Marvel’s Next Big Thing: Kathryn Immonen and the Lady Sif JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY This Fall!

Journey Into Mystery #646

This fall, Journey into Mystery continues with a new lead and a new creative team! With issue #646, Kathryn Immonen and artist Valerio Schiti will chronicle the ongoing adventures of Lady Sif!

Today we spoke to Kathryn Immonen along with editor Lauren Sankovitch about the new direction for the series.

It was Sankovitch who first suggested that the series perspective shift from Loki to Sif. Immonen pitches the story as Sif’s journey toward becoming a better warrior and just how rocky that road can be. She points to Sif’s relationship with two Asgardians pivotal in but frequently absent from her life, Thor and her brother Heimdall. Immonen also suggests a connection between Sif and the previous lead Loki, in that both will never be Thor or enjoy his place in Asgard.

But this is also an opportunity to flesh out Sif’s character, as she’s so often limited to ancillary status. This November we get to see Sif shrug off those associations and fight first, talk later. Immonen praised Gillen’s “purple prose” in this run on the title, she won’t be attempting to recreate that style, instead giving the Asgardian warrior her own unique presentation.

You can expect a whole heap of big ol’ monsters.

Journey Into Mystery #646 debuts in November.

Update: Marvel originally sent out a cover with the wrong price on it. That cover has been replaced with the proper cover. Journey Into Mystery will be $2.99.


  1. So JIM jumps to 3.99. Nice to see that it’s not going away though.

  2. Hmmm you know always wanted to jump into Journey Into Mystery. It looks like with this I finally can.

  3. I wonder if this is a single arc to close out the series before it’s relaunched or cancelled due to Marvel Now?

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Well, it’s part of Marvel NOW!

    • Ahh, it certainly is. You’d think that striking new trade dress would have… struck me more.

      That’s interesting that this isn’t getting renumbered (at least for now).

      I don’t think there’s been any official explanation of why certain books are renumbering while others aren’t, but a beloved title getting a brand new creative team and featuring a new lead character seems like lots of solid rationale for a new #1. Interesting!

  4. Not the same JIM>

  5. I wonder if Marvel uses their non-relaunch relaunch as a way to raise all their prices. Daredevil has to make that sad move soon I’m sure.

  6. Well I guess this means I can save myself 4 extra dollars each month

  7. Well, it’s something different so i might give it a t- (sees 3.99 price tag) nevermind. Pass.

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Please note, the price is actually $2.99. Marvel is sending a corrected cover image.

  9. Please, please, please stop calling it JIM. Please?

  10. I was gutted to lose Gillen and the adventures of Kid Loki and expected to drop the title when they finished, but I am totally on board for this new direction.
    Very excited for a new female led Marvel series!

  11. I just checked out Valerio Schiti blog, and his/her art looks amazing. Reminds me a bit of a mix between Nick Bradshaw and Ryan Stegman. As of right now, the art side is good enough to convince me to pick up the first issue.

    Thank God, it’s 2.99.

  12. Alert Jaimie Alexander!

  13. I’m in. I actually like that Journey Into Mystery is going to have a rotating, Asgard-centric focus, just like back in the day.

    And besides, from the promotional materials, it doesn’t look like Lil’ Loki is going anywhere…

    • Back in what day, the post-Heroes Reborn/Death of Thor days when they returned to the Journey into Mystery title and made it a variety book? Before Thor debuted in Journey back in the 60’s it had been a sci fi variety series, but it became exclusively Thor’s book, eventually being renamed Thor with issue 125 (I believe). And although it would often feature a Tales of Asgard back up story in the early years, the primary story was always Thor. I only point this out because anyone excited by this idea won’t find a similar story structure by picking up old reprints, unless they search out collections of Tales of Asgard. Sorry for the tangent. Now back to the regularly scheduled programming!

    • Iron Chef!

  14. Well, at 2.99 it’s something i’ll try at least. Though when the Thor sequel comes out, i wouldn’t be surprised to see this morph into a 2nd title for the big man.

  15. Well alright! Here’s the first Marvel Now title announced that’s really got my attention. This is something different. I like Sif and she’s always underused in Thor’s stories. Maybe that’s why I’m always wanting more of her. I can’t imagine that this will last long, but I’ll take what’s offered gladly while it lasts. Thank you, Marvel!

  16. The Sif one-shot last year was excellent, so I hope for and expect more of the same from this. 🙂

  17. filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I need to cut some books and I was hoping that the Marvel Now cut point would be a good chance to reorganize my roster. Journey Into Mystery was a candidate for dropping but there is no way I am going to pass a Sif book.

  18. WOW, Marvel has really been heeding all the complaints off having no female main character in titles and they are solving this problem very well for all intent’s and purpose’s. I mean it’s the same person that’s going to be writing 2/3 of these titles but still it’s a start.

  19. Bought.

  20. While I’m happy to see someone like Sif getting a comic. But I’m sorry, this isn’t the same if Gillen and Kid Loki aren’t involved.

  21. Loved Kid Loki, have zero interest in this. If Wonder Woman can’t sustain a book, how the heck will this?

    • While Wonder Woman hasn’t *constantly* had a book going, I’d say she’s had her own title more often than not in at least the last 30 years, so I’m not sure your argument holds up.

  22. Kelly (@annaluna) says:

    I was worried that JiM (not the dis-ambiguous-afying capitalization) wasn’t going to be a part of the NOW-verse, so this is good news. I’m sad to see kidLoki take a back seat, but if he has to, Sif is probably the only Asgardian that can make up for it (for me).

  23. I’ma wait and see what the consensus is on this one. I’m already contemplating too many new titles for this Marvel NOW! thing.