‘The Incredible Hulk’ Trailer!

The trailer for The Incredible Hulk has finally hit!

I’m one of the few people who really enjoyed Ang Lee’s Hulk so I am going into this film with a bit of a mixed feeling. I’m a huge fan of Edward Norton and I can’t think of a film I haven’t enjoyed him in, so that’s exciting, especially since he is so deeply involved in the entire creative process (to the point of rumored clashes with Marvel Films over the film’s post production direction), but I am going to miss the world and characters that Ang Lee and Eric Bana created.

So… we shall see, I guess.  At least the Hulk looks ready to smash.

As for this trailer, I have to say Ed Norton looks great but the effects look like a downgrade from the other film and any time you lose Sam Elliot is not a plus in my book.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v66jXKbfgJY – Trailer for those of us not in the US.

    As a HUGE Hulk fan, this has got me TOTALLY stoked.  I cannot wait.

  2. You know, I thought one of the major complaints of the first film was the CG characters.  So why do they look worse here?

    Other than that, seeing Ed Norton in a movie is always great, and Liv Tyler in a movie = awesome.

    We’ll see though…we shall see.

  3. Yeah the cgi is terrible. How does cgi in 2008 look worse than in 2003?

  4. Could be that I watched it on a compressed video feed but I thought the CGI looked alright.

  5. @Neb – I don’t recall many complaints about the CGI in the first film.  The Hulk himself was fairly fantasticaly rendered.

  6. Im sorry but unless I care about the characters – the CG fight sequences just force my brain to turn off, and when you make the massive green skinned monster fight another giant monster
     – it makes the Hulk seem even less significant and now I really don’t care.

     The problem with the first movie wasnt Ang Lee, or Eric Bana. It was that the second 1/2 of the movie was hulk dogs, the absorbing man, and a CGI hulk who just walked around and broke CGI stuff.

    Why is that interesting? Its not. Its boring. The psychotic and pathos of the 1st movie was the best part. The hulk needs to a terifying tragic monster who scares the piss out of me. Not a CGI effect – and it looks like this movie is just more of the BAD. 

    They really needed to spend a few more days writing a script, maybe call Bruce Jones for some advice. Or at least hire michael Bay and admit that this movie was just more trash for idiots.

  7. Um… I just wanted to say that I think the CGI looks, like, good.  I don’t like the Hulk growling and roaring like an animal… I’d rather have "HULK SMASH!"

  8. @D0cr0rteeth – While I agree with you that the best and most interesting thing about the first film (and the Hulk in general) is the psychological/monster aspect of the character, I do not agree that people who like to see the Hulk smash stuff are idiots.  If so, then I guess I’m an idiot too. 

  9. I wasn’t the only one who watched the Lost boys 2 trailer after am I?

     And I’m looking forward to this, and the CGI doesn’t bother me. And the CGI for the first film was great, the first film was great, I said it and I don’t care. This looks like it’ll be fun and I’m happy to have that with a hulk movie.

     And Liv Tyler is nice too. And who can say no to William Hurt doing…well just about anything. I don’t even need to mention Ed Norton.

  10. I enjoyed the other movie… for one viewing.  The big thing, though was that when it was over, I was thinking "the next one is going be awesome now that they have the origin out of the way!"  I can’t argue with Edward Norton or the notion of an all out Hulk/Abomination battle, though.

     I can’t really tell much about the CG from that low res trailer, so I don’t know…

  11. @ Conor- Maybe I’m construing what my friends thought with everyone else.  A lot of them thought it looked too cartoony.  Honestly, I thought it was pretty good, especially for 2003.

    @ Jurassicalien- I’m with you my friend.  I too really enjoyed the first film. 

    I feel like it’s a little too soon to be rebooting this bad boy, isn’t it?  I’m fairly certain the most recent one is still pretty fresh in people’s minds…

  12. I liked a lot about the original Hulk film. Obviously it was too slow and the second half is broken as Dr. Teeth said but I really don’t understand the full blown hate it often gets. Have people seen Ghost Rider?

