Light Week? Try A-BABIES Vs. X-BABIES #1, B.P.R.D. 1948 #1, or THE NEW AVENGERS #31!

What do you think the Devil is going to look like if he’s around? Nobody is going to be taken in if he has a long, red, pointy tail. No. I’m semi-serious here. He will look attractive and he will be nice and helpful and he will get a job where he influences a great God-fearing nation and he will never do an evil thing… he will just bit by little bit lower standards where they are important. Just coax along flash over substance… Just a tiny bit. And he will talk about all of us really being salesmen. And he’ll get all the great comics.

Ron says try…

A-Babies Vs. X-Babies #1

By Skottie Young & Gurihiru

I don’t know what it is about these damn babies. In the 1990s, we had babes in comics, but now in the 2010s, we get babies and they’re just so damn cute. I have to give Marvel credit, nothing breaks the tension after a multiple months long, heavy event than some light hearted humorous fun. Add in some cute babies wearing super hero costumes and you’ve got all the amusement you need this week.


Josh says try…

B.P.R.D. 1948 #1

By Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, Max Fiumara, and Dave Stewart

The two prior minis were great, and there’s no way I’m missing this third installment on the history of the Bureau. With Max Fiumara of Four Eyes and Amazing Spider-Man getting colored by Dave Stewart, it’s gonna be a visual feast for sure, plus Mignola and Arcudi are guaranteed gold. Yes, I’m playing to type, but I’m genuinely excited about this series’ return.


Conor says try…

The New Avengers #31

By Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos, & Rain Beredo

Even though I am strongly of the feeling that The New Avengers ended perfectly at the end of the first volume, I find myself unable to resist, this, Bendis’ final arc. This is the book that Bendis and co. used to turn the Marvel Universe on its head and make it an Avengers world that we’re all just living in reading about. Even though I have gotten a bit bored with the Avengers books over the last year or so it seems appropriate now to jump back on as Bendis takes his ride into the sunset.


  1. Hey Conor,
    What is the end of the first volume? Is that around the time of Secret Invasion / Dark Reign? Curious what story you were talking about.


  2. he is referring to the fact that the series “ended” with issue #64 (right after Siege crossover) and a Finale issue before rebooting the numbering for the current volume (that started with the Heroic Age and renumbering of all things Avengers). It did have a sort of nice finality to it.

  3. I wish Scottie Young was doing the interiors and not just the cover

  4. I”m picking up X-babies and BPRD. Should be good fun.

  5. Josh, making a triumphant return to New Avengers! That’s the news of the week

  6. Just realized that New Avengers hss the ALIAS team on it.

  7. I’m pretty sure A-Babies vs X-Babies doesn’t drop until next week.


    It looks like it’s coming out on the 17th, but we will see tomorrow

  9. I have been buying the hardcover editions of BPRD…I have three I believe. Will this story likely be collected in something like that? And with the third collection, how far behind am I in BPRD?

    • These minis will probably be collected in a hardcover at some point. The 4th HC finishes the War of Frogs and comes out next month. I wouldn’t worry too much though. These history series tend to be pretty new reader friendly, and since they take place in the past, a missed easter egg here or there shouldn’t deter your enjoyment. I haven’t read BPRD in issues, only the HCs, but I’ll probably pick these up.