“Marvelman belongs to Marvel.”

Some miraculous news:

Moments ago in their latest “Cup O’ Joe” panel, Marvel announced that they’ve secured the rights to the Marvelman character. The property has been tied up in limbo for ages, making the existing material all but impossible to find. Hopefully this deal will put an end to all that. It seems that the publisher is in talks with every creator associated with the character, from Alan Moore to Neil Gaiman to Mark Buckingham.

From Marvel:

“It is an honor to work with Mick Anglo to bring his creation to a larger audience than ever before,” said Dan Buckley, CEO & Publisher, Print, Animation & Digital Media, Marvel Entertainment Inc. “Fans are in  for something special as they discover just what makes Marvelman such an important character in comic book history.”
Originally created in 1954 by Mick Anglo and appearing in some of the most celebrated comic stories of all time, Marvelman is Micky Moran, a young reporter gifted with the power to save the world by simply uttering the word “kimota”!

“I did not think it would ever happen,” said Mick Anglo. “It’s a wonderful thing to see my creation finally back.”

The guys discussed Marvelman (or Miracleman as he’s sometimes known) as well as the whole legal quagmire in a recent video show. See, because we’ve got our fingers on the pulse, yeah?

While no specific projects have been announced, Joe Quesada did say that he’s looking forward to the “continuing adventures of Marvelman.” 



  1. Wait… really? So, are they going to reprint the Moore-Gaiman run?

  2. Oh wow. For real, wow. I never saw this coming. We were literally talking about in my LCS how none of us will ever read Miracle Man.

  3. While I’m not terribly interested in "the continuing adventures of Marvel Man," I would kill for them to reprint the original stuff…either in issues or in some collected edition.

  4. Now he finally can die, and be resurrected, and die, and be resurrected, and die….

  5. Miracleman Omnibus…?

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    We have no word about any reprints or if the acquisition is retroactive. So far as we know, this is all about new material.

  7. Either way, crazy news.  Unless, of course, this leads to Dark Reign: Marvelman

  8. I don’t say this often, but, YOO-Friggityfuckin-HOO!

  9. I did a double, then triple take when I read Romo’s tweet. I am really impressed Marvel pulled this off, and Gaimin’s close association makes me exceedingly interested in possibly finishing the original series?

    tangent: Seeing as how Marvel just bought a an honest-to-God ubermensch archetype from the silver-age, I wonder how long it’ll be before Marvelman, in his continuing adventures, kills off The Sentry.

  10. I withhold judgment until they actually do something with the property, but I do hope this leads to reprints of the older material.

  11. Really interesting take that guy on another story that said there was no big news coming out this year.  Boy monty that got you working hard son!

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I am but one man.  


  13. Only a young man like you could do this, let the elder statesmen enjoy the show.  You are thr glue sir, the glue.

  14. What I find interesting is that everyone I’ve seen comment on this, here and elsewhere talks about the potential to read the original series in reprints.  No one really seems to care about reading any new "adventures of Miracleman."

    After the ifanboy video show, I read through Miracleman up until the point Moore finished.  Wasn’t quite interested enough to read after that, particularly after hearing the ifanboy discussion of those issues.

  15. Wow!  I hope this means "Silver Age" gets completed, and "Dark Age" gets done, both by Gaiman.  I also hope it does NOT mean integration with Marvel Universe.  

  16. I wonder if they’ll slipstream him into the Marvel universe a la the Sentry or keep him separate. Quesada did mention on the CBR Boat Show that this isn’t good news for people who’ve bought the trades for $200 each, so that implies they will reprint all the old stuff including the Gaiman-Moore stuff. He mentioned them as some of the people who worked on it over the years.

  17. I want to read the Moore and Gaiman stuff. So as far as this news goes, no reprints, not good news.

  18. There’s no way on earth Marvel will spend that kind of bread on aquisition and Not integrate him into the regular MU. I could be wrong, but that’s what my gut tells me.

    @Jim – I’m really interested in reading new Marvelman, particularly if Gaimin, Moore, or even other top-tier writers handle the property.

