Marvel NOW! Can Frank Cho Tame the SAVAGE WOLVERINE?

This January, Logan gets friskier than ever in Marvel Comics‘¬†Savage Wolverine¬†courtesy of that convivial chronicler of curves, Frank Cho. The Liberty Meadows creator is set to both write and draw the series, which ought to look something like this:

Longtime fans of Cho’s bodacious heroines needn’t worry about all this sudden shift toward sharp edges, as Shanna The She-Devil features prominently in this tale. Cho likens Savage Wolverine to an Indiana Jones serial with Logan in the title role and Shanna subbing for Marion Ravenwood. There’s also a bit of a Lovecraftian element as Cho invokes the name of Cthulhu. It sounds like signature Cho, with beautiful warrior women, hulking dinosaurs and a healthy dose of comedy.

Wolverine gets Savage this January.


  1. Will give #1 a chance, but I’m skeptical.

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  3. Keith…Sam Keith? Give him the art PLEASE!

  4. Ugh, that looks horrible. I can’t think of a worse artist for a Wolverine book.
    Well, maybe Greg Land.

  5. I’d prefer more Liberty Meadows…

  6. Is Shanna meant to be an ongoing fixture or just features in the initial arc? Similarly, I wonder if Cho is just signed on for a single arc? This is the new ongoing series replacing Wolverine (volume 4)?

  7. I will give it a try. I’m going to pick up Wolverine Max too.

  8. Sounds fun. I’ll definitely give it a shot.

  9. I’ll probably pick this up for the art, sounds perfect for Cho. But I’ll probably also wait for the trade.

    Is this really being sold as an ongoing though? Even if it isn’t late I assume it’ll need a guest artist eventually. Yet the whole point of the book (aside from filling the Wolverine quota) is that Cho is drawing it. Seems like the perfect candidate for a mini-series.

  10. Savage Wolverine, released bi-annually from Marvel NOW!

  11. Those laces on his boots look silly, and he doesn’t seem very SAVAGE.

  12. I’d prefer to see the over a year ago announced ‘guns and dinos’ series. That preview looked really interresting.

  13. so…no Cho is drawing AND writing? I think I’ll be passing

  14. I generally like Cho…but his Wolverine just does not look right to me…

  15. Are Wolverine’s boots lace ups or pull ups? Where’s the consistency Marvel!

  16. So this story has has a whiff of chuthuku? Don’t tell Josh.

  17. Again I give this three issues before:

    A) Cho has to have someone replace him as artist.
    B) Never going to go past issue three as writer or artist.

    I’m sure Marvel won’t let the ‘B’ route happen cause it’s a relaunch book. But knowing Cho this has no chance of being consistent at all.

  18. Curious if this is this is a Shanna The She-Devil book with Wolverine put in the title to boost sales. It wouldn’t really surprise me, considering all the new books Marvel is churning out…it seems like they’re taking chances with concepts, but are packaging them in familiar boxes (“________ Avengers”).