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One honest man — just one — exists in the vast criminal corporation known as Roxxon Oil, and Daredevil has to find him before a nightmarish disaster claims the entire Eastern Seaboard!

Can DD get to him in time–or will this issue’s surprise villain get to him first?

Story by Mark Waid
Art by Marcos Martin
Colors by Javier Rodriguez
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Marcos Martin & Bryan Hitch

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.7%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Yay! It’s finally here. The wait is sure worth it though.

  2. Love that cover. Enjoyed this run a lot so far.

  3. What a great series this has turned out to be. One of the few Marvel titles I’m pulling!

  4. This is the only book I buy in print. I wish it was available digitally so I could get it quicker.

  5. Can’t wait for Wednesday!

  6. How enhanced are his senses? Do you think he can feel laser light? Hmmm… That’s odd. It is a lot of photons of the same frequency hitting this spot on my skin.

  7. I really like the fact that this book is 2.99. I don’t read Marvel much, because most of their books are 3.99. This has been a great story so far, and that cover is sweet!

  8. Yay! The best big 2 book currently being published.

  9. I really like this and am seeing it’s not really writing for trade. The story has been seamless and continuous. Very good stuff.

  10. Probably one of the best I’m currently reading.

  11. @everyone: Seriously?

  12. The book is really that good. The Art ist superiorand Waid managed it well to give it a nice old School atmosphere without ignoring the dark and depressing past of the series.
    But what got me on the book in the first place was it’s accessabillity, thats something most Marvel books are lacking. Ehen i decided to get into the MU everything has written Fear itself banners all over and it seemed as if all issues are tied together. I bought Daredevil and the new Cap and now i’m pulling Way more DC books.

  13. I’m fresh back to the CBS – and ifanboy keeps saying great things about daredevil so I want to get on board.
    I’m not sure I can get all 1-4 at my local shop at reasonable prices! lol.

    Do you guys think after issue 6 there will be a TPB??
    Should I just hop in at 5 + however far back I can get?

    • There will definetly be a paperback made soon of this but if anything do yourself a favor and jump on now with this issue and you should be fine

    • I disagree. I recommend waiting for the trade of the first arc purely for monetary reasons. Marvel spits out trades on the quick, so you should be able to jump to issues right after it comes out if you want.

    • Ended up that the variant reprints of 1-4 where still on the front shelf at my comic book shop……… so I caved and bought 1-5. Turned into a ‘heavier’ week than I anticipated!! Thanks for the insights though guys! 🙂

  14. This issue was just a great display of comic booking skill. I really hope the lightswitch makes panels of the week.

  15. Great issue as always.

    +1 for the 30 Rock reference.


  16. Avatar photo Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    Although I’m not really a Marvel guy, it’s been hard to ignore all the praise for DD since the renumbering — so I jumped on.

    Up until the last three pages of this issue it’s been the fun-action-ride that I had been led to expect; no prior knowledge needed, just out-and-out Matt Murdock fun.

    Those last three pages with all the references to Hyrda et al? I suddenly feel out of the loop. Did Marvel drop the ball and alienate a new reader or am I just not following this? I even read it back a couple of times. Honest, guv!

  17. Checked this out in the store (buying the Marvel HC out in Jan/Feb). Great series so far.

  18. The part with Matt turning on the light-switch made me burst out with laughter. Waid is perfect for this book, he totally gets Daredevil. Still loving this excellent book, keep the good times going.

  19. This a great book. Loving it right now. The way they incorporate DD senses is great.

  20. Well dropped in to see the comments to see what all of the hopla is with this book? So, I decided to pick it up this week and the other issues as well.

    Just sayin’,


  21. This really makes me wish that Mark Waid would take over the Avengers line and breathe some new life into it. He seems like a guy who could do for Marvel today what John Byrne did for them in the 80’s

  22. I really like this book but sadly this will be my last issue because of budget reasons. Too many good comics and hard choices have to made. 🙁 dropped.

  23. This series continues to be the most consistent series out right now in terms of how great every issue is

  24. Shouldn’t we have a parade every time this Waid & Co. book comes out?

    What a testament to great comic book making! The story and art creates such a fun environment to experience, with just enough action, story insights and sex appeal to keep any level reader engaged.

    This has got to be at the top of any “Best of” list for 2011.


  25. Liking this series so far. But it hasn’t quite pushed itself to must read for me. Haven’t seen that big twist or whatever that has made me go “Whoa!”

  26. Went and bought all five issues and I must say this was a lot of fun except for this issue which was just a little weak compared to the first four. The stories all felt classic and the art was very classy what a joy, this fifth issue was just a little less exciting for me. I will staying with this series it is fun and has a cool classic feel! The first four issues I give them 4 and this one a 3 but; I loved them all.

    Just sayin, ‘

    • this, like the last issue, IS a little weak when compared to the first 3. i think it might be the art, i like martin and all, but i hope to see rivera next issh. his style reminds me of mazzucchelli. but regardless the series still kicks ass and takes names.

  27. I am loving this series to pieces. Never been a Daredevil fan. Maybe I’m still not. But I am a fan of this art, and the stories are keeping me engaged. Every issue has been gorgeous. I’m a fan.

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