Ink? Oh… ink.

Tattoos are virtual commonplace in today’s society. They are no longer reserved for Harley riders, punk rockers or military personal from WWII. Incidentally, those are the “groups


  1. A neck tattoo is nothing but classy. 

  2. GREAT post Gordon, and the best of luck with your dermis coloring adventures. I just wanted to comment and say to you and those who can get tattoo’d to really choose wisely and don’t take your ink for granted. I have dermatitus B and can not get inked and really wish that I could. My wife tells me that God made this way b/c if he didn’t I’d be covered from head to toe in G.I. Joe / Superheroes portraits.

  3. I have Batman tattoo base on Jim Lee art work and also a Phoenix that I got for my mom after she lost her fight with cancer. you can see them on myspace ( or you can see more of my tattoo I have on my flickr page. I also have jedi logo. I am going to get a lot more stuff when done soon.


  4. Got tattoos of a Green Lantern ring on my right hand and an old school yellow ring on my left.  Not comic related but I also have the crest on Link’s Master Sheild from Legend of Zelda on my right arm.  Oh and can’t forget my Hatchetman on my left arm.  Ya juggalo

  5. I have Calvin from "Calvin and Hobbes" dressed up like Stupendous Man (as he used to do in the strip) on my arm. It very much reminds me of the best times of my childhood, as my dad introduced me to the strip. Not alot of people recognize Calvin in his hood and cape, so when they see it, I joke and tell them it’s my "white trash" tattoo.

  6. i have the Arashikage clan emblem (from the I-CHING, which means either "incomplete" or "complete", depending on which way you have it, for people who don’t get the GIJOE reference, I tell them it means i’m a work in progress, which is a big part of why i got it),

    also have the frank miller-style batlogo from TDKR on the other side of my forearm. and i’m going to be starting a sleeve on my left arm which starts at my chest/shoulder area and ends with the symbiote crawling down my forearm..

  7. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I’d forgotten all about Stupendous Man. Calvin and Hobbes was a great comic strip. One of my all-time favorite Simpsons quotes from filthy old Moe the bartender is

    "Do you have any t-shirts with Calvin peeing on Hobbes? No, well what do you got him peeing on?"

     Great post Gordon! I liked the links. Freaking Cage’s tattoo has the same cheekbones and brow as he himself. 

  8. My first tattoo was the Spawn logo on my right arm. I went years with just that until my son, Logan, was born. I then got a Wolverine on my back shoulder. In the past 3 years I have added Spider-Man hanging upside down on my left arm swinging on a web that goes across my chest where Venom is swing from the same web. Across the matching side is the Lizard. Under and around my Spawn logo is Doc Ock and behind him is the Vulture. Behind Spider-Man is the Green Goblin throwing pumpkin bombs. I haven’t dedided what character to do next. Any ideas?…

  9. Josh: for your next tattoo (!!!) i would suggest you get the Jack Knight Starman symbol…i just think it would be perfect for you!

    BTW: does anyone have an iFanboy tattoo yet? Sounds like you guys should have a contest…..

  10. I’d like a tattoo (a symbol, in all likelihood), but I haven’t been able to decide on a design. Don’t know if I’ll ever get one.

  11. I’ve always had the the thought that I’d never get a symbol on my body, like a band etc.  But I suppose when you think about it my two literary based tattoos are pretty much just that (Potato on my ankle ala Sideways stories from Wayside School and Don Quixote made of book pages in flames from the Original book cover of Farenheit451.)   So really I guess I just enjoy feeling superior.

     Also, I definitley enjoy the scene sentiment more than smaller things. I’ve had a William Blake in mind for a back peice for years (just waiting till the disposable income is pouring out my pockets for that one to happen).  To get a comic related one it’d have to be pretty amazing though.  I would not only have to have a personally significant connection with the character, but I’d probably require the scene/portrait to be by one of my all time top favorite artists.  If it was a scene it would have to be from a book with one of my all time top favorite writers.  It’s to much pressure, I’m to picky.  For example, if you asked me who my favorite superhero is in comics today: Batman.  No question.  But am I going to get a Batman related tattoo?  Probably not.  While I have a lot of love and a LOT of nostalgia wrapped in the character I haven’t had that culminating experience.  Something would have to happen in my life to tie things together.


    The idea isn’t ruled out.  It just hasn’t really happened yet.  After thinking about it the only comic related tattoo I could imagine myself getting in the near future would probably be one of R. Crumb’s  women. Hmmmm….


