Jock’s Cover for Detective Comics #873

First of all, it's not my fault that Jock keeps sharing all his covers.  If you were me, you'd post them all too.  But today, he said this is the last one for a while.  Behold the cover to Detective Comics #873.  His first issue with writer Scott Snyder will be November's Detective Comics #871 with a back up Commissioner Gordon story by Francesco Francavilla.

That still feels like a long time from now, so enjoy this for now, and imagine how striking this is going to look on a shelf next to all those other comic covers.


  1. Wow.

    That is all.

  2. Jock has really gotten so much better with age he’s like the DC John Romita JR

  3. Please don’t be Morrison. I might actually pick this up.

  4. Nice

  5. wow.

  6. I literally gasped when I saw it. Amazing.

  7. @Minion: Did you not read the actual words in the article?

  8. Fuck Yeah

  9. Jock is killing it with these Detective covers.

  10. This is a great cover.  I’m still a bit freaked by that crouching position.  First Wolverine, now Batman.  Much better use of space though.

  11. Love it.

  12. The image is gorgeous. Don’t care for the liberties he takes with Dick’s costume, but that goes for any artist. Most of them just refuse to stick to Quitely’s original design.

    Still, nice work from Jock as usual. 

  13. that’s nice!  makes me want to start drawing again

  14. I’ve never framed a comic book, but I might have to start.

  15. His style is perfect for Batman

  16. His style is perfect for paper.

  17. @Conor I did right after I posted my comment, but you can’t edit and I didn’t want to double post.

  18. His style is perfect for my brain.

    This one goes on the wall.

  19. @Minion: Read first, comment second.

  20. Fantastic cover, shame Jock’s interiors can’t wow me as much.

  21. so is that Dick or Bruce?

  22. @tschafer By the looks of the suit it looks like Dick.

  23. If this is stories about Batman fighting crime, I’ll read it for a little while.

    I love Batman, when he’s fighting crime in Gotham.

  24. @tschafer: As we reported, Dick Grayson Batman is set to be the star of DETECTIVE COMICS.

  25. @conor: Bless you conor… do the work/digging for us all.

  26. @tschafer – You can generally tell by looking at the gauntlets.  Two "spikes" = Dick, three "spikes" = Bruce from what I can tell.

    (That may be the nerdiest thing I’ve ever posted.) 

  27. @stuclach: Oh great now I can’t enjoy my Bat-books because you pointed that out!

  28. Oh dear lord, this is so perfect…is it too soon to hope for a nice lengthy run between these two guys which could lead to a magnificent absolute edition?  Imagine this caliber of art in that format…

  29. Dude’s pretty good

  30. sweet, gotta get my hands on those jock issues!

  31. Jock is awesome. I don’t know if it’s me, I feel like he has changed his style a little bit (atleast for these covers). It seems a little less abstarct than his usual stuff (Rucka’s detective comics, etc …). I love him eitherway, but just thought his slight change in style was interesting.

  32. "Awesome! Totally awesome!" – Jeff Spicoli

  33. that is simply beautiful

  34. So is Morrison writing this one? 

  35. @Edward: Brilliant! lol

  36. What is this the cover for?

  37. They have this same cover posted on

  38. But all jokes aside,  I will buy Detective comics as long as JOCK has is art on/in it.  Love this guys work, his last cover is my phone screen saver, he knows how to walk the fine line between realism and fantasy with his art, he gets it and makes us want it.

  39. @josh I love everything he does.

  40. mmm……comics………

  41. oh crap did I just make it weird? Meh, I stand by my previous statement

  42. Jizz.

  43. Jock is awesome. They only way this would be better is if it were Batwoman. 🙂


  44. i guess im going to be the one that has to nitpick but he forgot the bat design on the belt -__-

     But it is a very beautiful page regardless that i plan on buying the Original Art

  45. Looks beautiful with the white background.

  46. Almost Batman ballet. Nice though.