Journey Into Mystery & New Mutants Cross Over with “EXILED”

Today Marvel Comics held a press conference announcing the upcoming 5 week event. Exiled, schedule to take place in May, bringing together Journey Into Mystery and New Mutants. Present on the call was Journey Into Mystery writer Kieron Gillen and New Mutants co-writer Andy Lanning, along with editors Lauren Sankovitch and John Denning.  The event will kick off with  a one-shot, Exiled #1 and then cross over into Journey Into Mystery #637, New Mutants #42, Journey Into Mystery #638 and finally New Mutants #43.

This crossover shouldn’t come as a surprised to longtime fans of New Mutants, as it calls back to the days of the Asgardian Wars, when the New Mutants spent some time in Asgard, which also included Dani Moonstar becoming a Valkryie and building a connection of ties to Asgard, which has recently been re-visited during Fear Itself.  Writer Lanning explained, “We really wanted to mess with that history…so it is a little twist on how these stories have normally played out.” That twist appears to be setting of San Francisco, where the New Mutants currently reside, with Asgardians coming to the city by the bay. ” “You don’t get more fun than Asgardians and mutants running around trying to stop flesh-eating zombies in San Francisco.” added Lanning. As a resident of San Francisco, that pretty much sums up any normal day in some neighborhoods, a fact that Gillen didn’t go unnoticed from his time in San Francisco, “we tried to get the immaterial feeling of it.”

The story itself will involve many of the elements that Gillen has been weaving in Journey Into Mystery, with the Dsir playing a large role (as zombies), but Gillen and Sankovitch promise many more of the Asgardians characters appearing, including Hela, The Warriors Three, Sif and even Thor.  Another guest that will appear as early as Exiled #1 is Mephisto, who has recently been seen in the pages of New Mutants #37 as well as Journey Into Mystery.

On art, Carmine Di Giandomenico will be handling the duty of bringing this tale to life.  Lanning describes Di Giandomenico’s art, “He’s got a really unique style. You can’t mistake it for anyone else.” Gillen revealed that Di Giandomenico would be drawing Hell in the series and it’s “unlike any version of Hell I’ve ever seen.”  The covers are done by Stephanie Hans, and can be seen below.

Lanning was asked about the story structure and if he’d be following Gillen’s lead as set in Journey Into Mystery with man,many, many narration and caption boxes, to which he laughed and explained, “Absolutely, that was one of the things that Kieron insisted we did. He even sent us templates and several words that we had to use. It’s part of his rider list for the crossover. We’ve had lessons in how to do rhyming in bardic Norse verse from him. He’s very thorough.”

Exiled begins in May with Exiled #1 and then continues in Journey Into Mystery #637, New Mutants #42, Journey Into Mystery #638 and ends in New Mutants #43.


  1. It’s just like The Beatles said…”All You Need Is Nate”.

  2. I hadn’t read New Mutants at all until Abnett and Lanning came onboard but it’s of my favorite books now and has some amazing art with the David L’s both bringing the extreme quality. Should be good!

    • one of*

    • I jumped on when this New Mutant run 1st came out and was digging it for awhile, can’t remember where it lost my interest, think it was Necrosha but came back just because DNA are onboard, as I’ve said before on hear, I love them from they’re long stint on the cosmic corner of the Marvel U. They had a hand in some of the Flashpoint tie-ins too. Anyway, New Mutants is good right now and Exiled should be cool as I’ve heard good things about Journey Into Mystery lately.

  3. I’ve heard some really good things about Journey, especially here @ ifanboy, and been meaning to a place to jump on, but after reading this announcement I don’t know that I will. Zombies? Really? Freaking zombies! Again! Guess I’ll wait until after this event is over.

  4. I’m happy to see Marvel is re-embracing these mini crossovers.

  5. Yay, two of my favorite titles right now crossing over!! I love that it actually makes sense for these title to cross over based on the history. I LOVED the Asgardian Wars.

  6. Landing and Gillen seem like a natural team, even though I haven’t been reading New Mutants, it’s clearly been digging into marvel’s Adgardian lore. Interesting how Journey has managed to so successfully play out in its separate corner of the Marvel U–even when it was tied into Fear Itself.
    If nothing else, this will probably get me to try out New Mutants–which exactly what these little mini-events are SUPPOSED to do, while not affecting the titles own direction(s) in the meantime. I suspect that these creators will put on a class on how to properly handle a crossover. It’ll be fun to watch.

  7. Well, I have been curious to try New Mutants since Abnett & Lanning took over, so now I’ll have an excuse. My budget is pretty tight when it comes to adding new titles, though. Speaking of which, is this a two month event, or will there be a lot of double-shipping going on . . ?

  8. ‘Rhyming bardic Norse’. Sold.

  9. ARGH!

    I don’t want this! I want Gillen to tell a story, on his own, without Marvel shoe horning an event or crossover! I know he is okay with writing this and I’m sure it’s going to read well. Because even with the b.s. he has had to deal with he has done a great job with the series and getting away from it. But…I just don’t want this, I really don’t. It pains me to say it but I might just avoid the crossover cause I just don’t care.

    • you’re most likely depriving yourself of a good story. You already like Gillen on JIM, New Mutants has been great with DnA, there’s a rich history of the New Mutants and Asgard…it all fits pretty nicely. Shame for you to miss out cause you’re stomping your feet.

    • Ron’s dead on. I read very few Marvel books right now but New Mutants and Journey Into Mystery are two of the few that I’ve stuck with. This is music to my ears.

    • Um, I don’t think Marvel are shoe-horning anything. Two sets of creators are writing good stories that happen to cross-over for two issues. This is a good thing, no?

    • @TNC I was waiting to see how you’d feel bout all this. I’m in the same boat, except I know I’m not gonna sit this one out, just cause I’m a sucker.

      I like JIM and I know It’ll be good blah blah… but I was reading New Mutants until DnA (who I’m normally fans of) came on. I really didn’t like their take on the team, so I jumped ship…. Yet here we are.

      So yeah, It’ll probably be good and you’ll all get to say “I told you so,” but sometimes we just aren’t SUPER AMPED UP! to have our favorite books cross over with books we’ve previously dropped, and I think that’s okay. We’ll still judge the books as they come out and allow them to change our minds or not. Cool?

    • @TNC You will buy the crossover featuring Nate Grey AND YOU WILL LIKE IT.

  10. New Mutants is actually my favourite team of all time, I have all the Claremont trades that are out and I loved Zeb Wells’s run, but I have really disliked, maybe even hated, Abnett and Lanning’s run, which I feel is really unfortunate because I usually like their work, but it really seems that they’re pretty clueless about the personalities of the characters and their histories, it seems like the only research they’ve done is Wikipedia.

  11. I’m not currently buying either of these titles, so I guess I’ll check this out when the public library gets this in.