Jeff Lemire & Andrea Sorrentino Take on GREEN ARROW in February

This morning, Animal ManJustice League Dark and Sweet Tooth writer Jeff Lemire announced via his blog that he’s signed on as the new writer on DC Comics’ Green Arrow series. Joining him on the title is I, Vampire artist Andrea Sorrentino. We’re awaiting the official announcement and preview images from DC Comics.

Until then, a teaser image featuring a panorama of that mysterious island made famous in Andy Diggle and Jock’s Green Arrow: Year One and, of course, the CW’s Arrow TV series.


Given the character’s newfound stature with television audiences, we’re pleased to see his ongoing title afforded this push. Green Arrow has gone through a handful of creative shifts in the year since the New 52 relaunch, none of them terribly well-received. Hopefully Lemire will lend the emerald archer the same new energy he imbued in Animal Man.

It all starts in February with Green Arrow #17.


As for former Green Arrow and current Catwoman writer Ann Nocenti, she’ll helm a Birds of Prey spinoff series starring Katana. For those just joining us, Tatsu Yamashiro is a deadly martial artist who wields a powerful sword she believed to be haunted by the soul of her murdered husband. She’s also a core member of the upcoming Justice League of America title. The first issue is co-plotted by Geoff Johns with art by Alex Sanchez.

Meanwhile, another JLA teammate will get his own solo series in Andrew Kriesberg and Pete Woods’ Justice League of America’s Vibe. Because why not?

All of this launches in February.

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Jeff Lemire posted the below image of Green Arrow on his blog:



  2. Sweet!!!!

  3. What’s sorrentino done

  4. This is very good news, i love Arrow and the idea of Green Arrow, just never got to reading a comic of GA.
    Jeff Lemire on Green Arrow is definitely a pick up for me.
    Hopefully this won’t mean changes in JLD or Animal Man.

  5. Now DC just has to say James Robinson is taking over Hawkman and my dreams will come true!!!

  6. I was just warming up to Nocenti’s run on GA. It hasn’t been that good, but it’s no longer horrible. This new creative team should prove interesting, as neither member screams “Green Arrow.” I wonder if this means the end of I,Vampire, which benefited from a consistent artist.

  7. Vibe is getting a solo series? This excites me more than it probably should.

  8. Fantastic News

  9. Wait! Wait! Wait! Hold the fucking phone! VIBE IS GETTING A SOLO SERIES!?!?!?

    • It’s like DC’s new strategy is “Well, we’ve got a ton of demand for certain characters to be in books that we keep sidelining, but let’s give books to characters that almost no one cares about.” That being said, them willing to take a chance on a Vibe book makes me happy to no end.

    • They know I want a Mr. Miracle book, so they give me Vibe instead. great strategy DC!

  10. Looks like I’ll finally start reading an ongoing Green Arrow book.

  11. Finally have a good reason to read Green Arrow. Great, spooky teaser.

  12. Please let this mean I can read Ollie again and still hold on to my lunch. Please.

    I have hope!

  13. Nice, I will be checking this out for sure. And the Katana series.

  14. This is bad news for I Vampire fans…

  15. Jeff Lemire and I appear to have cut our teeth on the same comics. Grell’s GA and O’Neill’s Question remain two of my favorites. MAJOR thumbs up.

  16. Hey Jeff…Speaking of the Question…How about you getting this up and rolling as well =D

  17. I’ve been loving Sorrentino’s stuff on I, Vampire and I hope they just wrap it up instead of trying to carry on with another artist. Great news for a complex character who’s been stuck in superficial adventures!

  18. Unfortunately, Nocenti’s run on GA left something to be desired, so this is good news indeed. And that Lemire alludes to a similar take as that of Mike Grell: I’m all in.

    In light of this comparison, I would like to see Shado brought back. She was super fucking cool in Long Bow Hunters!

  19. I like most of Jeff Lemire’s work, so this will definitely be worth checking out for a few issues!

  20. As a long-time GA fan, this is such good news. The series has been awful, with Winick’s #0 being the only bright spot. As for Lemire, he’s an amazing talent who always comes in with a solid concept and well rounded characters. Andrea Sorrentino’s shadowy style should complement Lemire’s darker voice and give Ollie some much needed grit. An upgrade on all fronts here.

  21. I’ve never ever read or was intrested in reading a Green Arrow book but Jeff Lemire has written so much I’ve enjoyed that he’s earned my trust to try this out at least.

    I’m also a fan of the artist from I Vampire but will be disappointed to see them go from that title, and the most shocking thing is that by that point ill possible be reading two books about guys with bows Hawkeye and Green Arrow lol I find this shocking.

