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Josh says try…

Stumptown, Vol. 2 #1

By Greg Rucka and Matthew Southworth

If I’ve got to convince you, then maybe you’re just not worth it. That’s right, I said it. What you’ve got here is the product of the talent of Rucka and Southworth, the previous efforts of which netted an Eisner Award. But even without that, what you’ve got is a labor of love, crafted by skill with passion, featuring wonderful characters and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. They had some shipping delays before, because… sometimes it takes a while, but we’re assured that this time out, things will flow much more smoothly. Welcome back, Dex. We have missed you greatly.


Ron says try…


By Jeff Parker & Erika Moen

When Jeff Parker told me the premise of Bucko at a con a couple of years ago, I laughed out loud. The premised as he explained it was an awkward “What would you do?” scenario of “What would you do if you go to a job interview and you really have to go to the bathroom but you find a dead body lying there. Would you go to the bathroom first or go get help?” Once he finished that pitch, he had me and ¬†since then, Bucko has been one of the few webcomics I’ve read on a regular basis. ¬†Erika Moen perfectly cartoons the insane Portland happenings that happen to Parker’s hapless heroes and it’s a ton of fun. If you didn’t read it online, this is definitely worth checking out.


Conor says try…

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters TP (New Edition)

By Mike Grell

Let’s face it, until I’m put in charge of DC Comics we’re never going to get Mike Grell’s legendary run on Green Arrow reprinted. Maybe it’s because the level of violence and nudity would make it a book more appropriate for Vertigo rather than a DCU character who is about to headline a television show on The CW? It’s certainly not because it isn’t awesome, because it is. it’s awesome. Grell’s Green Arrow is one of my all-time favorite series so unless you enjoy back issue hunting, the only taste you’re going to get is the semi-annual new edition of perhaps the most iconic Green Arrow story of all time, The Longbow Hunters.


  1. Stumptown Vol. 1 was excellent. Can’t wait for Vol. 2

  2. WOW! Grell’s Green Arrow is beautiful! Definitely getting it.

  3. Mike Grell was the artist for the re-launch of Green Lantern-Green Arrow in the mid 70s. The series was amazing and one of the reasons I became a lifelong fan of comic books.

  4. You sold me on Stumpdown, but I haven’t read Vol. 1 — I will look for that tomorrow. I want that Green Arrow, but I might have to wait until NYCC…. we’ll see what my willpower says on Wednesday (hint: I would be a terrible Green Lantern)

  5. The Longbow Hunters and Grell’s Green Arrow run was my first exposure to Green Arrow. Read it in 88 or 89 and the first 12 or so of Grell’s ongoing. THAT was Green Arrow to me.

  6. Is volume 2 of Stumptown an ongoing, or is this a miniseries? I want to support this book, and I appreciate that Rucka is making assurances that things will be much better schedule-wise for the second volume, but it wouldn’t be the first time creators have made promises about their book’s shipping schedules that they couldn’t keep (I remember lots of talk about how far ahead Bendis & Oeming were on the latest volume of Powers) and the delays in the first volume of Stumptown really screwed up my reading experience (by the time issue 3 finally came out, I had absolutely no recollection of what was going on). I think I’ll wait to see reviews of this first issue to decide whether to get it now or wait for a trade. I want this book to succeed, but I can’t buy every single book I’d like to support.

    • I feel your pain, but sometimes the only way that these things get a trade is if they sell a certain number of issues. I belive Rucka is writing the series similar to the Hellboy model, where each miniseries acts as a season. I remember that being the pitch originally, and I haven’t heard otherwise.

    • Hey there–

      I totally get your point (I forget what’s going on in a book from month to month, and that’s when it doesn’t have the huge delays we had on Stumptown; plus, I’m a Powers fan and know exactly what you mean), but here’s the story on Stumptown, volume 2:

      The arc is five issues long
      Four of the five issues are complete
      and I’m drawing the fifth one right now.

      So there won’t be the delays we had last time, and hopefully you’ll give us another shot. I’m even prouder of this arc than I was of the first one, so I hope you’ll pick it up. Some pretty nifty things happen in here and you don’t want to miss out…

      Matt Southworth

    • Thanks for the info, Matt. It’s good to know that you’re that far ahead–it sounds like a pretty safe bet to me now. In any event, regardless of whether I pick it up day one, I certainly intend to buy it at some point, as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Rucka’s story and your art. Keep up the good work.

  7. Been waiting for a Grell Collection for some time. Since ARROW is strongly influenced by Grell’s Run here’s hoping that the (hoped for) success of the show will finally get DC off their butts! Grell’s run was 80 issues so just shy of 1800 pages. Would be nice to see it broken up into four volumes.

  8. Longbow Hunters is the what defines Green Arrow for me. Despite the fact that it suffers slightly from the ‘grim’n gritty’ era of comics, it has great art, strong storytelling and is, much to my taste, much more firmly rooted in reality than the throwback stories (re: Silver Age) that have become the current mode du jour.

  9. It goes without saying I’m a Mike Grell fan. Longbow Hunters is the definitive GA story. I probably have about half of Grell’s run in single issues. They’ve been easy enough to find, there are just so many of em.

  10. If you like Portlandia, then you must get bucko.

  11. You fired off some strong endorphins when you dropped Longbow Hunters in the mix. This was a time when i was most in love with comics in that way of your 1st love. Other loves are not less, just different. This comic was not my favourite, but man was it amazing and special. It was also the gateway drug for others like Sable, which led to Tye Badger, Nexus, Grimjack,Dreadstar, Coyote, Mage, E-Man (though that was most likely due to puberty), etc.