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Kids and Comics: Passing Down a Family Tradition

So you want your kid to like comics as much as you do? There’s hope. With the right bait, you just might hook ’em.

Marvel: We’re at NOW! Now

It has begun.

The Best of the Week in Covers – 10.31.2012

These ought to grab ya.

North of Forty: The Real Value of Comics

It might have taken him four decades, but iFanboy’s newest columnist has finally found the value in his comic book collection.

iFlashback! July 16th, 2003

Did you go to SDCC nine years ago? If you did you may have bought some of these comics there!

Marvel NOW! That Was Then: Uncanny X-Men, Fantastic Four, Captain America and More to End in October

It’s the end of the world as we know it for nine high profile Marvel Comics. Or…is it?

iFlashback! May 21st, 2003

Do the electric slide all the way back to 2003! Look at some great comics that came out then, some bad ones too!

The iFanboy Letter Column – 05.04.2012

Perhaps an attic shall I seek… or really bad art or the state of digital comics, or X-Men comics.


Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it. Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen.

Journey Into Mystery & New Mutants Cross Over with “EXILED”

Young mutants and Norse Gods clash again, this time in San Francisco