The Best of the Week in Covers – 10.31.2012

The best comic covers are known to mate for life and subsist on a diet of Tic-Tacs and silverfish.

Higher Earth #6
By Frazer Irving

An atmospheric call to adventure. Hope awaits in the darkness, and upon close inspection, we find that danger swarms in the light at the surface. Those are hammerheads up there! It’s a pulpy scenario rendered with modern nuance and sophistication.


Haunt #27
By Nathan Fox

Sometimes it’s less about the concept as it is the color. There’s a Spirograph-fueled appeal in the intertwining hues and strands. Wild, primal stuff. I also kind of love that the the three signature Adidas stripes are defined in the silhouette.


New Mutants #50
By John Tyler Christopher

Simple idea, executed with genuine finesse. A perfectly bittersweet sentiment to close out the run. The textures are wonderful, rife with detail, especially in the fabric of Dani’s uniform and bracelet. Of course, the blood stains at her knuckles are the cue to the perils to come.

Fatale #9
By Sean Phillips

You know how it goes. “Love me, tendrils/Love me sweet/Never let me go/You have made my life complete/And I love you so.”


  1. I love Frazer Irving’s art when it fits the book and generally dislike it when it doesn’t. I don’t recall any other artist’s work that makes me feel that way. I love that cover and I love his work in many books (especially his recent work in The Shade.)

    • Frazer Irving suited The Shade beautifully, love when they brought him in on Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin for the Joker issues as to change the whole feel of the book with the presence of the Joker felt through Irving’s art. love it.

  2. Love me tendrils! That’s amazing. Just catching my breath.

  3. The Witchblade cover this week was also quite good.

  4. Wouldn’t want my hand sandwiched to Magma’s. Warlock’s is probably OK.

  5. Great picks as usual, my favorite cover of the week was Joe Kubert Presents (I don’t know how much of that is sentiment, but it can’t be much because it looks so great).

  6. No Lot 13 cover?

  7. I thought Whispers mgiht be up this time. I love that cover.