  19. I wouldn’t hold your breath for more Moore. Gaiman maybe…


    I heard Marvel already talked to Alan Moore about this when getting the character.  Wouldn’t be surprised if they could get a contract with him to write new Marvel Man comics.  Can’t wait to see him in the Marvel Universe.  Either Bendis or Millar would be great on it too.  Hopefully not someone like Fraction.

  21. they have to reprint the old stuff. i just dont think it such a big thing if they cant do that and its only new stories.

  22. This needs to be played very carefully. This is one of those things where one false move could fuck everything up. But shit, if they reprint the old stuff, I’m there.

  23. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    You’re probably right. They just haven’t formally announced any plans yet. 

  24. Little Late for April Fools don’tcha think?

  25. And here I was SO looking forward to what iFanboy was going to do with the character! All kidding aside, I think its pretty big news, Im interested in seeing how it plays out – and have been telling everyone who is asking about Marvelman to watch the recent show you guys did.

    Works out rather well!

  26. my world is unaffected.

  27. Why does this make me think of the end of Box Office Poison?

  28. So, does this mean that Gaiman will be able to finish his rum?

  29. I don’t think we need to involed his Drinking habbits into this Woderboy.

    But it does make me think: Will Gaiman finish his run now?

  30. I honestly don’t foresee an integration into the MU.  They have plenty of examples these days of books that exist outside the MU.  Icon books, Universal War One, Marvel Illustrated, Dominic Fortune (that’s the Chaykin book, right?), those are just off the top of my head.  At most, I could see some out-of-continuity one shots happening.

  31. I don’t think i want a Marvelman written Bendis or Millar. But if Gaiman continued/finished his run or maybe Ellis was to write a story, I think I’d be interested. Otherwise all I want is some reprints.

  32. Reprints and Gaiman Continuation. That’s all that should happen. Marvelman being a Marvel Regular would be like Rorschach as a DCU regular.

  33. Don’t want to see him in the Marvel Universe.  Just reprints.

  34. @Grayghost….AMEN brother!!!

    @chlop LMAO!!! Marvelman REBIRTH here it comes!!!

  35. If they get Gaiman or Moore..then I’ll have a new monthly to pick up. And am curious if they throw him into the Marvel U. Meaning will he interact with Spider-man? Will there be a guest spot by Wolverine? That might seem weird, but who knows, they put a good writer on it, it could work. 

  36. I don’t see Moore writing a Marvel book. And isn’t he done with the character? Gaiman is too busy for a monthly.

  37. I hope they reprint this. After watching the video show about this I really want to read it. Looks awesome and who knows maybe Marvel will have a good character to work with finally…. 

  38. Ill belive it when I have the trade in my hands.

  39. @Aquaman i’m pretty sure announcing it at SDCC makes this pretty legit…


  41. I just want Gaiman to complete the Silver Age as intended, and then do the Dark Age. (Really, his run was really great–not sure why the tone on this site is that it drastically pales in comparison to what Moore did, even though I liked Moore’s issues marginally better.)

    But integrating this guy into the Marvel Universe right off the bat, that would make me puke. At least let Gaiman finish the "real" story first.

  42. I can’t wait for the Marvelman / Sentry team-up book

  43. Marvelman…..the new Captain Marvel?

  44. My guess, in accordance with many of the posts above, would be that Marvel wouldn’t buy the rights and make this announcement if they didn’t already have big plans for the character (just as DC steered clear of Superboy until the result of recent litigation allowed them to fold him back into the DCU).  As we’ve just seen a reprint of Alan Moore’s Captain Britain material, this might indicate Marvel has, hopefully, made strides to repair their "strained" relationship with Moore, allowing for reprints not only of Captain Britain but Marvelman/Miracleman as well. 

    As for Gaiman, I find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t figure into Marvel’s plans for the character.  According to Wikipedia [grain of salt here], Gaiman’s proceeds from 1602 went to acquiring Marvelman’s rights, so with the rights issue now cleared, or at least enough so that Marvel felt comfortable making an announcement, the news of his non-involvement with any Marvelman project would be just as big as the announcement this afternoon.