  12. I have the Jack Knight symbol on my shoulder and 10 years later still love it…

  13. I have a pretty big tattoo of The Spirit on my back. he’s getting a kiss on the cheek from a woman (silk satin, I think). she’s saying "very well then, here’s your reward."

    I’m not a tremendous spirit fan but i thought it was a good idea because it’s symbolic of my love of comics and my complete and utter drooling, idiotic powerlessness when i encounter a pretty face.

  14. I have 3 shots of Maggie from Love & Rockets on my right calf.  They are all about a foot long each.  She’s posing in front of a mirror from 3 different directions.  The thing is that this is not the young slim male fantasy version of Maggie from the first few issues, its the plump Maggie from right around "The Death Of Speedy".

    Occasionally someone recognizes the art, but I usually get, "Why do you have a fat chick on your leg" type comments (from guys).  Women usually are blown away that I have (in their view) a realistic portrait of a woman tattoed on my leg.

    I choose it because first and foremost, I love the art.  Also, I thoought it interesting to have a non-traditional version of a very traditional tattoo (the pinup).

    I have to admit, I have the fever again and am going to get a new tattoo sometime in the next couple of months.  It will be comicbook related.

  15. A)  It’s like we’re all a little family, which is kind of awesome.  Like a gang of nerds.

    B)  I hadn’t thought of it, but the Starman symbol is indeed an awesome idea, but I’m not sure I’d want to get a second comic tattoo.  If I did though, that’s about as good an idea as I could come up with.

  16. I’m not an artist and I don’t like to see drawings of the different tatoos you can get in the tatoo parlor

    I like to see them on actual flesh

    And I want to get a tatoo and I don’t mind a few comic tatoos

    But what keeps me away from tatoos is the generic stuff people put in their shops

    I want something unique to a degree and that has enough detail – I hate those coloring books tatoos that you just draw the lines and fill in with the same color 

    I found a good place in Jerusalem to get tatoos that looks good (although they have some generic boring tatoos) that some of you might draw ideas from:

    t’is not an advertiment mind you…

    For me it’s like getting a surgery

    I want to know the guy/girl are good at what they do since i’s hard to remove

    The pain doesn’t concern me much

    And physical changes that might ruin the tatoo – I’d hate to have a great tatoo that will get ruined (especially now that I’m trying to get back into shape)

    But anyway for the art challenged like myself, I would suggest art books (those pocket tatoo books aren’t that good)  like "the art of discworld" or some form of art that resembles comis art

    I think about getting a Night Watch shield in the chest – left, where kids are told the heart is (it’s somewhat in the middle)

    I thought about getting a Vimes tatoo but he looks too complicated to draw

    And maybe Death from the Discworld series but I don’t like the way he is drawn in the "art of discworld" book

    And something or a few things that crumb drew

    And I’ll be a happy camper

    What d’you think? 

  17. I have a tattoo of Timmy, the boy from Dale Keown’s The Pitt on my right shoulder blade. It was taken from a pin-up done by my favorite artist Sam Kieth in the back of issue #1. I got it in memory of my father who passed away when I was 4 and because I will always be a kid at heart. 

    I am hoping to someday get my entire back done with my favorite characters (Wolverine, Angel, The Maxx, Daredevil, Batman, etc) as they were drawn by my favorite artists (Sam Kieth, Tim Sale, Frank Miller etc). Just waiting on the money and time. 

  18. got my first nerd tat 2 years ago on my birthday, Star Wars Imperial symbol on my right forarm. great decision? or GREATEST DECISION?

  19. Are there going to be any takers on the iFanboy tat idea? Maybe you should make Gordon get one (an iFanboy INTERN tat at that!?)…just kidding Gordon!

  20. @piscespaul: Hah, I’ve been mulling over getting that on my shoulder for the past few months….this is either a sign that I should….or that I shouldn’t……oh choices.

  21. @target242 – hurm.  I’m not sure this is going down a good path…

  22. I know Michael!  The first time I ever walked into On Comic Ground and saw his sweet tattoos, I knew he was a hardcore comic book lover.

    If I were to ever get a comic-related tattoo (and it has crossed my mind, believe me) it would definitely be Green Lantern. Or Lobster Johnson’s claw.  Both choices are better than the one my friend decided to get on his shoulder; the Naruto (Nah-Roo-Toe? Na-Ruh-Too? lol) symbol.  He was drunk.

  23. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    When I was a little kid, the proprietor of Jim’s Comics, Cards, & Games told me he always regretted the tattoo he got in the army. Maybe that pearl of wisdom is why I never got a tattoo.