     That said, Edward Norton had me really excited. This trailer=excitement deflated. The effects looks bad, I haven’t seen any other casting choices I really like other than William Hurt, and we probably won’t have the awesome comic panel compositing that thoroughly owned in the first one. It could go either way, but I’m not putting out my high hopes for this one.

  13. I remember them filming in Toronto a few months ago (a few black from where I live) but I was still surprised to see some Yonge street landmarks in one of the last scenes, like Zanzibar and Sam the Record Man.

  14. the fx aren’t blowing me away. but i am confident ed norton’s excellent acting will make up for it. im so pumped.

  15. @Conor: I actually meant the exact opposite.

    I wasnt saying that "hulk+smash=idiots" – I was saying "hulk + 0% story + 0% characterization = bad movie" and the sad fact is that IN GENERAL comic book movies are being tossed out to us and we are looked at as uneducated 14 year old "idiots".

     My criticism is NOT towards us – it is the fact that hollywood treats us as if we are idiots.

    I am preaching towards the choir here – but great comic books tell amazing stories that have  subtext and moral ambiguity. They address the tragedy in the world and strugle we all feel about how do we help change that and make the world better for all of us, and make a change for the future. Make this world better than we found it.

    Comic book movies dont have to be mindless – but IN GENERAL hollywood thinks that they can just grab a random hero + random villan + origin + love interest + CGI fight – and throw them all in a blender and get a summer blockbuster. When these movie does’t bring in 300 million, they throw up their hands and say that "oh well – the public is tired of superheroes" or "well, we need to cut costs and hire 3rd rate talent."

    I believe that there are exceptions. (Nolan’s "Dark Knight")  But when the majority of the world will look at this movie and use it to form their belief as to what comic book movies are and should be, it is insulting – and when movies like this, along with Spider-Man 3, Ghost Rider, X- 3, and others are produced it just lowers the bar – and increases the likelyhood that more bad movies will follow.

  16. That is really well said D0ct0rteeth

    But lets not forget Road to Perdition and A History of Vilonce are comic book movie too.

  17. @D0ct0rteeth – We should probably wait until we actually see it until we lump it in with SPIDER-MAN 3 and X3 and GHOST RIDER, don’t you think?

  18. @doddzilla

     Oh those movies were sooooo good. And Ghost World.

  19. Ghost world was good too yea.

  20. @D0ct0rteeth so just to understand once the hulk as the creature DOES show up, you would prefer a Lou Frigno style? I’m not trying to be witty, I’m really curious, cause if you’re not into the CGI, how do you want the Hulk the monster?

  21. I honestly dont have a strong opinion on the effects. As conor said, I’ll give the film a shot before I make up my mind about them. If the story is interesting and engaging so that I forget that I am watching effects, thats all I am hoping for. I just didnt get that vibe from the trailer.

     We’ll see in June.

  22. Great to see the Hulk trying to save Toronto.

  23. Good. Big super-powered street battle. Classic Hulk design. I’m there.

  24. By the way, the guy in the first scene of the trailer with Bruce Banner is Doc Samson.

  25. Are you F#@$#$ kidding me….I can’t watch it cuz I live in Canada. @^#$^#%^@ or some explentive.

     Note I really enjoyed Ang Lee’s Hulk.  Thought it was one of the better comic book movies made.

  26. Ok maybe I am ignorant, but I honestly didn’t have any problems with the first hulk movie and at the same time am confused as to why this new one is coming out. Don’t get me wrong I am definitely looking forward to it. Edward Norton is a terrific actor along with the other cast members, but this new one seems a little redundant to me. I guess I should make early judgement calls after seeing only a few seconds of new Hulk, but i still prefer Ang Lee’s Hulk.

    Also Sam Elliot as General Ross was fan-fucking-tastic. I can’t see William Hurt playing that role better than Sam Elliot.  

  27. @cenquist – Check out the first comment.

  28. I’m with Conor and everyone else who said that the Ang Lee film is great. I LOVE that film! I thought Bana did a great job, and you don’t mess with Sam Elliott.

