Iron Man and Wolverine Anime Trailers

Consult your GNC rep, because you’re getting a double dose of iron in 2010. More adamantium too. 

Here are the trailers for a pair of animated projects from Marvel and Madhouse studios, both scripted by Warren Ellis.

First up, Iron Man. While live action Tony deals with daddy issues, cell-shaded Tony takes on Captain Harlock’s cousin Admiral Aluminum and his alloyed forces. Bit of an anime vibe. Just a bit.

Oh, and Wolverine goes full ronin in his own feature, also out in 2010. Yurikooooooooo!!!!!



  1. Seriously, although the animation itself is good, the Captain Harlock dude looks totally ridiculous. I have seen enough cheesy villain designs in comic books, already. No need to add cheesy anime villains to that.

    I wish Marvel was following DC in the way they put out their animation. But if you want to appeal to the anime crowd, then this might be the right thing.

    As long as Stark doesn’t turn into some whining 15 year old super-emo kid and retains some of his wit and confidence, this might be sort of good. You know, if you like that sort of thing. 😉

  2. Wow! Anime doesn’t usually provoke a response like that from me. I wonder if it ties into Iron Man 2, kind of like Gotham Knight did w/ The Dark Knight?

  3. This Wolverine anime is an idea whose time had come. Even when X-23 was testing the waters, I felt that no one had really captured what it would be like if Wolverine looked like an anorexic 14 year old girl.

  4. @Jimski – Seconded. That Wolverine trailer looks awful.

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    This is where the former anime message board moderator in me comes out (I know. I know.). I think both of these look pretty cool. Yeah, the Wolverine character design sucks, but I really dig samurai anime. Samurai films in general, really. I will be checking both of these out. 

  6. Was that Iron Man’s butt cheek that opened up and spun at the 57 second mark?

    The Iron Man film looks watchable, but the anime approach just doesn’t for me (it didn’t in Gotham Knight, either). 

  7. @Kenzaburo–hahah! Capt. Harlock…perfect. I find it funny how the presenting these characters in this way has actually made me feel that these character designs are pretty old fashioned. Rather than ‘update’ them, these make them look a bit silly. I guess I just don’t know why american animation houses aren’t looking to american comic artists for inspiration–(aside from Darwyn Cooke). Imagine a Skottie Young or Chris Bachalo animated film?!

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @AlexG – Hey, the Captain Harlock gag was all me! 

    Do I want credit for that? I don’t know anymore.

    They’re looking to anime influences because they like money.  

  9. Did Wolverine just kill Batman?  The villain turned into bats I think.

    Warren Ellis is writing these, right?  I’m up for a new spin on the characters.

  10. Is there any way I can unwatch those?

  11. no bub? when did logan become a lithe teenage 6 ft. japanese kid with a flowing mane of hair?

    I’ll pass


  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Because we don’t get enough of the regular Wolverine..

  13. If Ellis is writing, I’ll at least NetFlix them – other than that, not too impressed, although the Iron Man looks at least passable.

  14. @Paul–Ohhh my bad–I missed that! Apologies to both Paul And Kenzaburo. Yeah you deserve credit.

    I get why they did it, and it’s fine. We all know well how comics is a business first. However, I’m actually very curious to see if simply putting an anime sheen on something and recycling old anime tropes will actually translate to cash. That remains to be seen.

  15. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Guess I’m devil’s advocate on this one. While I love the Bruce Timm style of American animation, I also think the trend toward Japanese design is pretty cool. Look beyond the crazy hair and huge eyes and anime has a fluidity you just don’t get in American animation. I love the movement in these trailers.  

  16. I was going to ask "Why does Wolverine have an uber-mullet? That is some ridiculous hair". But then, it’s actually more realisitic than whatever is on the other wolverine’s head. Also, the Iron Man trailer gave me an epileptic fit, but I still think I’ll give it a look.

  17. I’m excited for both, but perhaps a big name anime director would have courted more of the manga audience that I assume Marvel is trying to court (at least partially). Still, Ellis impressed the hell out of me with the recent GI feature so I’m down.

  18. Ugh.  I don’t think they could ever make an anime movie that I would be interested in.

  19. Madhouse studios did the animation for the Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust film.  Truly, one of the best looking action-oriented animated films I’ve ever seen.  People who are poo-pooing this just don’t appreciate anime.  Why follow what DC is doing?  After the Ultimate Avengers animated film fiasco, Marvel needs to carve out their own niche.

