Kick-Ass Teaser Trailer


Submitted for your approval, a very colorful and…remarkably blood-and-gristle-free…teaser trailer for 2010’s Kick-Ass movie. It’s Millar time. Or is it?

I was waiting for the jarring transition from Disney Channel original movie gloss to visceral Tarantino slip’n’slide, but it never quite happened. A little anemic perhaps, but it’s just the teaser, right?

Also, is it just me or can you not separate that song from Freaks and Geeks either?


  1. That actually looks really fun.

  2. It’s a nice trailer. Feels enough like the comic but at the same time I agree a little hint of the gore might be nice too.

  3. Yikes!

  4. I saw a screening last week (spoiler-free review at and there is no way they could show the amount of visceral, but awesome, gore this film contains. Stoked that it seems like Bad Reputation is indeed licensed b/c the scene it goes with is flat out amazing and the music is perfect. This movie is seriously great and I have no qualifiers. It’s one of my favorites…period.

  5. Make the goddamn comic!! 

    and Hit man looks waaaay too much like Owl Man.  

  6. Don’t want to give the impression that I’m blood-thirsty. I just don’t know that this trailer even remotely hints at what the film actually is. Kick-Ass is an R rated movie and, title aside, the movie being promoted here almost looks like a family film. 

  7. @Paul: You’re right, it doesn’t quite feel like the Kick-Ass of Millar. I’m assuming they’re trying to go as broad as possible with the appeal of this trailer. The more people they make curious now the better the ticket sales will be.

    I’ll still go see it, even if Nicholas Cage is in it.

  8. @Paul – I dunno.  I think the R is implied.  A dude does take a header into a car from about 40 stories up.  Doesn’t really say ‘family film’ to me.

    Having never read the comics, I have nothing to compare this to.  It seems… okay.  Maybe like a harder version of MYSTERY MEN.  I’ll wait until the full trailer before I can make a more informed opinion. 

  9. GREAT! makes me think about how stupid comics are. FANTASTIC!

  10. This actually looks like a lot more fun than I would have expected.

  11. I’m there.

  12. I’ve got mixed feelings about this but the trailer looks ok.

  13. For a teaser I was very pleased.

  14. Looks promising but the kids look too old.

  15. nooooooooooo why did they change the opening music?????? it was so perfect!!!!!!!!

  16. Sold.

  17. I hope nicholas cage gets whats coming to him

  18. "Who am I? I’m Spider-Man" Dude, Dave Liszewski totally sounds like Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker to me.

  19. That was hardly fucked up at all, was it?

  20. Based solely on the trailer, I’d call this something I want to see.

    Of course, everything I know about this book suggests the trailer is wildly deficient. In the end, the viewers will have to let me know.

  21. The comic sucks, but I trust Matthew Vaughn to direct it above the level of Mark Millar’s bullshit.

  22. This trailer, coupled with the knowlege that it will also be a ridiculously violent gore fest just seems awesome. Totally agree, freaks and geeks, but it seems they might be going for a little bit of that vibe on purpose. Excited!

  23. The colors and lighting for this looks just beautiful. The Sky High comparision is dead on, but I really liked how that film looked too (honestly, I just liked the film. What a good movie, and Kurt Russel entertains me to no end). Cosmetics look pretty faithfully pulled from the comic though.

     Vaughn has done no wrong (so far), I enjoy the comic for what it is and the test footage bootleg from ComicCon was great. I’m really looking forward to this.

  24. Is this movie gonna be rated R? Cuz that had a very PG-13 vibe to it.

  25. This looks like it’s going to be great.  All of the word-of-mouth I’ve been hearing from people who’ve seen test screenings has been very positive as well.

     I didn’t think the trailer was very R-rated, but not really a family film either.  The opening shot of the guy taking a nose dive into a car, and the gun use didn’t seem all that family-friendly to me.

  26. This looks good; I hope people will who see this will go pick up the trade…if it’s out by then.

  27. That’s what i like to call an "angler fish" trailer. "Oohh look at the pretty light…let me get a closer loo.."<wham> blood in the water. If the movie turns out half as violent as the book theres gonna be a bunch of pissed off soccer moms out there. They should cut (no pun intended) a trailer that is a little more reflective of the movie as a whole. One that doesn’t scream "Fun for the whole family!" Then again, maybe they shouldn’t. I kinda like it when the "veal farmer" parents get their panties in a twist.

