A few weeks back, our podcast topic wandered (as will happen) to the topic of the hobo, when we landed on the solid gold idea of Marvel Hoboes. That nugget was just sitting out there, waiting to be jumped upon when Sheli Hay once again took up the call.

So this one is just genius.

Marvel Hoboes by Sheli Hay

Shower praise upon Sheli, and then go to her website, and let her entertain you. Also, check out some of her former contributions in the links below.

Oh, and what the heck, here’s one more from the offices across town.

Superman Hobo by Sheli Hay



  1. Oh man! This is so awesome! I was hoping that someone would capitalize. Now we need “Street Toughs” written by Josh Flanagan and drawn by Rob Liefeld!

  2. Aren’t Cloak and Dagger Marvel Hobos?

  3. Marvel Clowns is next.

  4. You guys had to do it. You turned your back on “The Hobo Contingent” is this week’s podcast resorting in some sort of clown worship. Well it’s good to see you come back to your senses!


  5. I think we all need to draw our favorite super hero as a hobo then post it! That’s what I’m talking about!

  6. Apparently, there was a golden-age Atlas book with a hobo for a superhero/main character. It’s out in October in a collected edition. I think that should automatically be Book of the Month.

  7. D-Mans a hobo to right?

  8. Would Ant-Man be the littlest hobo?