    Nothing brings out the curmudgeon in comic fans like anime-izing their characters. 

    While I love the DCU films, the animation is hardly it’s strongest suit, particularly when they try to add computer elements. 

  20. Well, come on now, I love anime and have wasted countless hours watching it, but I still don’t like this. NOT because it’s anime, but because I think the anime oddly shows how creaky these character concepts are. Maybe if the the wolverine came out 15 years ago along with Ninja scroll I’d feel differently, but after watching Samurai Champloo–I feel like I’d be moving backwards. Watch Iron Man after Samurai 7?

  21. @ultimatehoratio – I don’t actively dislike anime on principle and I don’t have a problem with characters being anime-ized. I don’t know why anime doesn’t do it for me. I wish I enjoyed it more. Perhaps the old G.I. Joe/Transformers and Bruce Timm style is so ingrained in my psyche that it affects my perception. It is also possible that I simply haven’t watched enough of the high quality anime classics that often turn people on to the style. Or maybe I’m just so damn ethnocentric (due to my Kentucky upbringing) that I automatically dislike anything foreign to me. #SincerityDetected

    Or it could just be that anime sucks. #SincerityNotDetected

  22. I was just sitting there the other day trying to watch that computer-animated Iron Man series wondering why they even bothered after that lifeless Spider-Man MTV show years ago.  I’m glad Marvel is trying something different, particularly given their weak parries to DCU’s assault on comic book animation.

    What’s not cool about a congress of ravens turning into a giant samurai demon? 

  23. Everyone needs to watch Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust and Ninja Scroll.  I’m saying this as a guy who doesn’t regularly watch anime and hasn’t watched any in many years.

  24. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Thumbs up for Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, but maybe not Ninja Scroll. It’s a beautiful lookin feature, but it opens with a rape scene and several other creepy moments crop up before the credits roll. Not a fan.

    I would recommend Neon Genesis Evangelion and Rurouni Kenshin (and the darker, prettier version Samurai X).

    And most Miyazaki is better than anything from Disney. Up there with Pixar.  

  25. Rorouni Kenshin I believe is an alternate title for Samurai X. I stand behind Marvel decision to go with japanese animation studios. Madhouse, who made Hunter D and Ninja Scroll, really are better marketable, at least for now, than some other studios. Even though I would let "Bones" and "Gonzo" have a crack at some Marvel characters.

    To the trailers, I have to say that the Iron Man seems like the most logical step similiar to GL and the colored rings. The Wolverine looks great, albeit bad design choice. 

  26. I just attempted to put Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust in my Netflix queue and found out they don’t have a copy. WTF? I added Neon Genesis Evangelion to my queue instead. If I like that I will give Ninja Scroll and Rurouni Kenshin as shot.
    Between this thread and Sonia’s article on art, my opinion of my level of cultural awareness has dropped significantly. 
  27. @stuclach: Please, don’t watch the NGE series, wait for the Rebuild of Evangelion on DVD.

  28. That doesn’t even look like Wolverine!!  WTF!!

    I might Netflix the Iron Man during some lifetime, but I’m in no hurry.

  29. @Spooky – Can’t you guys agree on your suggestion to this anime neophyte?
    Honestly, if I have to wait for anything I will forget about it. Please, give me one solid example of why anime is great that I can add to my queue now. 

  30. @Paul – Yeah, I can see where you’re coming from.  I became a fan in college where I was known to enjoy all kinds of skeevy entertainment.  I love the character design of the villains and the fight choreography.  The headbutt scene still packs quite a whallop. Despite the byzantine plot and the borderline hentai elements, I still love it.

    The first Vampire Hunter D film has fairly dated animation, but still worth watching if just for the gore. 

  31. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @stulach – You can watch Evangelion. It’s insane, but really compelling. The Rebuild Spooky is talking about is a truncated reworking of the original series. 

    But if you want something you can watch with the kids, go with a Miyazaki film. Kiki’s Delivery Service, Porco Rosso, or, my personal favorite, Castle in the Sky.   

  32. My response to watching them:

    After watching Iron Man trailer, "Ehh that looks pretty terrible, but I might check it out if Ellis is writing…"

    After watching "Wolverine" trailer: "Umm…where was Wolverine in that trailer? Oh…wait…I get it. Pass."

