Light Week? Try Spaceman #1, Secret Avengers #18, and Daredevil #5

We admit it. There’s no such thing as a light week anymore. Still, there are books out there, and they need recommending. Let’s just get on with it.

Josh says try…

Spaceman #1

By Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso

I’m not sure if you’ll find an artist out there with a more beautiful and characteristic style than Eduardo Risso. I know that if you do find someone, you won’t someone who is partnered so well with a writer as Risso is with Azzarello. These guys did a very long stint on 100 Bullets, and now, after a few diversions, they’re back with a new Vertigo series. I read the preview a little while back, and it’s not what you’d expect, and as I kept going, I got more intrigued simply because of that. If you’re looking for something different, but by some skilled creators, do not miss this $1 offering.

Ron says try…

Secret Avengers #18

By Warren Ellis and David Aja

All of a sudden, Secret Avengers has become one of the books I look forward to the most. With Warren Ellis writing, we’ve finally gotten some good stories, but it’s the art that shines. Previously Jamie McKelvie and Kev Walker have delivered and this week, we get some beautiful David Aja art.  The last time we saw David Aja, it was in Wolverine: Debt of Death and that rocked our world. I expect nothing less here.

Conor says try…

Daredevil #5

By Mark Waid & Marcos Martin

Still haven’t given one of the best, most fun, and most refreshing books on the stands a try? We know you’re out there. Mark Waid’s swashbuckling take on Matt Murdock is a joy to read every month and you’re doing yourself a disservice if you haven’t at least given it a look. Add to that stunning art by Paolo Rivera and (in this issue) Marcos Martin and Daredevil is suddenly a “can’t miss” book again.


  1. Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    Love love love that Spaceman cover.

    Also can’t wait for more Daredevil. I’d spent no time with Matt Murdock before this relaunch(?) and so far I’m loving it. So refreshing to read a superhero book that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

  2. Love both the Spaceman and Daredevil covers. On the other hand, the cover for Secret Avengers is terrible. Just what the hell happened to you, Mr. Cassaday?

  3. It’s not a light week, but I’m really tempted by Spaceman anyway.

  4. What do you know, already getting all three of those! Classy choices.

  5. Ya.. I was mostly looking forward to Hulk and Justice league dark. But these 3 may be the cream of the crop here.

  6. Actually, it is a light week for me, as I am now waiting for the new 52 price drop, two more weeks to go before I start buying new 52 1 month behind. So it’s light this week. I picked up Spaceman #1 on comixology, as it was 99 cents. Kudos to DC for hitting the magic price point that makes it a no brainer. Also picked up Arkham Unchained #2, tie in to Arkham City. Also 99 cents.