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Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso – the Eisner Award-winning creators of 100 BULLETS – return to Vertigo with a new 9-issue miniseries, kicking off with a debut issue priced at just $1.00!

Set in a post-apocalyptic near future, SPACEMAN tells the story of Orson – a hulking, lonely loser who spends his days collecting scrap metal and dreaming of the startrekking life he was promised.

That is, until he finds himself at the center of a celebrity child kidnapping case. Seeing his chance to be a hero, Orson takes matters into his own hands…but will his actions only cause more heartbreak?


Price: $1.00
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  1. I hope I am not the only person who cannot help but read this title as if the titular character were related to 30 Rock’s Dr. Leo Spaceman.

  2. I was really disappointed with the debut of this in Strange Adventures, but given that I love Azzarello’s Wonder Woman to DEATH I’m giving it a shot. And it’s only a buck.

  3. Azzarello, Risso, Dave johnson’s cover, Mars and all for a buck! What’s not to like?

  4. Wonder Woman made me try this.

  5. Pretty intrested in this

  6. I’ll always be interested in a Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso collab. Hope it’s good.

  7. At that price, there is no reason I am not going to give this a try.

  8. Brain Azz is the MAN. I love the $1 start point so I’m down. Last $1 book DC put out that I got was Sweet Tooth and I’m still a big fan of that series.

  9. @ DRdeez & balsalm hell yea Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso collab & $1 start point = buy!

    and @ the 30 rock fans lol love that show been watchen the reruns and love the show, too early to know what yall talking bout but I will get an extra laugh when I see it thanks.

  10. Also, Azzarello gives the best interviews ever. That dude is hilarious.

  11. Looking forward to something different 🙂 I’m in for a dollar and we’ll go from there. Loved the last two Vertigo minis that I read (Daytripper and Joe the Barbarian)!

  12. I didn’t understand a word of this.

  13. I think I kind of love this, it’s still to early to tell. It took a bit, but I eventually got the hang of the futuristic urban slang Azzarello is using. The book has a real transmetroplitian meets, meets late 80s frank miller with a hint of the umbrella academy feel to me. I’ll be picking up the next issue for sure.

  14. the slang or whatever you want to call it made this a frustrating read. i had no idea what people were talking about. i could pick out some things, but most of it didn’t make sense.

  15. I have nothing but confidence in Brian Azzarello’s ability to tell an amazing story. This first issue certainly raises a lot of interesting questions, I’m looking forward to see how he explores this world and unravels the story.

  16. this sucked, no idea what they were talking about, the art was fine and only reason i gave it 2 stars

  17. Its a good thing i only paid a dollar for this

  18. I am not exactly sure where I stand just yet. But I am interested to read more so it did its job. The slang was kind of difficult but towards the end I felt it was getting easier to discern to me. I’m sure with a few issues it’ll be like reading an English accent or Legion slang (as I duck to avoid thrown rocks for a Legion reference on i Fanboy). Actually, I think once the slang is not so jarring this book will be great. I should go read the first issue again.

  19. :/ Flipped through it and decided not to pick it up…

  20. Don’t know what I just read

  21. Was the slang really that complicated?

    lol = funny (just like on the internet)

    brain = think

    okee = ok

    cut = stop

    zee = sleep

    Aside from all of that, the plot was straight-up noir, with an “danger during planetary exploration” sci fi back story.

    • Say? Noir? How say?

    • Yeah, I really didn’t have a hard time with the slang and thought this was a killer first chapter.

      Maybe there are a lot of folks who’ve never read A Clockwork Orange or Trainspotting?

    • No it wasn’t that complicated, but I find i really can’t follow the story when I’m having to read the same dialogue over and over again to figure out what the characters are saying. Azzarello likes to use slang, he used it a lot in 100 Bullets. And while a think it worked there it just confused this issue for me… The art was great though.

  22. It was odd, but interesting. I want to know more about Orson; I’ll check the next issue.

  23. The art was a 5, the story was a 0. I just felt that the writing style was trying too hard to be smart, but it kinda came off as deliberately obtuse. It was a chore to read and i’m just not interested in that.

    The art was seriously brilliant. Loved the lettering on the opening page.

  24. That was such a fantastic read. Sometimes a little hard to follow, because of the futuristic writing style. A lot of story was set up and then the art… amazing really. And all that for just a dollar, 25 pages! 5/5

  25. Am I the only one who got the impression that Orson only thinks he’s a Spaceman? I thought that was all a drug-induced hallucination.

    Re slang dialog: I actually read parts of this to a 15 year and he says that’s how his classmates talk. Could be that Azz is writing a story about the next generation?

    • So perhaps this connects with a certain audience who is more wired into the younger generation’s pulse? I don’t know. Probably won’t try the next issue. Don’t think it’s for me.

      Love Azz’s Wonder Woman though!

    • Yeah I got that too. He took some of that liquid drug stuff and then all the spaceman stuff started happening, and finding the girl.

  26. A great start and a very intriguing world. The slang was easy to follow and very refreshing.

  27. i loved this. i had to read certain parts a few times, but thats ok. i like to figure things out like puzzles. im on board

  28. dope

  29. The slang didn’t throw me but the jumping in the narrative’s time-line chronology did. It stopped me from really getting pulled into the story. I honeslty didn’t love it…

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