  33. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Spooky – Just to clear this up, Samurai X is the American title for the direct to video mini-series which tells the Rurouni Kenshin origin story. While the Rurouni Kenshin television series is a mostly light-hearted action romp, Samurai X is a much darker, more violent story. It’s like the difference between Owly and an actual owl. 

  34. Okay, fine, try out Ghibli movies, here some suggestions:

    – Princess Monoke, Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro and Grave of the Fireflies

    Then almost required watching material is the "Cowboy Bepop", which is an Sci-Fi series with heaps of american and european sentimentalitie. If you don’t like Sci-Fi, then I’d steer you to Samurai Champloo, because it’s made by the same writer and director and is a modern anime masterpiece with strong and linear story. If you want to watch mecha stuff, since we’re on the Iron Man topic here, then I’d recommend strongly "Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann". Made by the same studio that made Neon Evangelion Genesis and is much lighter, but shares some themes with NGE. 

    You can select any anime that I just mentioned, but if you really want a direct answer than I’d say watch the Ghibli movie "Graves of the Fireflies" at first and then I could give some subsequent movies or series that relate to that kind of anime. However, I’m not sure if that commenting system, since it doesn’t have the possibility to overview your comments, is that best plattform. Are you on the forum?  


  35. @stuclach -Evangelion is kind of epic and not very immediate,its maybe best left for when you have enough enthusiasm for the genre to keep with it.

    Something like Blood:the Last Vampire or the first Ghost In The Shell movie are more immediate and accessible.

  36. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    (For the uninitiated, Ghibli is Miyazaki’s studio. It’s the Japanese Disney. Same sensibility, higher quality.)

  37. @stuchlach – Maybe you should check out Ghost in the Shell and Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence.  The pacing can sometimes be glacial (a lot of anime directors today are going the auteur route), but I’m a big fan of the second film.

  38. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Haha. We’re making it all sound SO appealing…

  39. @Paul: I had a discussion about the NGE series and the rebuild, and from that it educed that the series is basically a milestone of its time, rather than a masterpiece that defines anime. It’s arguable, yes, but the series is clearly flawed and therefore doesn’t really strike me as the anime that I would recommend to people. And personally I see NGE as an "japanese" anime, while Ghibli works have an multicultural quality like Tezuka’s work. The impact of NGE is clearly based around that word of mouth concept when it came out on VHS, and moreso because of its infamous last act. As a work itself is NGE a deconstruction of everything that is anime and I would assume that to get the full experience you’d to watch some anime before. 

    And about that Kenshin thing. It’s just a thing that the OVA and the series got a different name in the states as it seems. Over here it was called "Rouroni Kenshin" and the OVA (mini series) had an additional title to it. 


  40. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @spooky – I was just picking a series I liked subjectively. Nothing more.   

  41. I apologize for the bad grammar, I’m on coffeine.

  42. OVERWHELMING. I have actually heard of Ghost in the Shell and @ultimatehoratio has never steered me wrong, so I will give it a shot. I also generally trust @Paul (even when he makes fun of my belief in contributor only orange power/responsibility shirts), so I will also watch Castle in the Sky with my kids. I don’t know @Spooky, but he seems knowledgable, so I will give Graves of the Fireflies a shot as well.
    If I don’t enjoy these I will forever forswear anime in all its forms.
    Thank you for your time. 
  43. Cool.

  44. @Spooky How is NEG flawed?


  45. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I like Stulach. He takes chances. 

  46. @valo: First of there was a couple of story threads that never took, the same goes for alluded themes that were left aside in order to move the Otaku critiscm foward. The reputation of NGE basically comes from the last act. It’s quirky and totally from the left field, and I love that, but there’s a clear cut from the main story that wouldn’t happened without the occurence of some events. On a deeper level of the work you can basically see the flaws. From the long cope out shots that deluded fans use to theorize and clear contrariness on the critiscm of Otaku by giving that crowd new material for their obsession. 

  47. The Iron Man one looks pretty good cause it reminds me of Gundam Wing which was one of my favorite shows growing up.

    The Wolverine one? Total shit.

  48. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Oh, c’mon. There are TWO Mumm-Mutts in the Wolverine one! That’s awesome!

  49. @Paul – Thank you. I also like me. I try very hard to keep an open mind.

    I apologize in advance if my comments instigated the massive argument that I fear @valo and @Spooky are about to have.

  50. I’m not about having an argument. I can shut up any minute. Also, I said before I’m highly coffeinated (<– it’s not even a word, is it?).

