John Oliver Freaks Out Like a Comic Book Fan Internet Commenter on Last Night’s ‘The Daily Show’

On last night’s The Daily Show, the sublime fill-in host John Oliver freaked out when a reporter for the NBC Nightly News got a basic fact wrong about Elon Musk vis a vis Tony Stark.

I’m going to miss John Oliver hosting this show!


  1. Yeeeaahhh, that idea won’t materialize for the next hundred years, if at all. Jet-Pack anyone?

    Having never watched the Daily Show, I had to laugh at this John Oliver’s shit fit. Good stuff.


  3. That is hilarious.

  4. I never found him funny as a correspondent but as a host he has been hilarious. He has a lot of energy and even though he’s a lefty it’s not as over the top. I’m going to miss him but the way Comedy Central hands out shows I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do something.

    • What’s wrong with being a lefty? That’s a plus. And I can’t think of any funny “righties”, anyhow.

      John Oliver will quit the Daily Show? What a pity.

    • No politics talk here, thanks.

    • Green Arrow would hate it here then, jk.

    • I expected that somehow …

    • I legit thought you were talking about hands. What’s wrong with being left handed????

    • He has his own show on the network called John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show which is, as you may have guessed, a showcase for various comedians.

    • I never started watching until Duncan from Community took over, he comes from British comedy panel shows (like Mock the Week) so I think he’s pretty much perfect for it. I think I’ll probably stop watching when he stop hosting, I really hope Comedy Central give him his own series (not just a stand-up show).
      (I’m from the UK so use MediaHint to watch the show on Hulu)

    • Slightly off topic but do you have any comedy panel shows in the US, like Mock the Week, QI and Have I Got News For You?
      The closest thing I can think of is Who’s Line Is It Anyway (which is a remake of a British show) and that’s not quite the same.
      The next closest thing is “fake news show” format like “The Daily Show”, which we’ve dabbled with over here (the excellent “Brass Eye” comes to mind) but it’s not as prominent as it is the US.
      Just curious, I find it interesting which types of shows exists in which countries.

    • Sometimes Marvel vs. DC can become quite political 😉

    • @kzap Closest thing we might have to Mock the Week or QI that I can think of is Real Time with Bill Maher. It’s more politics and issues rather than news but it does have some of the same silliness at times.

      Tell Mr. Stephen Fry to get over here and host an American version of QI. That would be most excellent programming.

    • @genelaw9
      No! We’re keeping Steven Fry, he’s OUR national treasure and we’re not loosing him to another pointless American remake 😛
      Netflix should get the British series of QI in their US library though, so you yanks can enjoy it too.

    • @Burinki
      They with their left hands like filthy heathens!

    • @genelaw9

      Yeah, we really need Stphen Fry, but by all means keep Piers Morgan.

    • @kzap @GL01942

      We just need Mr. Fry to kickstart the thing over here. Install some personalities that your average viewer here knows and you have a winner.

      As an American who lived abroad for 8 years with 5 years in London, trust me when I say English humor took some time to adjust to. Start a QI with an English host (maybe John Oliver?!?!) and American panellists and then slowly drip feed the English ones. It’s more humane.

      But agreed, Netflix or Hulu needs to get that quality English tellie streaming!

  5. I’m not saying I prefer John Oliver hosting the Daily Show. I’m just saying Jon Stewart is going to have to work really hard to win me back after this summer.

  6. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU… The video ain’t available in Canada! I’m not willing to give up my free healthcare and move to the big U.S. of A. for that (as the hilarious comment telling me the video ain’t available where I live, suggests!)

  7. @Conor: I understand you. It’s necessary to maintain this site’s great atmosphere which I enjoy quite a bit. But still … so serious.

    • If you’re referring to the “no politics” rule, it seems harsh but I can understand it.
      What starts of as a light hearted jab or little joke can lead to a completely off topic flame war.
      I’m all for free speech but it’s their site and their roles, it’s nice to have a site to just talk about comics and not get sidetracked with the serious stuff.
      Plus there are those outside the US who couldn’t care less about your politicians.

    • JML ( says:

      I love the ban on politi-talk. It derails the conversation on so many sites I otherwise like, and let’s face it: Internet political conversations are almost always just the same binary points we’ve heard a million times before bouncing back and forth with bad facts mixed in. I’m glad here I can just enjoy discussion about the adventures of spandexed folk without all that tediousness.

    • I live outside the US and care quite a bit for US politics. It’s not without consequence for a country like mine. 🙂

  8. Oliver is so good at lampooning news because he’s been doing exactly this in podcast form for almost six years now.

    The Bugle lives on!

  9. It’s a modern day BOOM TUBE!!
    Oliver cracks me up just watching him laugh! oh, and the accent adds to the hilarity

  10. He must be getting antsy since he’s done hosting after tonight.

    Seriously, funny video and more proof Oliver has to replace Stewart if/when he leaves the show for good.

  11. Haven’t watched this clip (I prefer to watch the whole episode off the DVR), but if it’s what I can expect from Oliver, I’m sure it’s fantastic.

    I have loved this run by Oliver. He’s been given some comedy GOLD to work with.

    If Comedy Central is smart, they’ll lock down John Oliver to a extended deal of some sort before another network (Hint: FOX) snaps him up as a late night host of their own.

  12. Lame Stream Media. I love it.
    And how the heck did they even think that Musk inspired Stark idea made any sense?

  13. Totally nailed comic book freak-out-guy. His rant, like most of the ones we read, is hilarious. He’s been a great fill-in. Maybe he’ll get a show that follows Colbert’s. how many of these Daily Show-esque can we handle? Probably a lot.