  28. I just love the fact that the kid who played mclovin is playing the red mist. I’m very excited about this film.

  29. i wanna read the comic first. Have they released a trade it yet?

  30. I like it. As a teaser it does a nice job setting up the premise, and the violence is definitely implied. That little head-tilt by Hit Girl at the end is blood chilling though.

    They should release the red band trailer. Now THAT was fantastic!

    With this and Scott Pilgrim, we may have a very good year in 2010!

  31. @Stepho – no – the last issue hasn’t come out yet. 

    For what it’s worth, I think the trailer is playing up more of the (extremely) dark humor of the series by contrasting it with the up-beat, ‘family’ film feel. This teaser seems to be aimed more at the people who already know what Kick-Ass is – just about every scene in the trailer was something featured in the comic, something the reader are already familiar with, so they’ll get the "it’s just like the comic" buzz going. I expect the darker, general-populace trailer to come later.

    As for the trailer itself, I’m so sold! I love this series, I love Millar’s writing, Romita Jr.’s art is just spectacular, and from the, what, 60 seconds of actual movie footage, it looks like they got everything right.  It’s not going to do gangbusters at the box office, but I think it’ll have a good run for a few weeks. 

    Now where is that Scott Pilgrim trailer?

  32. Thank god reading the comic etc I know it’ll be a great movie.. But seriously who do they think watches teaser trailers online???  Give me a Red-Band trailer already.

    But everything from the trailer looks great. it looks like it’ll stay more true to the comics.. Even though Wanted was fun. it surely lived up to the words Adaption . 

  33. I’m in based on what I’ve heard. However, if some of my friends see this trailer in a theater with no previous knowledge, I think it will be a big no to them. Trailer alone this looks pretty silly. 

  34. Yeah, I actually dug this quite a bit when I saw it yesterday. We get the bright, uplifting open, and the bam! the kid hits the car, I think that really sums up the whole theme of Millar’s story in one scene. This is about bring hard reality into the dreams of fanboys. I think the rest of the trailer, while not bloody gives off a slightly subversive Fight Club type vibe. It may not be bloody, but the splattery look of the title cards kinda indicates that. And you’ve got a shot of a costumed guy firing an ordinary handgun — I think that’s just enough to get you wondering exactly what this is. And when the trailers hit TV with an R rating attached, I think that’s gonna get the whole point across.

    I’m actually looking forward to this.

  35. If I had kids, never heard of the comic, and it had a different title, I’d definitely take them to see this. The acting, the music, narration, costumes, and just overall look are cheesy enough that I’d assume this was geared toward preteen boys.  The marketing department needs to step up its accuracy, and they need to do it fast.  No doubt most late teen to mid-30’s guys are going to be turned off by this while the youngsters are begging their parents.

    That being said, whoever did the costumes for this should’ve been on Watchmen… 

  36. JUST like the comic!!

  37. Looks like fun! Odd, I have no interest in the book.

  38. Looks cool but the write ups sound better


  39. Trailer makes the movie look fun.  Maybe the lack of any real "adult" stuff is so it’s more shocking later on?  Either way, it looks like it might be pretty good.

  40. Knowing the books and being able to put context to the clips makes this look great.  But the way the trailer is produced and feels… it’s just ‘off’ somehow.  If I didn’t know what the book was actually like this trailer would make me think on giving this a pass.  But I will be there opening day.  So serioulsy is this movie going to be out before the book gets to finish?

  41. i hope there’s a red band trailer in the future.

  42. @Slockhart: I’d hope you’d check the rating before you took your kids to see it.

    It does seem very tween-ish though. Presumably they will gore it up a bit later.

  43. So, I take it the movie has an end unlike the comic. (also a middle)?

  44. Looks like it’s being targetted toward the Superbad crowd. Too much comedy.

  45. It’s kick-ass!!!

  46. And seriously if the little girl doesn’t call somebody a cunt… I will officially hate this movie.

  47. @Hawkboy: That’s a very minor point to choose to hang the entire movie on.

  48. Hmmm.. Looks like a family film huh?

    It’s got ASS right in the title! It isnt called "Kick-Butt". It’s KICK ASS!


  49. Well, I’ve never read the book (I hear it is plagued with delays?), but that trailer is certainly enough to make me see the movie. If the word of mouth is good, I might even get into a theater to see it!

    I wonder how much Millar makes off of these comic-to-movie adaptations. I finally saw Wanted and found it…wanting.


  50. @conor despite saying seriously I wasn’t actually serious…seriously!  😉