  51. @Stuclach Nope, no argument. @Spooky gave an answer I’m satified with. 😉

  52. I was happy with the ironman one untill the guy in the cool uniform transformed.  That outfit does look like something out of harlock’s universe.  these two trailers make me wish anime insider was still around.

  53. @Spooky and @valo – I’m glad I was wrong.

  54. @stuclach I’ll admit it looked like a loaded question but I was just curious. "Clearly flawed" is one of those phrases I’m compelled to question.

  55. @valo – As well you should.
    "Nothing must be held sacred. Question everything. …you can find truth by looking at your world with fresh eyes and a questioning mind."
    – P.Z. Myers (He may be insane, but that doesn’t diminish the quality of the quote.)
  56. well the story goes that with EVA the director of the show had a mental brake down somewhere around the halfway point and they ran over time and budget or something


  57. @stuchlach – I second Paul’s endorsement of the Miyazaki films.  My personal favorites are Princess Mononoke and Nausicaa.  Fluid animation, great characters, environmental undercurrent without being obnoxious.  Ghibli makes THE best anime.  Never brought it up in this discussion because Studio Ghibli and Madhouse studios make completely different types of films.  

    The only movie that has ever made me cry was Grave of the Fireflies. 

  58. @utlimatehoratio – I will have to make sure my wife isn’t around when I watch that one then. She WILL openly mock me if I cry. She’s a wonderful woman.

  59. Roger Ebert made a comment about Grave of the Fireflies that they put on the DVD release.  It might be on youtube.

  60. Iron Man should know better than to go after a dude with an eye patch.  Eye patch always wins.  Always.

    And Wolverine looks distubring.  It’s like they just gave Vega from Street Fighter an extra claw and black hair.  Gross.

  61. If I’m going to watch an Anime, then most of the time, it’s because of the animation first and foremost.  The animation on both of these trailers looks fantastic and so I will probably watch both of these.  I’m well aware that since we hear no dialogue in either trailer, there’s a good chance it may be unpalatable to the traditional NA comic book audience, but, for me, that’s just often the cost of watching something that’s very visually appealing.

  62. Roger Ebert on Grave of the Fireflies:

  63. Finally, Wolverine’s hatred of Japanese wall panels can be told. Or maybe he just hates seal cats. (Those were seal cats, right?)

    If I had no expectation that it was supposed to be Wolverine, then rather than being irritated, I just wouldn’t care about this. So that’s what I’m going to try to do. Still can’t believe Ellis has his hands on this though. 

  64. yuck-pass

  65. @ultimatehoratio – Thanks for the link. Never saw Grave of the Fireflies, but I’ll have to check it out. My Neighbor Totoro is one of my favorite films of all time. (Though, sadly the newly Disney dub nearly ruins it.) Castle in the Sky is another gem. Heck, even Porco Rosso is a fun ride. Hard to find a Ghibli movie I don’t like, to be honest.

  66. Grave of the Fireflies is just… yea it’s a sad movie. It covers a side of WWII that doesn’t get told often enough, the aftermath. I’d almost strike it from a suggested Anime list because it’s such a departure from typical Anime.

  67. If we’re talking anime recommendations here then I recommend Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. I adore this series. Stong voice acting, strong animation, strong story and themes. I’m no good at explaining things so just check it out!
    Gotta love when those Tachikomas start disscussing about what it means to be alive.

    Another good anime I would suggest is The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, though it’s more geared towards a female audience.

    Also, I second the recommendations for Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, and Miyazaki films. My personal favourite Myazaki films are Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and My Neighbour Totoro. Again though, Totoro is probably not something that most guys would be interested. A lot of cutesy-ness.

    On topic now, the Iron Man one looks really good with all the mecha elements. One thing you can’t deny is that the Japanese know their robots. Wolverine…not so much.

  68. Wow, we’er commenting the shit out of these.  I always wanted to see a cool Wolverine movie showing him all samuri badass, but as many have said alread, thats just not Wolverine, at all.  Looks like D without the hat.  The Iron Man one looks badass however.  From what I saw it looks like good old badass anime with an all Amarican super hero.  A little freshness to it?  A little midea mex now and then can make good, I hope at least.   Iron Man looks good.  Wolverine looks like no Wolverine I ever seen. Logans hermaphrodite twin maybe? 

  69. Sweet Mullet, Wolvie. Way you turned that giant dude into bats by slicing downward leaving three shiny, vertical lines: that was awesome, bro. Props, bro *fist bump w/ Wolverine, I bleed*.

