Marvel Pets

As Ron makes his quarterly tour of the east coast iFanboy offices, he noticed me playing with my dog, and commented that Marvel doesn’t have pets like DC does. I countered, and said, “yes, of course they do. There’s Lockjaw, Lockheed, Zabu, and….”

“A HA!” replied Ron.

“Well, we’ll just have to ask the folks on the site, because it’s just more fun that way.”

So, what do you think? Is there a Krypto in the Marvel Universe we’re forgetting about?

Can you beat this guy?



I didn’t think you could.


  1. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Do heralds count?

  2. I think at this point, any pet, animal, non-human/person counts…so yeah, try a herald

  3. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Hulk Poodle?  

  4. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The Sentry has a dog.  

  5. Deadpool considered Bob, Agent of Hydra his pet…

  6. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Old Lace from Runaways.  

  7. Falcon has a… Falcon.

    Amadeus Cho had that poor coyote.

    We’re not making any value judgments on the lack of pets, are we?

  8. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Well, given that Marvel us supposed to be more like the real world than DC, it’s odd that there aren’t many pets.  

  9. there was aunt mays dog Ms. Lion

     and the sentry has the watch dog


  10. Gotta go with Lockheed

  11. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  12. what about that dragon in the x-books??

  13. Old Lace is the best. love the facial expressions on him

  14. @kalle – That’s the aforementioned Lockheed.

  15. Ant-Man has some ants.

  16. You would think Frank Castle would have a dog, he seems like a dog person.

  17. Agatha Harkness always carried around a cat but I don’t know its name.

  18. @PaulMontgomery that’s an interesting point. This question exposes my limited perspective; when someone says "comic book pet," I think of a dog in a costume fighting crime, which falls squarely into the box marked "Do Not Want."

  19. (cracks knuckles)

    How could you guys forget Red Wing? The greatest bird hero of them all! Also Thanos’ pet Skreet, and the Red Ghost’s Super-Apes are favorite Marvel U pets of mine too.

    Also, any great western hero not only carries a pair of six-shooters but also has his trusty stallion…

    The Original Ghost Rider’s horse was Banshee, Kid Colt’s was Steel, Rawhide Kid’s was Nightwind, the Two-Gun Kid’s was either Cyclone or Thunder (depending on who was the Kid at the time), and The Black Rider’s horse was Satan… and like his master, Satan had a secret identity too, the very un-satanicly named Ichabod. 

    What? Don’t make fun of me! Surely I’m not the only one who read the Marvel westerns around these parts! (yes, I had to look a couple of those up)  


    – James 

  20. Rick Jones

  21. The Black Knight has the winged horse Arogorn.

  22. Okay, Jimski beat me to Red Wing. He gets my love and respect.

    Also, Animalvader1 for his Marvel U horse knowledge! 

  23. In the old Tomb of Dracula series, Quincy Harker had a German Shepherd named Saint that served as both guard dog & vampire attack dog.  Alas, poor Saint, hasn’t been seen (to my knowledge) since the series ended.

  24. Logan had that puppy when he was a little boy, but then his best friend killed it. 🙁


  25. Does Rocket Racoon count?

  26. @Ron-If he counts, wouldn’t Cosmo count too?

    Also I would count Silver Surfer.  Technically he is Galactus’ pet; like Lassy.  Leading him to some old well where some kids are trapped and need saving/eating.  

  27. And don’t forget the nano pets!

  28. Didn’t Amadeus Cho’s Coyote turn out to be a Skrull?  I thought I heard that round these parts…

  29. Oh and How about Devil Dinosaur.  Or is Moonboy the pet?

  30. @Animalvader1 – I believe the Black Knight gave Aragorn (the winged horse) to Valkyrie. 

  31. I’ll go with HERBIE since he essentially plays "Hobbes" to Franklin Richard’s "Calvin" (in Son of a Genius)

  32. Are there more pets in DC?  Krypto, BatHound, Streaky the supercat, SuperMonkey, Superhorse… are there lots more?

  33. Fin Fang Foom has gotta be someone’s pet.

  34. If the heralds of Galactus are counted as pets, then the four horsemen of Apocalypse need to be counted as pets in all their incarnations.

  35. In DC there’s that cat in Klarion: Witch boy as well.  What was it’s name?  That’s what that guy from the recent podcast should name his cat.

  36. Lots of people stretching pretty far to find pets in this one.

  37. Im sure the serpent society had thier share of snakes around.

    Also the Starjammer Cho’d(dont know if thats the right name) the big green guy had a pet of some sort.

    Do robots count as pets b/c if so there would be plenty to mention?

    Namor has to be one of the Marvel U’s biggest pet owners since he can command any sea monster to do his bidding.

    Mole man had his moliods and Monsters when he lived on monster island.

    Didnt Captain America have a cat? i could be way off base on this one. 

    now cats and dogs and birds seem to be the norm for the Marvel U, my last question is this did any hero, villian or secret society (Aim, Hydra, Serpent soceity, etc) just have random animals like fish, hampsters etc.

