Let’s Hear It For The Boys! Dick Grayson in NIGHTWING #1; Jason Todd in RED HOOD & THE OUTLAWS #1; Tim Drake in… um…

Earlier, the girls got their say. Now, it’s the boys’ turn.


Nightwing #1 written by Kyle Higgins with art by Eddy Barrows


Red Hood and The Outlaws #1 written by Scott Lobdell with art by Kenneth Rocafort


The obvious thing here would be a lack of any announcement about a book featuring Tim Drake. It would be supremely ballsy to excise him from the DCU. In the past I might have said it would be too crazy to not have him in the DCU, but with Damian Wayne as Robin, Dick Grayson back as Nightwing, and Jason Todd as the n’er do well son running around as Red Hood, is there really a place left for Tim? Not all of the books have been announced yet, so there’s still a chance Tim will show up… somewhere. Also of note: Starfire is the first female superhero we’ve seen to not have pants.


  1. Arsenal has his arm back. Does this mean he never freebased off an iPad, or beat people with a deadcat? Does his sexy time no longer require pharmaceutical aid? If so, then I am done with DC!

  2. Any chance Tim is the Red Hood?

  3. I hope they find a place for Tim. I’d hate to lose him.

    Are you sure Starfire isn’t wearing pants? Her knee is covered in that image. I don’t see any bare leg.

  4. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong

  5. @LucasEwalt  No, he’s Jason Todd.

  6. …Or Tim as Nightwing?

  7. *frown*

  8. @LucasEwalt  No, Nightwing is Dick Grayson.

  9. I hope they don’t write tim off, it would be the ultimate ballsy move to write of a character that that a generation grew up with and defined a new era of teen sidekicks… 

  10. Hmmmmm…  I still say that that we should give up on Tim Drake having his own title.  Stay tuned, Bat-fans, it’s not over yet.

  11. I read “Every former Robin who gets his own book please step forward” over on twitter and got excited, thinking Stephanie was getting a book after all. Guess I should’ve paid more attention to the pronoun.

  12. @stuclach  There’s a hint of orange leg to the lower right of Arsenal’s right hand.

  13. I doubt they’re writing him off. He may not have his own title is all.

    But if they are writing him off, the better for me because I’ve never really liked him.  Now if only that crowbar would Jason in the face again… 

  14. Well balls, Tim was my favorite Robin…

  15. @LucasEwalt  – Red Hood was announced as Jason Todd. They’re trying to piggy back on the cartoon’s success.

  16. Batman Beyond vibe coming from Dick there. I like the look.

  17. I seriously doubt that DC would give Jason Todd his own book, but not Tim Drake.

  18. Possible that Tim Drake is in the Teen Titans?  Has that lineup been announced?

  19. like the look of Nightwing. Difficult to mess up red on black. 

  20. @iSteve  I am not saying Tim definitely won’t get a book (though it’s looking less and less likely) but the success of the Red Hood DVD movie was cited as one reason why Jason Todd/Red Hood has a book.

  21. I got money on Tim being Red Robin in Teen Titans. It would make sense for him to be on that team, but with DC common sense has seem to fly out the window.

  22. They should of made Jason dead again and given Tim his own book!!!!!

  23. OOh ooh i know tim can be the new oracle, since ya know that job is open. *rolls eyes*

  24. I hope Nightwing is back in Bludhaven.

    It always seemed weird that he sort of abandoned that place.

  25. I’d rather have the good Red Arrow on the JLA, but tough-psycho-antihero seems like a better place to have Roy than straight-out villain in a Deathstroke team.

    It’s kind of cool having one of the original Teen Titans gone kind of evil, isn’t it? 

  26. Seriously?  Todd gets a book but Tim doesn’t?  Thats just ridiculous.  Disillusioned.  I am it.

    I’m excited about Nightwing and all…but…TIM.

  27. @conor  I think that’s her hair

  28. @ericmci  He abandoned it after it was nuked by Chemo and became too toxic for anyone to live in.