  70. *covers face*

    Oh Marvel….why can’t you just follow in DC’s way of Animated films? Why do you have to do this? Your ‘Hulk vs’ DVD made me sure that you were going in the right direction. Now I just realize that even if Marvel kills DC in sales of comics (money wise); DC will gain most of it back with their animated features.

    I’m not a huge fan of anime but I appreciate the medium. I used to watch all kinds of anime when I was a kid, then it just sorta faded out as time went by. It’s safe to say I am not watching either of these. Especially with how Wolverine looks in that trailer. Literally stopped the thing halfway threw cause I couldn’t watch it anymore.

  71. I wonder why Marvel constantly tries to make manga and anime styled versions of their characters. Whenever they do that, the typical Marvel crowd always cites that as a complaint that they look too Japanese. This is, I’m guessing, why Tsunami failed.


    That being said, I actually do like how they’re using typical anime archetypes with the characters and movies. Wolverine looks like the typical Ninja Scroll or Ruroni Kenshin anime, and Iron Man looks like the typical Gundam or Big O type.

  72. the iron man one looked watchable

  73. The potential anime audience is a bazillion times bigger than the entire "core Marvel audience." They need new customers, not just the same old customers.  So that’s why.  It’s a business.

  74. @josh: Though the anime crowd usually wants nothing to do with the Marvel crowd, or the superhero crowd for that matter. It seems they dont see them as true animes or mangas, but just regular comics in a manga or anime disguise.


    They’re a real picky bunch sometimes.

  75. They have McDonalds in Japan right? We seriously need to get Logan on some type of ‘Eat this, Not That!’ diet.

  76. I’m sure Marvel would change their mind if the "core audience" would be willing to plunk down $249 for each of theses DVDs.  How ’bout it, guys?  How badly do you want "your" Wolverine?  Vote with your dollars!

  77. @comicBOOKchris Anime has tons of Superheros, Astro Boy, Gigantor, Goku, ect ect. Granted there will be people in the "Anime" community that will hate this but there will be just as many or more who will go with it. It’s the style that sells.

  78. captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    other than the villian i like the iron man. wolverine looks too young.

  79. @valo: You have a good point, a very astute one in fact. Though when I say superheroes, I mean American superheroes, like from Marvel or DC. It’s extremely shallow and dumb since they are so many similarities, but a good chunk anime/manga fans won’t "lower" themselves to read what they see as a lower form of entertainment. If the anime or manga isn’t strictly Japanese, there’s a good chance that these fans will just dismiss it as a stupid American comic disguising itself as the "much better Japanese artform". This may seem like an exaggeration, but this is REALLY the mindset of some of these fans. Go onto Yahoo Answers to see for yourselves, if you don’t believe me.

  80. @comicbookchris Yea but those guys on Yahoo Answers are akin to the Comic fans that crying about Marvel trying something new to pull in new audience.

  81. I think that Americans really should give anime nore of a chance. If it’s not your thing, I get that. You camn walk away. However, I think that we comics fans and american animation fans would try very hard to prove that what we love is worth recommending to other people. 

     I know the whole anime thing might be foreign to some of you, but try to be somewhat open to different things.

     I have one recommendation out of all the aniem I have ever seen- Cowboy Bebop. I think that works for most people trying tio get into anime.


    Now,  the trailers. I think that Iron Man Works better for me because it works with Iron Man more than throws Iron Man into a scene you can typically find in anime. Wolverine looks like they had an idea for a horror anime and just replaced their hero with Wolverine. He’s way too bishy!

  82. I hope they’re good, I hope they attract new readers. I think those that like this for the style won’t pick up any Wolverine because it’s just completely different, their is no pull since the only trait that seems to be the same is the claws.

    Not for me, but I really do hope they do well. 

  83. Wolverine is holding his claws between his fingers like some bad last-minute comic-con costume. It’ll never work.

    Iron Man has potential but it screams "Dragon Ball Z" in your ear every few seconds and that’s not good.

    As for the fluidity – it seems to be always the same crap, so much that the fluidity becomes stiff. In Iron Man we get another guy whose jacket flaps in the exact same fing way.  It’s Dragon Ball Z nonsense and I’m too sick of it already.

    Also they have a long ass opening – about 40 seconds each. That’s a little annoying watching the trailer – the horse slowly galloping towards us lost its cuteness a long time ago. Now we need opening credits that merge into the movie, and do it quickly. 