    As for this trailer… hmm, colour me not that impressed. It’s certainly not bad by any means, in fact it’s very good in places (the Ed Norton stuff), but it certainly didn’t blow me away or give me goosebumps like the trailers for TDK or Iron Man. It looks a little… well, cheap! I was really intrigued when Norton and Tim Roth signed on, and was expecting good things from this. The Banner/Emil stuff looks solid, but I thought the CGI looked terrible! Now, I loved the CGI in Lee’s Hulk movie, brilliant characterisation, but this looked pretty poor, especially on Abomination. I thought technology was supposed to get better as time went on? Maybe it was rushed for the trailer, but if so then don’t make a trailer so damn CGI-heavy!

    To be fair, I’ve never been a massive fan of the character, but that didn’t stop me loving the 2003 film. And it might be because I watched it on youtube, as MTV apparently doesn’t want anyone outside the States to see this (which I don’t get; a trailer is for promotion, so why inhibit promotional tools?), but I’m thinking I might wait for DVD on this one.

    Nolan and Favreau… you have nothing to worry about! 

  29. Ok the trailer impressed me.  Tim Roth seems well casted but the rest I am not so sure.  Don’t get me wrong I love Norton and it isn’t way off but I think from just the trailer anyway Bana would be better.  But the FF2 trailer impressed me……and we all know how that turned out.

  30. I liked this new trailer. 

    I just gotta point out, is there anything more exciting and fun as a true fanboy than seeing that first glimpse or teaser of the movie you’re waiting for?  Every time a new one is released, the anticipation is great!

    Anyways, I too didn’t really have a problem with the 1st Hulk.  I remember leaving the theater and really enjoying it.  I could however completely understand why all the young kids were restless and bored in it.  I didn’t like the dogs or Nick Nolte, but I thought Bana and Connelly were spot on perfect for their roles.  I would have liked to see Bana continue, but I’m giving this new one a chance for sure.  I think it looks pretty balls to the wall fun!

  31. You know, Superyan just made an excellent point. We can bitch about certain films, which character is better, what shade a costume is, etc. But as comic fanboys in general we should be thanking our lucky stars that our favourite comics (whatever they are) are being turned into films by film makers like Christopher Nolan, Bryan Singer, Jon Favreau and Ang Lee.

     Not to mention that they’re attracting solid talent like Christian Bale, Robert Downey Jr, Edward Norton, William Hurt, Jeff bridges, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Heath Ledger (RIP), Tim Roth…. the list goes on!

    Cheers for making that point, Superyan, sometimes we get so caught up in this it’s good to take a step back and appreciate it. 

  32. If nothing else, we call all agree that this trailer is better than the one for Lost Boys 2 right? Wow does that look awful. And I actually like Corey Feldman. 

    Oh, and it really hasn’t come up much, but I really dig the Abomination. I think it will be good to see the Hulk fight stuff other than tanks. And I liked the Ang Lee film as well… 

  33. that dude at the begining is Doc Sampson? they better roid his ass up for a sequel or somthing. other than that, i have no complaints, that trailer looks great although i hear Ed Norton and Marvel are fighting over the cuts of the film. hopefully its wont get watered down in that process.

  34. http://www.cinematical.com/2008/03/11/is-there-trouble-for-the-incredible-hulk/

    Don’t get too excited.  I’ve heard that Edward Norton can be a problem child on sets.  Looks like he will be with this one too.  Although the source is a hollywood website.  Take it how you want it, but I was warned about this by a friend of mine had heard rumors from a couple of his film teachers that Norton can be a pain to work with if he doesn’t get what he wants.  We’ll see how it plays out.

    The first movie wasn’t my cup of tea, mostly because I really don’t like Ang Lee movies. 

  35. I’ve heard so little about this movie, I was completely positive it came out in 2009 until just now. On the one hand, YAY, early Hulk for me. On the other hand… it comes out like three weeks after Iron Man, and this is all I’ve got so far? I don’t know if I should be reading anything into that, but I can’t help it.