  29. I will say this, I’ll at least be checking out the Red Hood series mostly for Kenneth Rocafort. ok it’s all because of him, ya got me.

  30. Something in the solicit for Red Robin #26 (August) leads me to be hopeful.


    If they cancel Red Robin I’ll be sad, but the Red Hood book will be a welcome salve …

  31. Man!! I love Eddy Barrows. He is going to kill on Nightwing.  I liked Higgins writting on Gates of Gotham (granted it’s one issue in).  I really would hate to see Tim get written off entirely.  The Outsiders with Jason Todd?  I’m interested.  Odd that Jason has a Bat symbol on his chest.

  32. Interesting that all the Batman sidekicks are going Red.

    I’m thinking we’ll have an announcement soon for “Red Robin and the Outsiders #1” and a solo “Red Robin #1” or “Red Robin and Batgirl (or Spoiler) #1”

  33. Oop. I mean The Outlaws. Not Outsiders.

  34. Okay I take my statement back in a previous thread, I might look into two bat books. I am interested in Red Hood. We shall see though

  35. Red Robin #1 written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by JOCK …

  36. so Nightwing  get  a grade D artists, usually utilized for fill-ins and one-shots and a nobody writer like the dam old days 

  37. I can’t even convey how angry I’ll be if Tim gets squeezed out.

  38. @fx434  Kyle HIggins is currently writing Batman: Gates of Gotham and there are many people who like Eddy Barrows (including me).

  39. A DC universe without Tim is not a DC Universe I want to live in.  Who will overthink things neurotically and try really hard to not be Bruce Wayne/Batman, but eventually become Bruce Wayne/Batman??

  40. Eddie Barrows ain’t D list, he’s great.

  41. My spelling, however, is not.

  42. Tim Drake is the Peter Parker of the DCU.

  43. @conor  I thought that was part of Arsenal’s arm.  Popeye style forearms are all the rage.

  44. Even though we can still read Dick in Nightwing, I’m going to miss the prominence he had in the Batman franchise as the dark knight, himself.

  45. If there is no Tim Drake book, I’ll be very disappointed with DC and let them know each day with a letter page through the site.  We’ll see what the rest of the new #1s are, but so far, I haven’t been too impressed with where this all-new DCNu is going, almost disappointed.

  46. Why is Arsenal wearing a baseball cap?

  47. I wonder if there will be a Titans/Teen Titans team with maybe Tim and Stephanie Brown.   That would be great,

  48. I also meant to add that I’ll pick up Red Hood and the Outlaws.

  49. that cover for red hood is awesome

  50. both these book look great.The last Batman inc eluded to Red Robin and the Outsiders so I think that’s where Tim might show up. So far I have 11 extra DC books I want to try with still more to be announced.

  51. Jeff Reid Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Didn’t DC try to make Jason Todd an antihero before in Countdown and didn’t people seem to think that it didn’t work? I wonder how they’ll address that this time.

  52. I remember the days when the Nightwing solo title was amazing, i really hope that this new one will be good

  53. @JeffR  It didnt work in Countdown because Countdown was really bad.

  54. I hate what they have don to Roy Harper.  Bring him back as Speedy or make him Red Arrow again.  D#@$ DC

  55. Tim will probably show up in Teen Titans #1.

  56. Definetely picking both these up, I love Nightwing and have been waiting for him to come out with a new ongoing since I got into comics.

    As for Red Hood, the combo of Lobdell and Rocafort excites me in a book I may would’ve passed on. 

  57. I really can’t see how Tim Drake isn’t going to be in Teen Titans or something. So far DC hasn’t done away with just about anybody. Can’t see why they’d single out Drake.

  58. I didn’t follow Roy into Titans, so I am not sure, but how did his arm get fixed?

  59. Well if the rumor of Fabian Nicieza, Red Robin’s current writer, writing Teen Titans is true then it’s more than likely the book we’ll see Tim in. Also, I want Dick to still be Batman, but I have high hopes for this and strangely enough Red Hood.

