Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths Trailer

DC Animation’s Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, looks to be their most ambitious feature yet. In this trailer, crazy, crazy Owlman takes a back seat as the rest of the multidimensional ensemble kick the stuffing out of each other.

No formal release date has been announced, but I look forward to watching it seven million times the lovely late Winter/early Spring day it comes out.


  1. Lobo gets thrown at Johny Quick — awesome

  2. I’m the BADDEST OF THE BAD.

    Haha, oh my.

    Other than that little dinger, looks great. 

  3. this looks SO awesome they have een so awesome lately

  4. This looks like it will be fun.

  5. The less interesting the pitches to these movies sound, the better they seem to be (Public Enemies and Wonder Woman are my top 2) That gives me a lot of hope for this one.

    I’m willing to be that Ultraman’s (I think that his name) secret identity wears sweatpants, a wife beater and a gold chain. 

  6. Wow!  That looks incredible.  DC is really kicking ass with these animated movies.  I wish Marvel would follow their lead.  There are a lot of story arcs I’d like to see getting a similar treatment from the House of Ideas.

  7. Billy Baldwin as Ultraman, right? That’s awesome. Heh. Yeah, I’m giddy for this one.

  8. @Dave – Billy Baldwin is playing Batman. Not sure about Ultraman. 

  9. The bad superman is a made man from "Goodfellas".

  10. Officially hyped.

  11. I don’t know if I could be more excited for this movie!

  12. Animation in this looks amazing. Love that little sequence we saw with Martian Manhunter fighting (I assume is) Red Arrow. Can’t wait for this to come out.

  13. This looks awesome it’s going to be great! as long as Bruce Timm and Co. stick together forever we will have high quality Superhero Animated movies!

  14. Was Wade wilson the President?

  15. Slade…. Slade Wilson….

    damn you deadpool.

  16. …and The Flash, dammit!  Never gets any respect…

  17. @mikeromo- LOL yea i thought of the same thing

     The character designs in this one looks really good…

  18. I can’t help myself, I keep watching it over and over.

  19. The Flash gets lumped into "and the rest of the Justice League." When will DC give him the respect he is due? "The rest" . Hah! I guess he’s the same as the Professor and Mary-ann then.

  20. looks like a ton of fun, but I can’t help think I already saw this idea on batman the brave and the bold. Hey it could just be from the comics right? Anyway I’m still looking forward to this.

  21. This looks BADASS.

    People need to take a breath about The Flash thing. He hasn’t been showcased like the other heroes that were mentioned.

  22. @Stepho – They did alternate earth stuff in the JLA series. This script for this movie was re-worked from an unused JLU script.  

  23. @Stepho: And The Crime Syndicate is a tried-and-true JLA villain team that pops up now and again.

  24. This looks cool. I’ll be checking it out. Certainly looks like it’ll be action packed.

  25. I am pumped for this one. Even though I’m sure we’ll sit there thinking "Man, this should have been longer" (Cause let’s face it, we’ll be lucky to get a full 90 minutes). But this look like a lot of ambition and I’m excited for that. And even if the movie is "Meh", at least we’ll get some pretty cool special features, perhaps interviews with comic writers about "Crisis" stuff. 

    But the trailer looks fun, it looks epic and I wouldn’t want anything less from a DC animated film with the word "Crisis" on it. Also Ultraman’s voice, odd choice, but I’ll go with it. I’m hoping since they gave him that voice, at some point he says "Hey get over here ya mook!" 

  26. @paul, @conor thanks for clearing that up guys.

  27. I saw the feature for this on the Public Enemies Blu-Ray and thought it looked pretty cool.  This trailer seals just how great this looks.  Can’t wait for it.

  28. Not to be overly snarky, but it doesn’t look too far from the Justice Lords episode from the Justice League cartoon. Now I get that episode was probably based on this story, but still… a bit of a repeat as far as animation efforts go. Now, Crisis on Infinite Earths would be a bit more ambitious. That probably goes without saying… yet I said it anyway.

  29. Heroville, how in the hell could you tell that was Lobo??

    I’ll be buying this the day it comes out! Can’t wait.

  30. This will surely make up for the last couple direct to DVDs.  I can’t wait for this all I have to say is:


  31. Ultraman is a guido. Finally, people recognize their evil.

  32. this looks so cool. caleb, you’ve to time travel and stop yourself from  writing that post! wade wilson…priceless, lol

  33. Oh I hope it’s better than the horrid Public Enemies.

  34. Sweet! can’t wait!