Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson, Alex Ross and ASTRO CITY Return in June From DC Comics


Astro City #1 (2013) cover by Alex Ross

In some of the best news we’ve read in a while, this morning storied comic book writer Kurt Busiek talked to MTV Geek about the return of Astro City as a new on-going series for DC Comics!

Astro City is the story of the denizens of the titular town, both superpowered and normal. It exists in its own universe using its autonomy to examine the superhero genre and to tell the kind of small stories that are almost impossible to tell in DC and Marvel comics these days. For this new on-going series, the gang is back together and Astro City #1 written by Kurt Busiek with art by Brent Anderson and covers by Alex Ross will hit stores in June.

You should clickthrough to read the whole interview but here are some highlights:

On what the new series will be:

It’ll be an ongoing monthly, open-ended series. Since there isn’t a single ongoing lead character or team, it’s not really a case of the series following a particular set of adventures — we’ll be exploring the people of the city and the superhero genre, as before, and seeing what kind of stories we can tell that you just can’t get anywhere else, stories ranging from a day in the life of a sorcerer’s assistant to the ongoing relationship between Samaritan and Winged Victory, and more. We have plans to visit other planets, to reveal more about Astro City’s past, to explore the life of super-powered people who never chose to become heroes or villains, and lots more. I even intend to finally get to my talking gorilla story, and the one about the group of former kid sidekicks who get an old crime-mobile from the 40s working and head out on a road trip as they try to figure out what to do with their adult careers.

On why it’s coming back now:

[After a prolonged illness] I started getting more productive late last year, and we finally reached the combination of (a) having enough finished issues in the drawer and (b) producing new stuff on a steady basis that we all felt secure in putting the book on the schedule. We’ve got a whole bunch of material done, and Brent and Alex have been doing stunning stuff — so I’m eager to get it out into the hands of readers and see what they think.

On whether or not it will be part of the DC Universe:

Astro City takes place in its own reality, not part of anyone else’s universe, same as it has been from the start. As I like to say, if I want to do a crossover, the Astro City crew can always make up both sides of it. So while we’ll be under the DC imprint, we won’t be part of the DC Universe.

Astro City first debuted in 1995 at Image Comics and was published in various forms, and in fits and starts, over the course of 15 years through Image, Homage Comics, and DC’s Wildstorm imprint. It is one of our all-time favorite series and it was plagued by delays, due mostly to Kurt Busiek’s chronic health concerns, with the last series, The Dark Age, only managing 16 issues over five years. With its spotty publication history in mind, we will keep our fingers crossed that this new monthly will actually be that, because we can think of nothing better than returning to Astro City on a regular basis.

If you want to see some unbridled gushing over Astro City, check out this show from 2009:



  1. Wa-hoo!

  2. This is fantastic news. I got the first trade of the original mini series and it was amazing. This is so on my pull list.

  3. When people ask me what’s my favorite comic book series, I always say “Astro City”. I was starting to worry that I might have to change the “is” to “was “.

  4. HUZZAH!

  5. Glad to see the series back. I hope Busiek and crew maintained all the rights to their material.

  6. Finally, I’ve kept checking the DC website to see when this would finally be returning & at last a series I truly love is back!

  7. FINALLY! This series has always been in my top 10 of all-time best books, even when it wasn’t being published.

    I wonder if this means DC will do an omnibus of previous material. Some of the hardcovers which broke up the second series are out of print.

  8. Yeah! About flamin’ time!

  9. I really liked Astro City a lot up until the most recent series. Maybe it was the issues coming out late but something wasnt right about that last mini? or ongoing or whatever it was? Ill give it one more chance though. I certainly can understand how K busiek’s health can be a big factor here. I wasnt aware that he had issues. If you dont have your health what do you have? Not much. Frankly i was kind of wondering where he disappeared to.

  10. I’m so happy… :’)

  11. I just hope we can have a couple of more stories about the New Confessor and hopefully his newly appointed altar boy. Oh god i hope so.

  12. This is very cool news. Love, love, love this book.

  13. Looks like I need to hurry up and finish the rest of the series then, and maybe make some more room in my wallat…

  14. WOW,,,I been rereading my Astro City Graphics novels the last couple of weeks…very cool news.

  15. I love Astro City and so does my daughter! Thrilled to have it back!

  16. Sweet, time to catch up! I’ve only read through Astro City: Confession

  17. I’m a big fan of Busiek’s work, yet, somehow, this series has always remained on my “someday, someday” reading list. Sounds like I should start catching up soon . . .

  18. I actually been thinking a lot about Astro city lately like a good 40 hours of thinking. I was just wondering since Astro city was a creator owned series does that mean kurt can bring the series to any other company he wanted to? Sorta how liefeld did with his creations when he had his problems with image. I’m guessing since DC is publishing this he has a good relationship with the company. I’m just wondering since DC is publishing it now is it theirs or is it still Kurt’s? I think it’s still Kurt’s.

  19. when Kurt Busiek is on his game, he is as good as any body.

    can’t wait .

  20. Awesome! The new Rucka/ Lark series and new Astro City in the same month? Man, can I not wait for June!

  21. That video is nice, but who’s the guy in the middle? Where’s Paul?

  22. YES! It’s great to hear some awesome news.

  23. This was the best superhero series of the 90s along with Starman. First three trades are just unstoppable.

  24. This reminds me I need to start reading more Astro City. I got the first trade of it at NYCC and loved the hell out of it. Then again it sounds like this series is like that first trade and aren’t connected to anything major. Might give this a shot then and catch up ala Jonah Hex.

  25. Looks like my monthly pull list just got a little bit longer. I didn’t even know about Astro City until I started going through all the old on-the-couch discussion videos (you guys really need to bring those back, they were awesome), but it’s become one of my favorites. Seeing the Samaritan on the front page was as pleasant a surprise as I’ve had in a while.

  26. One of my all-time favorite books! I just let a co-worker borrow the trades last week.