  60. Soooo… they’re REALLY rebooting an entire universe? Huh.

  61. Oooo…Rocafort on art duties.  May check that one for artist cred alone.  It’s disappointing with still no word on Tim, but all of these look intriguing.


  63. Maybe there never was a Tim Drake. HMM?

  64. well they’ve announced some general titles, Green Lantern books, and then Batman books, so I’m curious if tomorrow will be the miscellaneous character/Team book day.  Then they can save Superman for the last day of announcements.

  65. OR maybe Tim Drake IS Red Hood!

  66. Is..is that a bat symbol on Red Hood’s costume? Smack in the face to Bruce, or official Batman, Inc. sanction?

  67. I only know Jason Todd from reading Bat Books from the past two years, “Death in the Family” and “Nightwing: Year One.”

    Has Jason ever been anything but a prick? I know my exposure to him is pretty limited, but is there anything redeemable about the character? 

  68. Man, so much doomsaying. Let me put your minds to rest:

    1) Tim Drake was shown being introduced to the Outsiders as his new team, in Batman Inc
    2) Just because we haven’t heard an announcement yet doesn’t mean the book doesn’t exist – there are a lot of spots still to fill
    3) Plans are probably still in flux to an extent anyway
    4) Even if he doesn’t get his own book right now, I can absolutely guarantee that at some point in the next couple of years, some creatively-dead writer or editor is gonna want to goose sales of his dying book by re-introducing a fan favorite…and Tim will reappear.
    5) If nothing else, I’m sure there will be mini-series. 

  69. Also, it’s cool that Deadpool is getting a DC book as well

  70. Eh, I’ll trade these in trades when the time comes. Shame Dick couldn’t be Batman for just a little bit more….But nice to see Rocafort get more work at DC.

  71. I would actually consider reading a Red Hood book. That looks kinda cool.

    Also, although it looks like a bit of orange thigh, are you sure that’s not some highlight off the bow or part of dude’s forearm? 

  72. @conor  Don’t you think that Dick going back to Nightwing is like being demoted to the minors? He was Batman! And a good one. Sigh. I’ll read this because i like Dick Grayson, but damn.

  73. i don’t know kenneth rocafort but i love that cover.where can i see more of his work?

  74. @RahUniQue  He was Batman before, too, and he historically never wanted to be Batman anyway.

  75. They got Scott Lobdell out from whatever rock he was under? His X-Men was not good, and thats being nice, so I’m not expecting much from this either.

  76. Can we at least assume Tim will be on a team book if he doesn’t have his own title? The Outsiders, mayhap? I’ll settle for some sort of Titans themed book if nothing else.

  77. Also, I love how they threw the crowbar in at the bottom of the Red Hood cover.

  78. @Cormac: Deadpool is getting a DC book? Sweet! Is it a crossover with Marvel? Sign me up!

  79. Since Kenneth Rocafort is the artist , I will getting it. (Top Cow fans know what I am talking about )

  80. THANK GOD THEY FIXED TODD! I have been raging ever since they basterdized what Jason could, and should, have become (in my opinion of course). If they go out and make Todd and his group into the Punisher-esque anti-heroes the DCU needs, then I am okay with that. That being said, as of right now, Tim Drake is the only reason I’m not a solely Marvel reader, and if they put him on the wayside, it’s gonna hurt. He was shaping up to be better than Bruce could ever be, and to shaft him like this, is just wrong.

  81. @cahubble09  He was making fun of Hood’s costume.

  82. @therodfather: You say that as if you think I really believed Deadpool would be appearing in a DC book … ;P

  83. Yeah she’s absolutely wearing pants. You can see a tiny sliver of purple upper thigh next next to some of Arsenal’s hair on the left of the picture

  84. I think the big end of Issue 10 of batman Inc will end with something Happening to Tim. getting seriously injured or dying. I’m going with the former, and he become the new oracle. The red Dick is wearing may be a homage to him.

    Just a thought.

  85. @WeaklyRoll

    If that post-Blackest Night “dead is dead” idea remains in place, I really hope Tim isn’t killed. I like the Tim as Oracle idea.

