Marvel NOW! Posehn, Duggan and Moore Warm Up the Crowd for DEADPOOL #1 in November

Lock up your chimichangas, because this November, funny people Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan and Tony Moore deliver mercenary hijinks with Marvel NOW!’s Deadpool #1.

Here’s Deadpool taking on a large dinosaur with an appetite for domesticated animals in Geof Darrow’s cover for the first issue, courtesy of IGN.

This new Deadpool ongoing promises more laughs, “less pouches.”


  1. Is this cover by Stokoe?

  2. Hope is better than Daniel way’s run on Deadpool!!

    • it won’t take much! I know guys we’ll kill him!

    • Too bad Way’s is the longest running! Haters recognize.

    • There are some story arcs that I found really entertaining. Deadpool v. Hulk was a lot of fun. Way started running out of ideas and though and it’s just gone on longer than it needs to.

    • I wouldn’t say he’s run out of ideas, he may just be in a slump. Look at his whole run, specfically the arcs. Some are great (Deadpool the Pirate), some not (Hit-Monkey). Tastes being subjective, most would agree the run has gone up and down. I feel its in the upward direction right now with the current arc. And how do we know if something has gone on longer than it needs to? It should be when the writer feels its finished or people quit buying it. Maybe the 20 x-men, dozen avengers, and 5 or so Spider-man secondary titles have gone on longer than they need to.

    • Well if its when people stop buying then the numbers show that Way’s run has gone on too long. He couldn’t even maintain the surge numbers with the Dead arc.

  3. “D-list”… I mean Delightful!

  4. I have no interest in a Deadpool book, that said, it’s 2.99 (kudos Marvel!) and that’s a great cover.

  5. Awesome cover! Still no interest in reading a Deadpool book (but AWESOME COVER!) 🙂

  6. I hope Marvel has a secure contract with Moore or watch out!

  7. Wow Geoff Darrow where have you been! Now I am pumped for this series! : )

  8. Staples? Fiona Staples?

  9. Looks Fantastic..Big fan of Brian Posehn as a comedian and Moore’s art is always fun to look at. Is that fiona staples name on that cover…very cool!!!

  10. I’ll flip through this one; “Less pouches”? I don’t think Geoff Darrow got the joke…

  11. I think I’ll never love this book again like I did under Joe Kelly’s run. It was his mix of drama and anguish into the comedy that made Deadpool more engaging to me; not just laughs.

  12. Great cover and crew working on the title, I just think Deadpool is far more interesting when the comedy is dulled down and his stories are edgier and more adult like in the Cable & Deadpool run or his supporting role in Uncanny X-Force. His boots n’ gloves look cool on that cover with the forearm and shin guards though.

  13. Love that cover. Good lord, if Darrow could somehow be a monthly artist I’d buy whatever comic he drew. It could be My Little Pony’s and I’d buy it.

    I’m not gonna put this in my pull bin, but I’m 99.999999% sure that my LCS will have extra copies on the shelf. So I’ll give the first issue a try if anything else.

  14. I’ve been with Way’s run since the beginning. I’ve enjoyed most of it. Now 59+ issues later, I’m hesitant to commit to another Deadpool series so soon. This does sound interesting, so I will at least read the first issue. Hope it turns out better than “Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe”.