    As of yet, Gaiman hasn’t commented on the announcement on his blog, just a tweet—RT @neilhimself Re Marvelman: I think it’s great news that Mick Anglo’s creations is going to be seen again, and hopeful that my work & Bucky’s will be back

  45. @WintheWonderboy. I feel like Ellis is a poor choice for a character like Marvelman. He has said multiple times that he hates superheros. I love his writing, but I’ve seen him do his version of "heroes" enough times.

     I don’t know if I care about new stories. Maybe finishing "Dark Age" and the other planned story, but other than that… eh.

    I’m hoping they’ll reprint the original stuff. I don’t necesarily need an omnibus. I’m cool with a couple of trades printed on some nicer paper.

  46. what about a recolor and then release as issues?  I could see that happening.

  47. I never thought anyone would be able to get me to give a shit about this character. I’m surprised.

  48. GOOD GOD!!! Now Quesada and crew have something else to ruin. I was happy with the character in legal limbo…or maybe Gaiman having sole rights to the character.

  49. Absolutely amazing.

    If they reprint the old stuff then I will personally go to an employee of Marvel and apologize for my hatred of them lately.

    If it’s new adventures of Miracleman, I’ll still be happy but hoping for reprints. Hey if Gaiman can somehow finish what he started then I can wait for an omnibus to collect the whole thing. At least I know there will be an ending point soon.

  50. Dear Marvel, please reprint the the original (Marvelman) Miracleman material by Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman. If possible let Gaiman complete the Silver age and the Dark age arcs.

    Also, never put him in the Marvel universe proper.


    K, thx bye.

  51. i really don’t see why they wouldn’t reprint the old material at this point.  Marvel loves its trades

  52. iFanboy made it happened.  Confirmed.

  53. Hmmm, now that I think of it, a Franklin Richards/Pet Avengers/Miracleman crossover would be kinda cool….

  54. The announcement fail to mention the legal troubles the chracter has. And they’ll probably ruin the character by adding him to the MArvel U. Lame!

  55. Okay I don’t think I’ve heard such news that has made me so happy and so worried at the same time. One the one hand, I’m almost certain we’ll get reprints of the Moore/Gaiman run and I reckon Gaiman will finish off "The Silver Age" and "The Dark Age". Its after that what worries me, If they try to milk the character and have new writers after Gaiman write the character then I’m not interested.

     Also I doubt the character will become part of the Marvel Universe proper.

    HUZZAH! I shall read and be disappointed by the hype!!

  57. Neil Gaiman tweets that he doesn’t care but McFarlane can sue them.

  58. Marvelman movie on the way. Moore will never go see it.

  59. With Gaiman and Buckingham on board I have high hopes that they will be able to reprint and then finish the series together. #25 never came out, but Gaiman had a whole other ark, "The Dark Age" planned.

    This is brilliant news! Providing they can get Moore and Davis and Gary Leach’s stuff reprinted, too.

    To paraphrase and butcher another Moore work

    "The Superman Exists… and He’s British!" ;D

  60. Yeah, there’s still too much murkiness here to think that Moore’s stuff will be reprinted any time this century.  Acquiring rights is huge news, but announcing a reprint would have trumped it.  I wish I could get excited over the possibility of Gaiman finishing his run, but I didn’t care too much for it to begin with.

  61. I’m cautiously optimistic that Gaiman and Buckingham will continue their run. Looking at his site at least as recently as 2004 he hoped they could still do it, and said there were a number of parties interested in letting them if the rights were ever secured. Seriously Marvel would be terribly foolish not to at this stage. 

    REALY looking forward to the reprints at any rate. 

  62. *Looking at Neil Gaiman’s site…

  63. cool. we might get the dark age now

  64. And you wondered how they were going to redeem the Sentry 🙂

  65. I think it depends on who is writing the character. The only ‘specialness’ taht the character has is that Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman wrote some awesome stories with him. If you put a schlub on his book it won’t be any better than any other schlub book.

