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Comics and the Uncanny Valley

Real or unreal? That is the question. Why photorealistic art can make the experience of reading a comic a bit uncanny.

The Best of the Week in Covers – 06.05.2013

Spared no expense.

The Best of the Week in Covers – 05.29.2013

Superman hates chains SO MUCH!

Interview: Kurt Busiek on Returning to ASTRO CITY

The writer takes us on a tour of where Astro City is, and where it’s going.

Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson, Alex Ross and ASTRO CITY Return in June From DC Comics

You’ve had three years off, Samaritan, time to get back to work!

You Tell Us: Who is Your Definitive Batman Artist? [Update]

Who drew YOUR Batman?

The Best of the Week in Covers – 01.09.2012

Secrets of the ooze revealed!

iFlashback! November 19th, 2003

It was a big week for Superman nine years ago in comics. Come and check out what was on the stands at you local comic shop back in 2003.

Advance Review: THE HIGH COST OF HAPPILY EVER AFTER by Jim Krueger & Zach Brunner

Jim Krueger tells the story of a fairy tale gone wrong.

The Best of the Week in Covers – 10.24.2012

Cootchie. Cootchie. Covers.