  86. Not a big fan of Lobdell but i’ll be buying the Jason Todd book just for Rocafort’s art.

  87. I was really hoping for Tomasi on Nightwing so he could continue his excellent run with the character that was tragically cut short with R.I.P.

    I hope this doesn’t mean Dick is going to fade into obscurity again.  He’s been such a major player in the DCU over the past few years and I’d be very disappointed to see him shuffled off to the side and forgotten. 

  88. They seem to be trying to simplify the DCnU, so if there’s only only Batman there should only be one Robin. I’m half-expecting Tim to have a new alter-ego, since ‘Red Robin’ seems to close to Robin. There are plenty of other birds to pick from. 🙂

  89. One note on team balance, re:the Outlaws – Red Hood, no powers, good with guns. Arsenal, no powers, good with bow and arrow (among other weapons). Starfire – much greater than normal human strength, flight, fires bolts of energy from her hands. 

    ….and who’s the leader ?

    Sorry, having problems with Kory being in this group – doesn’t feel right to me from either a character or team balance POV.

  90. @usagi  Batman has no powers and has lead the Justice League

  91. @micahmyers Yes, but he’s Batman. 🙂

    Ok, I didn’t mean to say Starfire should lead because she has more power, I just don’t see her following these other two around. Plus she doesn’t really fit the Batman-esque model, how can you sneak through the shadows when one of your teammates has hair that’s on fire ?

  92. @usagi  The same way you sneak through the shadows with a brighty coloured sidekick 😉

  93. @usagi  Captain America leads the avengers even though Thor can smash a hole in a mountain and Iron Man can fly around the world and go toe to toe with the hulk.

  94. @LukeB, RoiVampire Not to point out the obvious, but this ain’t the Avengers, or the JLA, or even the Teen Titans. We’re not going to see Red Hood & The Outlaws vs. Amazo (although that would be an entertaining 3 page comic).  This is, or at least should be, a street-level series where the capes are fighting crime, not super-powered crazies. That’s always been the Red Hood’s MO, and always should be. I can see Arsenal fitting in to that. I don’t think the flying girl with the burning hair fit in with that at all, and that’s speaking as a Starfire/Teen Titans fan from way back. Is she going to go undercover ? Hide in the shadows to watch the deal go down ? Sorry but I just don’t see it.  This reeks of a character that had to have a home being wedged in.

    That said, I’m pulling #1 to give Scott Lobdell a shot, but I’m putting it on a 3-issue leash.

  95. is it just me, or does Arsenal look 16 again on that cover???  

  96. I am sooooooooo glad Dick didn’t get removed from the bat-verse. People are crazy with this “Tim better not get the axe”! It’s Richard mother f*$@in Grayson!!!

  97. My comic shop guy made me laugh today by saying: “So is Red Hood and the Outlaws the book dedicated to red-haired characters? Is Jimmy Olsen going to join the team, too?” – I hadn’t noticed until then.

  98. Wow I love the new look

  99. I’m really hoping that DC takes the advice of this guy and uses the relaunch as an opportunity for Dick Grayson to start going by Rich, Rick, Richie, Ricky or just straight-up Richard.

    If this relaunch is really about streamlining the DCU for a new modern audience, someone at DC has to have raised the point that NO ONE under the age of about 50 named Richard (and particularly not a 20-something) willingly lets people call them “Dick” in 2011 in the U.S.

    I can get behind a lot of suspension of disbelief, but let’s leave “Dick” Grayson in the 1960s where he belongs.


  100. I wonder the significance of the color red is too the new DCU ?? It appears to be everywhere on these new costumes. 

  101. What’s up with Tim??? All the Latino American community wanna know. 
    Personally, I’m a big fan of Jason. I’m so happy that he have his own series.
    Jason Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. @dimix3  Tim is right here.

  103. Nightwing is the only robin I’m not picking up. I wouldn’t pick up red hood either, but KENNETH freakin’ ROCAFORT is artist!

    I wish they could’ve put him on someone else. Seeing his art on New Guardians would be GORGEOUS.

    I hope he stays with DC for years to come.