  38. Remember Kathy Dare, who shot Tony Stark?  She had a Rottweiller or a mastiff or something.  And there’s a scene where he’s waking up in the morning, and Tony thinks Kathy is kissing him but actually the dog is kissing him, and Rhodey walks into the room and says, "I never thought I’d see you waking up with a dog."

    I feel like I am constantly bringing this fact up in comment threads, but it just always seems to be relevant. 

    Also, I’m pretty sure Ms. Marvel has a cat.  She once threw it at a bad guy, during a fight, because that’s how she rolls.

    You would think they’d have more pets at the X-mansion, or something.  In the movies, they had horses. 

  39. @Tad I think for the sheer amount of pets in the superman family alone (which is really huige if you count all the animals Superman keeps at the Fortress of Solitude), I would guess DC has a lot more pets. And they have also had bigger roles in many stories. Like the Legion of the super-pets (including all the pets mentioned in your post, minus bathound), the Legion of the super-dogs (Like legion of superheroes, but they are all dogs–see ), the Space Canine Patrol Agents.

  40. Princess Python from Marvel’s old "Circus of Doom" had a jumbo pet snake

    OK, Conor’s right … we are stretching pretty far here …

  41. What about Deuce the Devil Dog?

  42. oops … correction … "Circus of Crime" … (like anyone cares!)

  43. I find it very hard to believe that…

    …Peter Parker didn’t have a goldfish or something to worry about at some point

    …that Doctor Doom doesn’t have some sort of royal dog

    …that Daredevil never had a seeing eye dog

    …That Black Cat did not, in fact, have a cat

    …That the Morlocks didn’t adopt a couple of rats

    Do the Nightcrawler BAMF dolls count? I believe his girlfriend Amanda Sefton had a cat, she was a witch you know…

  44. @ron – Deuce the Devil Dog was Daredevil’s seeing eye dog until he lost him in a game of… poker (?) to Deadpool.

  45. Odin had ravens.

     The Punisher had Max.

  46.  @ron  If you were Peter Parker, would YOU get a goldfish?  You just know something terrible would happen to it –> more angst.

  47. Looks like a tie to me.  Theres about 5 or 6 solid Marvel Pets and DC has the Super-pets and bathound, that makes for about seven pets right there, max.  

  48. Lockjaw’s not a pet…


  49. Ares had a bunch of killer birds but herc killed them.

  50. I know I’m pulling deep down, but doesn’t Red Wolf train a wolf and keep him as a pet to protect him?

  51. The hero Red Wolf used to have a companion who was a real wolf.

  52. Yeah….Lobo was the wolf’s name.

  53. Foggy Nelson is Matt Murdock’s.

  54. Kazar has that big toothed cat Zabu

  55. @Jaglo-Yes!!  Zabu is definetly a pet!  Jaglo gets a point!!!

  56. Ummm….Squirrel Girl has Monkey Joe and Tippy-Toe, but I’m pushing it here.

  57. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    @hbkhumanity – yeah, Frank’s gotta be down with man’s best friend, and Speedball has a pet cat, Niels that can bounce and mew with funny yellow word ballons.

  58.  Wakanda’s got to have panthers right? the initiative probably has watchdogs. I think Wolverine had a wolf once. okay, I pushed it too far with that one.

  59. The ad on the top of this page is now an ad for "Trupanion… Insurance for puppies and kittens". Gotta love Google Ads.

  60. @ zenman- yep, you’re right. He did give the white winged horse Arogorn to Valkyrie. I forgot all about that. Afterwards, he got another winged horse named Valinor which was later used by Bloodwraith.

    Valkyrie also had a black winged horse, Pegasus in the Ultimates 3 too.

     Dane Whitman’s (Black Knight 3) uncle, Nathan Garrett (Black Knight 2), also had a winged horse named Arogorn…but his was black.

     Sometimes, Wikipedia is just awesome! Funny how it’s dead on with fictional info, but when it comes to non-fiction, it’s almost never right.

  61. Didn’t Speedball have a pet cat? I don’t think the super-hero lifestyle lends itself to pet ownership. It’s too hard to find a pet sitter on short notice if you have to go across the galaxy or something.

  62. Snake-eyes has his pet wolf, Timber, which we first saw in GI Joe: ARAH #27. Befor the toy, before the cartoon, Timber was in a Marvel Comic. So that counts, right?

  63. Rocket Raccoon is NOT. A. PET.

    (I’m just jealous you got to it before me.) 

    I second H.E.R.B.I.E. and add Puppy, Franklin’s dog (not seen much lately).

  64. I’m going to say, as a dedicated Marvel Zombie, that we are clearly losing this battle. There’s more pets in the Tiny TItans than there are real, actual pets in all of the Marvel U. But I will say in Marvel’s defense that it’s handicapped b/c a lot of the DC pets were from early in the Silver Age, before the Marvel U. got going. Think about those early Stan Lee books. Pets just don’t fit into that milieu.

  65. Like it or not, the Sentry’s dog, Watchdog, is the "Krypto" of the Marvel Universe. Clearly a spoof, but a counterpart all the same.