  22. It’s good that he’s taking over Green Arrow, but now I’m guessing he’s going to be leaving Justice League Dark. That book is great and I’d hate to see him go. But, I’ll follow him over to Green Arrow.

  23. “The book fans have been asking for! (By ‘fans,’ we mean Mega-fan Geoff Johns; no other fans need have opinions. Geoff Johns’ fan-pinions obviously represent the bulk of fandom. If your fan-pinions differ from The Johns, kindly keep them to yourself, citizen. Especially fans of Stephanie Brown. Of which there are none, per DC Comics official corporate policy.)”

    Yep, I’m pretty sure that Vibe and Katana are the books that “fan” has been clambering for. The Green Arrow looks like it might not suck, though.

  24. very happy right now I hope it I like it

  25. I have been so wanting to read a Green Arrow book again. Hopefully we’ll get Grell’s run collected too, especially with the TV show (hopefully it get renews because I doubt it would happen if the show wasn’t continuing). I’m excited to see Lemire on this. Now hopefully he will look like GA again, although with the TV show, I’m not going to get too hopeful.

  26. This is excellent news. Green Arrow is one of my favorite characters, so its pained me to endure the terrible writing this character has received as of late.

  27. I can’t stand what I’ve read of GA since the new 52 started.

    Sign me up for this though. These are 2 of my favorite creators. Lemire is killing it on JLD and Animal Man.

  28. I liked Mike Grell’s longbowhunters. I loved Year One By Jock and Diggle. And I like Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino. So in other words: TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!

  29. Holy crap…when was the last time that Green Arrow was goo…dece…..not horrible? I’m definitely going to try this out.

  30. Ya the New 52 Green Arrow is lousy but I’m in the middle of reading the GA Brightest Day run, that’s pretty good..

  31. Wow! I thought it would be a looooooooooooong time before I’d be interested in anything the New 52 incarnation of Ollie was up to… Way to turn it around with some great talent, DC!

  32. Great news for Green Arrow, good for Vibe and Katana for getting their own books and all, but I’m still waiting on a Cyborg and Shazam! solo series! But definitely will be picking issue #1’s of both.

  33. Now bring back the liberal attitude and the goatee and we’ll be all good.

  34. This is pretty exciting. I might give this a shot despite recently cutting down my pull list. That image looks pretty cool, and I think Lemire could do some interesting things here.

  35. Hooray! I can start reading Green Arrow again!

    I understand why they want to sort Green Arrow out as there is a TV show, plus Katana is going to be be the new sidekick in the new Beware the Batman cartoon so, by the power of logical deduction, Vibe must be getting his own show…

  36. FINALLY Green Arrow finally has a Writer & Artist that can make this title a must read hopefully with some Jeff Lemire variant covers

  37. I really like Lemire’s Superhero stuff at DC so i’m willing to give this a shot. I’ve always liked Green Arrow in theory, but never been able to gain any traction with his books.

    I hope they let Jeff do a cover or something once in a while. =)

  38. Been wanting to read Green Arrow for a while now, but the past few years haven’t been too favorable creative team wise. Going to pick this up since the show has really made Green Arrow interesting

  39. Paul you just made my day. Green Arrow is one of my favorite heroes and I can finally start reading his adventures again!!!!!!!!!

  40. I never would have seen this pairing at all. Seriously, I’m not sure if Lemire is right for a character like Oliver Queen but I’ll give it a shot…

    In trade. Cause lord knows I can’t afford any more comics as is thanks to Image and Marvel.

  41. I’ll definitely be checking out Green Arrow once Lemire takes over. I hope that he does stick around for awhile on JL Dark, as I’ve been really enjoying his work on it so far (still need to read the annual, though). Meanwhile, I’ve liked what I’ve seen of Katana in Birds of Prey, but not sure if my budget could squeeze in both series. Plus, the two issues of Nocenti’s Catwoman run have left me rather underwhelmed by her . . .

  42. Great news, this one was a botched reboot by DC. Hope the bring a sense of the old Ollie.

  43. That teaser image looks wonderful! I can’t believe someone found a way to make that cheezeball costume look good.

    Really looking forward to that, Green Arrow is one of my favorite characters, feels like I’ve picked up a dozen re-incarnations of the character in the last few years, and dropped them all immediately after. Here’s a new incarnation that I am feeling quite optimistic about.

  44. FINALLY! Been waiting for a good GA run. Will definitely be checking this one out!

  45. Awesome news! FINALLY I’ll be able to pull a good Green Arrow book!!!

  46. Hawkeye!?!

  47. Green Arrow has just been added to my pull list. I stopped reading I, Vampire because I just didn’t see the point, and Green Arrow has to be done right for me to be interested. Lemire makes it interesting… for me at least.