  66. I hope this will eventually lead to reprints of the Alan Moore/ Neil Gaiman run.

  67. @ TheSwordisDrawn

    Sounds like This: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superman:_True_Brit To me

  68. Marvelman Omnibus PLEASE!!!

  69. Isn’t it great how all the people on the internet feel the need to piss all over this announcement before a single actual detail of what it means is announced? Jesus, people, don’t judge something until you’ve given it a chance!

  70. Mark Buckingham says his "never released" final issue written by Neil Gaiman is ready to be printed now!  He’s likely to continue work on the character, and there are hints that he and Neil will finish their long arc on the character!  Completing their "Silver Age" and headed into their "Dark Age" finale!

    Alan Moore is in talks with Marvel too!:  "We’re talking to all the people who were involved in the ’80s and ’90s material – Alan [Moore], Neil, Garry Leach, Alan Davis – we’ve reached out to all these folks. Mark Buckingham, who is also in the house…"

    The work will be reprinted, will be properly finished, and I can’t wait for this guy to be in NEW Marvel stories.  PWND DC!!  PWND!

  71. This is my pick of the week article, hands down!!!

  72. @CalebTheTimeTraveler

    He was pretty much literally based on DC’s (Well, Fawcett Comics’, at the time) Captain Marvel. When Fawcett closed down, due to fighting DC over claims that Captain Marvel ripped off Superman, the company that had been reprinting Captain Marvel in the UK morphed there book into Marvelman. This wasthe 1950s. The stories are a bit corny, but all the same the British version of Captain Marvel was born, amd lasted into the 60s.

    And then Alan Moore took him out to play again, in the 80s. Only in a screwed up way. The little boy who transformed into an adult superhero had grown up into a 40 year old man, and forgotten who and what he was. And when he returens you should see how f&*ked up his former Kid Marvelman becomes…

  73. According to Blair Butler (of AotS fame) the deal does include reprinting rights. That is good news for fans who can’t justify spending $100-500 to read one of the classic stories.

  74. If Neil Gaiman isn’t interested in working with them on this, I’d love to see them go with Paul Cornell.

  75. I bet the people spending a fortune just to get the old issues are getting really angry right now.

    Especially the itrinity who had to pay to do the video show.

  76. If they can release an Omnibus of the Eclipse run, they can name their price.

  77. YES YES YES YES YES YES! THANK GOD! I (and many others) thought this would never happen, and I’m glad to see Marvel taking the initiative here. They’re gonna sell more trades than Watchmen did leading up to the movie. Although, I feel like Marvel kinda shot their wad on the Sentry. Imagine if the Sentry’s origin had been used on Marvelman instead. Woulda made a hell of a lot more sense. Or, how about, not only did everyone forget that the Sentry existed, they (including the Sentry himself) forgot that he was never really the Sentry, but he was actually Marvelman! It would totally fit. And as soon as he realizes who he REALLY really is, he throws Osborn out of Avengers tower and starts kickin some serious ass! I deserve a no-prize.

  78. As an aside… Did twitter explode when this was announced?

  79. I don’t see what the big deal is. Marvel has had the rights to “Marvel Man” for years.


    ha ha ha

  80. I’m sad to see one of the big two got the rights. Now they’re probably going to screw it up.

  81. Wow.  Just…wow.  I have 6 tattered issues of the original Moore/Gaiman issues, and I recently dug them out of there plastic and cardboard coffins after watching the guys’ do the video show and they hold up nicely.  If this is something where they reprint these in an omnibus-style binding, count me in. 

    But the thought of Marvel and Joe "big event" Quesada roll this character into Marvel continuity..? shudder!  Though maybe he could kill the Sentry like stated above – that would be poetic (even though the last few issues of DARK AVENGERS have made the Sentry more interesting than he’s ever been).

  82. Perhaps Marvel should put Mr. Paul Cornell on THIS boook since Capt. Britain is no more.  NOt to pigeon hole one of my favorite Brits, but it wouldn’t surprise if Mr. Cornell was able to bring something special to the table on Marvel(Miracle) Man.