’t like it (even hate it) but I’m not one of those people who scans every single panel in a comic. Sometimes I just want the art to carry me thru the story, Land’s does that pretty easily. Aside from someone drawing a nose wrong or a hand flat, I don’t really critique an artist’s work. All that said, I’m not buying this book.

  31. I was all excited until I saw Greg Land’s name.

    Fuck that noise.

  32. I love this announcement the line up looks fantastic, i like Greg land no problem with him at all. I have never read anything by this writer but i can’t wait to see what he has to offer. I don’t read any more Avengers books really not since the Last Mighty Avengers Series ( i loved that series) This book Fantastic! i hope it sells can’t wait to read it!

  33. You guy’s dont see the upside. I would like to thank Greg Land for saving me $3.99 a month.

  34. I don’t have a problem with Greg Land’ss work either.

    I probably won’t check this out because of the Blue Marvel and the new Power Man.

  35. Does this mean I can start picking up Iron Man again? Sweet!

  36. So happy to see Rambeau in a book… but I can’t hang with Land’s art. (Seriously, has Monica’s hair changed because he can’t find models with her hair to… nevermind.) I’d also love to see Shulkie, Cage and Falcon. Dunno that I care about the rest of the team, but as I am not familiar with some I’d give it a shot if not for the art. It’s just a deal beaker.

  37. You lost me at Greg Land

  38. Some interesting character choices there.

    Greg Land? No way.

  39. Marvel’s next big thing: Same as the current big thing.