  84. Mizyaki is really dope.  I’ve loved most if not all of the films he’s done. 

  85. I’m strangely interested in Ghost in the Shell. I can’t say for the life of me what goes on in every episode; but it’s fun to watch.

    You got the obvious anime to watch like Cowboy Bebop, DragonBall Z; you know the mainstream stuff. But I also love an anime called Tenchi Muyo as well. That thing was just as big as any anime about ten years ago. Then it died off and I never saw another episode again. Shame, the dubbing of it was actually good.

  86. @comicBOOKchris There are just as many anime/manga fans that look down on western comics, I’m sure (I personally haven’t encountered any though), as there are comics fans that look down on anime and manga. To each their own.

     I don’t know if anime fans are different in the US, but as I said, I haven’t encountered any anime fans that actually think comics are beneath them. Most North American anime fans I know grew up with all the classic Marvel and DC cartoons just as we comic lovers did. Many love the very anime-styled Avatar: the Last Airbender and Teen Titans even though their not authentically Japanese.

    What I’m trying to say is Yahoo Answers is really not the best way to judge a community 😛

  87. Yeah Im not a fan of anime but I loved Vampire Hunter D and made me want to check out Ninja Scroll which I enjoyed just as much(did the same director/studio also do the Deadshot story in Batman Gotham Knight?).

    I’ll admit the Wolverine design looks awful but its being made by the people who made the only anime I enjoyed so Ill give it a shot, plus come on, its Wolverine fighting ninjas! I could care less about Iron Man though

  88. @DarkKnightDetective – Madhouse Studio did Vampire Hunter D, Ninja Scroll, and the Deadshot story in Gotham Knight.

  89. I can tell you one thing, at least this isn’t a half assed attempt by Marvel to make anime. Madhouse aren’t slouches, as they’ve made some really unique and enjoyable series and movies, like BECK, Paprika and Ninja Scroll. At least Marvel is bringing in the big guns.


    And Warren Ellis scripting it makes it a definite must see. Did anyone else see G.I. Joe Resolute? Super kick ass.

  90. Yeah when I see a ‘Astro Boy’ looking villain (Iron Man) and a bulimic Wolverine….

    I immediately think of Warren Ellis.

  91. Hey and I didn’t take into account just how long this post would be!! Sorry I took up so much space there.

  92. Sorry guys! lol

  93. @comicBOOKchris yeah, I agree, GI Joe Resolute was kickass. I’d like to see more 80s cartoons updated that way. Although the last 10 minutes or so of the movie were somewhat cheesy again (Cobra still can’t aim for shit).

     And to add on my first post: it’s not like I hate anime in general, but to me there’s some good stuff and then there’s boatloads of crap. Ghost in the shell: SAC was enjoyable, so was Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo and Full Metal Alchemist. The Miyazaki films did not get all those awards for nothing either. But lots of stuff just makes me cringe. NGE is somewhere in between. 2/3 of the series were very intriguing, despite the incredibly unlikeable main character, but the ending – wow, WTF? Then I was told, that they did an alternate ending and released it in theaters, so I checked that out. Seriously, I was almost suicidal after that. For some reason this was a totally depressing mindfuck for me. Just horrible. 

     The irony in all this is, that most of my friends think that I love anime and manga, based on the fact that I japanese culture studies at university and am majoring in it. 🙂 

  94. *googles G.I. Joe Resolute*

    I really need to watch adult swim more closely. or watch it at all

    All I can say is when they dub this it’s only going to confuse me more because now I will be looking at an anime Wolverien voiced by Steve Blum.  It’s creepy that my anime people are doing marvel cartoons as it is.

  95. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    TNC – No character in either trailer looks like Astro Boy. 

  96. i’ll def watch both, but i do not like the wolverine model.  if your going to make a movie about a well established character, they should at least somewhat look like that character.

  97. Iron Man looks really cool.  I’m not very excited about the Wolverine character design or bat demon he’s fighting.

  98. @Paul: I ment to say Astro Boy-lite.

    Seriously the villain and woman in Iron Man looks like something out of a Osamu Tezuka design.

  99. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I’m seeing more of a Leiji Matsumoto influence. See "Captain Harlock."

  100. @Paul: Hmm….No sorry, can’t say I see a similarity with that style.

