Your stack is weak? Your stack is weak? You’re weak!


Josh says try…

Avengers #25

By Brian Michael Bendis & Walt Simonson

Walt Simonson is a living comic book legend, and to my mind, a direct link to the work of Jack Kirby, as he spans comic book creator generations, with one foot in the best of the past, and one in the best of the present. I haven’t been very interested in the Avengers of late, but this is a surefire way to get me back in. Walt makes pages come alive, and working with a master like Simonson should only bring about the best from Bendis.


Ron says try…

Fear Agent Volume 6: Out of Step

By Rick Remender, Mike Hawthorne, Tony Moore & John Lucas

We’ve raved about Fear Agent, we praised the final issue and now those of you who have been waiting for the end of the story in trade paperback, you can finally see what all the hub bub is all about. One of the most elegant endings to a series with some of Remender’s strongest storytelling along with excellent art by Mike Hawthorne and Tony Moore. And for you Jerome Opena fans, the cover of the trade is a beautiful thing.


Conor says try…

Supergirl #8

By Michael Green, Mike Johnson, George Pérez, Bob Wiacek, Dave McCaig, & John Hill

George Pérez is guest penciling. There you go. (And this book is already lots of fun.)


  1. Finally! it felt like forever waiting for that fear agent trade.

    • Oh snap! Didn’t realize this was being released and completely missed it in my pre-order 3 months ago… have to drop by the shop and pick it up… ugh, full retail price…

  2. Having George Perez on Supergirl gives me a reason not to pick up that issue. His art on Superman was just so bad. Mahmud Asrar was the main reason I was reading the book…

  3. Cannot wait for the Fear Agent Omnibus!!!

    And I can’t believe Marvel sucked me back into avengers using walt simonson, those bastards

    • Same here, can’t wait for the omnibus. Is it going to be a hardcover or a paperback?

    • If I remember correctly, I think they’re going to package them the same way they’re doing the B.P.R.D. collections. It should be 2 HCs with 3 trades in each one with pieces from Tales of the FEAR Agent trade spread across the 2 volumes. I think both Remender and Dark Horse will give these a great treament.

    • Waiting for the Compendium, myself. Give me it all under one cover. I’ll pick up the trade while I Compendium-wait.

  4. It is sad the Supergirl and Superboy are the best Super titles available right now, both action comics and superman were pretty big let downs.

  5. Kinda bummed that Asrar isn’t drawing Supergirl. Perez is a master, but Asrar has been drawing the hell out of that book.

  6. Also, go get some Ragemoor action with Richard Corben!

  7. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I dunno. I think it belittles Simonson to call him a direct line to Kirby. Not to put Kirby down either. But Simonson has a lot going for him besides any Kirby influence.

  8. Light week? I wish!

    If it was I might still be getting Supergirl.

    btw, great picks this week, guys. Good stuff.

  9. My stack is as strong as it’s ever been and that’s mainly because of the comics I’m not subscribed to but am buying this Wedensday. I’m buying The Avengers #25 because of my goal to try and get all books that tie into AvX.