  66. Speedball’s cat Niels is now P-Cat, the Penitent Puss.

     Foolkiller (I know its a MAX series) had his attack dog Jester.

    Maybe the Plunderer had a parrot? lol

  67.  franklin richerds gerbil (it was a gerbil, right? ) from son of a genius. does Alica Masters have a seeing eye dog?     

  68. I wonder if peter parker had an ant farm?

  69. Professor X had a cat named Mystique in Ultimate X-Men.  That’s all I’ve got off the top of my head.

  70. @Kimbo DC has plenty more pets than have been mentioned. Dr Midnight has an owl. Catwoman has cats. Penguin is an avid collecotr of birds, Aqua Man had Ark the seal and Topo the Octopus. DC is brimming with pets.

  71. @NealAppeal — don’t forget Proty!!

  72. Hepzibah.

  73. @ Paul–I think the Marvel U is more realistic because there aren’t many pets.

    Spider-Man – "Oh no! Doc Ock is robbing that bank! With Aunt May sick again and the hospital bills piling up, we’ll be evicted for sure if I don’t set up my camera first for some extra cash. I’d better wrap this up quick too, because I still need to walk the dog!"


    I think we can all agree that this would have been a bit much….

  74. Wild Child was kind of Sabretooth’s pet during Age of Apocalypse.

  75. @JFernandes I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that cat wa actually Mystique

  76. Or even:


    Wolverine – “Look Kitty. As if it isn’t bad enough that Jean loves that bone head Summers, We’re hunted and treated as outlaws by the government, and I have no memories of my life up to a few years ago, now I have to worry about your %@#$ing cat pissing in my bed!!!!!!! If it happens again, I’m going to skewer it! And let’s try to remember that some of us in the mansion have heightened senses. If that litter box isn’t clean by the time we get back from this mission, I’ll go into a Berserker Rage I SWARE TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1”

  77. @Ron, I wouldn’t know.  I dropped that title pretty quickly.

    Just checked Wikipedia, and it says Emma Frost named the cat after Mystique.  I always called the cat Li’l Chuck.

  78. I think the lack of decent responses within these comments proves that Ron is correct. There are very few pets in Marvel Comics.

  79. namor has a whole sea of pets.

  80. Marvel has less pets and less sidekicks. The Difference in the Eras that Marvel and DC were created in is so large. Consider this: Krypto predates Spider-Man by seven years. By the time Marvel got going, DC had been having to pull crazy things out of the air just to keep people interested for years.

    Superman first appears in 1938. Seventeen years later, 1955 creators are reaching for super-dogs to keep things fresh.

    Spiderman first appears in 1962. Seventeen years later is 1979. In 1962 I’m sure folks were looking at super-pets like we look a pouches, metal arms, and cross-hatching. And when you’ve been running stories for seventeen years and it’s 1979, the weirdness you add is going to be seriously different the weirdness you add in 55.

  81. Aquaman beats Namor.

    What about Howard the Duck and Spider-Ham? No? Ok, but Marvel has the better anthropomorphized characters…

  82. @Patio I think that matter needs to be explored further.

    DC: Tawky Tawny, Captain Carrot, Ambush Bug(?), umm.. sure there’s more

    Marvel: those mentioned above, Rocket Racoon, some more probably.

    Though I would probably wager that Marvel has better Criminals in animal costumes. 

  83. Peter Parker did have Kevin, the sentient cheese — he even made a sign to not eat him. I forget what other issues he’s in, but he’s definitely in the Peter Parker: Spider-Man Nuff Said issue.

  84. @ NealAppeal New Men/Khights of Wundagore + Inhumans + Mutants = Win!

  85. Marvel characters aren’t even allowed to have spouses let alone pets.

  86. Last night I dreamed I had a pet tiger.  I’m pretty sure this thread is at fault.

  87. Horatio, you made me laugh.


    Besides the Superman pets, and possibly Talky Tawny, who are the DC pets?

  88. @Andrew – Rule at Marvel:  no spouses or pets UNLESS you’ve worked on a tv show.  Then you can do whatever you want:  spider totems, retcon romances for Storm… whatever!  Hell, you don’t even have to finish series you start!

  89. Didn’t Mirage have a winged horse WAAAAY back when she was in the New Mutants?

  90. @ Horatio – So Hulkling is a pet?

  91. @ Horatio – Power Girl has a cat, Cyclone has a monkey and I think Dr Midnight has an owl

    thats just from JSA

  92. We shouldn’t forget that Ultron was originally a pet.

    I was trying to remember some of the pets that the High Evolutionary, but they’re all too evolved to be considered pets. But Bova and White Tiger were among his creations.

  93. is howard the duck beverlys pet? or is it the other way around?

  94. From what I understood, they are friends.

  95. I am SURE that Tony Stark has had several Pets. And Playmates for that matter.

  96. Unoob wins.

  97. @:chlop always thought they were more then friends. maybe just the kind with benefits or at least from what i read in the Howard the Duck Max mini we know howards got to 3nd base with beve