    I see more of Tezuka in these designs. Actually it is more like a Shotaro Ishinomori likeness, who was influenced by Tezuka’s work. See Cyborg 009 or Kikaider to see my drift.

  101. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The newer guys are offshoots of Matsumoto and Tezuka. 

  102. I kinda see it, but it’s streaching.


    I’m actually surprised no one is worried Ellis is writing these, he doesn’t have the best track record with the capes and cowl crowd. Wolvierine is more in his wheelhouse. I’m intrested to see these. 

  103. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Well, we know he can write a good Iron Man. 

  104. I wanna see how the X-Men and Blade are going to look. Cause those trailers haven’t been released yet.

  105. Ellis writing this is actually a plus for me. I atribute his bad track record with him not being able to cut loose with his scripts at all. I don’t think he’ll have that limitation here though.

  106. A whole Anime suggestion conversation and no one brings up Akira? Gosh darn…


    But seriously, I’m not much of an avid Anime fan. I did however enjoy all the Miyazaki movies, Gun Smith Cats, Lupin III, and Cowboy Bebop. 

  107. I wouldn’t recomend Akira to someone looking to get into anime, I’d recomend it for someone who saw a couple of anime movies and enjoyed them.

  108. I would not mention Akira, because I consider the manga far superior to the anime. The anime was marvellous from a technological point of view at that time, but I always thought that the story did not adapt well to 90 mins of animation.

  109. The book, as always, is better than the film adaptation. The Akira movie was a good cliffs notes of the manga and it opened my eyes to the world of anime.


    @TheNextChampion At the time shows like Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon and Pokemon were popular, Tenchi Muyo was no slouch either. That was a 90s introduction to the harem anime.


    @everyone down on Dragonball Z: Please! People want to be down on super dudes punching super dudes- and then go read books about super dudes punching super dudes. For every argument against that type of anime, I can show you a mirror in american entertainment. To me, the adventures of Goku and friends are no different than that of the JLA.


    I think that’s why in my eyes this meeting of anime and american comics is a merging that should be embraced more than feared. 

  110. @Vichus – The last 20 minutes of Green Lantern: First Flight was much more like Dragonball Z than these trailers appear to be.

    I support your last statement, particularly since all recent attempts have been failures other than the DCU films. 

  111. Scary thought what if the Harlock guy is Nick Fury?

  112. I was thinking maybe Stane’s son…

  113. It woulda been great if the wolverine movie was about logan going to japan to control his violent anger (which i’ve kinda noticed isn’t an uncommon theme in anime). They can have the claws and everything but if they made it like a straight up samurai anime that would be fantastic!!!

    I’m sure everyone’s saying this but the wolverine trailer felt more like another studio stole the 3 claw idea and put it on a different character

  114. that last post was unclear….i would love the above mentioned storyline with the actual wolverine character. short, broad built, scruffy, "bub," snikt and all, but learning bushido to better himself. They can do the anime all day long without changing the character. That’s why the character is so great, ’cause you can tell so many different kinds of stories with him

  115. @VichusSmith – Well, not really. Dragon Ball Z is an anime where the bulk of it is excessive fighting without much getting to know the characters. JLA and JSA and other teams have stories like that and they are shit. Just a bucnh of people fighting the same exact way.

    Dragon Ball Z is very repetitive in its anime and fights, and everything is X-Treme so connecting to it is hard – you can’t raise the stakes when in every fight one of the fighters almost dies. Also there are a lot of characters (it’s very much like JLA/JSA Virtue and Vice, but that doesn’t make it good).

  116. @chlop: Anything that suffers from that type of pacing in an anime I call ‘DragonBall Z syndrome’.

    Bleach, Death Note, Code Geass; you name it! They all suffer from long expositions, then five minute fight scenes, then long exposition again.

  117. @TNC – I call it sex.

  118. I take issue with this categorization of DeathNote.  It doesn’t really have any fights (at least not in the first two-thirds of the series).  It is opposed to most manga/anime in this fashion.

  119. Wolverine looks stupid.  Will he ever get justice.

  120. Wolverine has some cool graphics, but I think I’ll pass on both.

  121. Wow. Wolverine has now beaten Steve Perry (from Journey) as "King of the Mullet People"

  122. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited for anime. This looks rock and roll, despite wolverine not looking like wolverine. I’d watch them both for sure.

  123. the wolverine one looks SO SICK

  124. Iron Man looks awsome, and im not just saying that

     wolverine looks like shit though