    I liked Ang Lee’s Hulk a lot more before I saw it a second time. The first time, I didn’t know about the Hulk dogs and the interminable sitting-on-couches-droning scenes. I’m not the type of guy to sit in a theater and say, "What’s with all these people? Talking about their feelings? Where’s the smashy smashy??" but egad, the second time I saw it the Hulkless scenes were like a sleep aid to me. So add one more to the idiot column, I guess.

    When I saw Ang Lee’s movie, I saw those comic panelesque shots and I was positive it was going to change the language of film for the 21st century. Never seen it in any movie since. Wrong again, Jimski!

  36. Ok this is great looking, sure the walk seemed off in the trailer, at least it’s not rubber Hulk fighting "my dad the gaseous cloud" I love the Hulk and the first movie just made me sad. Yes! Bring on the Abomination a enemy worth the Hulk, I have no problem with Hulk fighting the military, but that’s seems to be nothing but Hulk smashing equiment and men running from him. So an enemy that can actually fight back? yeah!

    So not a fan of the first Hulk movie, (which marvel is pretending didn’t happen) and really excited to see this Hulk movie.

  37. I just went from "sure I’ll see it because its a comic book movie" to "Damn, this is could be really good".

    I like the trailer because it shows just enough, and only a little bit of the big action sequence. The CG looks fine, Edward Norton looks like Bruce Banner, and I can’t imagine Tim Roth doing a bad movie (forget about the Planet of the Apes thing, nobody remembers that anyway, he was wearing make-up).

    So I’m in.

  38. I liked the first movie too, but really all they had to do was say "Your making me angry…" to get me excited, haha. I’m reserving judgement for this new movie. They seem to be treating it like the new Punisher flick, where they are not "rebooting" it in the classic sense, but telling their own story and ignoring the first. I say this because from what I hear he’s already been exposed to the gamma where this picks up( though I’m sure they’ll flash back to it). Anyways, a complaint from me would be the timing. With the next Batman and Iron Man out, and Punisher coming soon, this flick might b a better sell when not surrounded by the heavy hitter super-films. The CG bothers me a bit too, but I think I have something against CG used against a black night sky. It threw me out of staying with the "believability" of Cloverfield’s monster. I also would like to make that arguement for 2003’s Hulk. While the daytime and desert sscenes were cool any hulk-night shots were ugly and muddied. I remember my father coming to me after seeing that one and saying it would of been a lot better if could see what happened during the dog and father fights, and I see what he means every time I rewatch it. I guess my point is that I’ll see it before I bash it.

  39. We need a planet hulk movie.

  40. What a pile of pooh! It doesn’t play here in the UK!

  41. Oh, it’s viewable here…


     The CGI is pants!!!!


  42. It will probably suck and I will still see it a couple of times just to make sure.  Where are the Abomination’s ears.  Those are trademark ears, he has to have them.  A nice nod to the Ultimates with dropping the Hulk from the sky to make him change.  The Hulk bomb.  I would like to see the FF show up at the end and stop the Hulk.  A nice crossover.

  43. I can’t believe so many here liked the first movie. I thought it was crap but to each his own. I really want this to be good but the trailer doesn’t have me waiting in anticipation like the Dark Knight and Iron Man do. I’m afraid it will be crap as well.

  44. Another fan of the first film, here.
    Sad to see Sam Elliot’s vibrant Thunderbolt Ross go. Can’t help but feel this is going to be a much less involving film, but it’ll be nice to see some Abomination, smashing, and maybe a little of both.

    Can’t say I missed that from the first film as much as other folks, though.
    Chalk me up to another reticent but hopeful fan.

  45. I really enjoyed aspects of the first film but thought parts were pretty awful. I didn’t have a problem with the CGI in the first film either. I can’t imagine another way they’d have been able to do it, frankly.

    I’m really excited to have Norton over Bana, but will miss Jennifer Connely! And I think the CGI looks pretty tops in the new trailer, but whatever.

    And I’m kinda with @s1lentslayer..I’d love to have another Marvel Property show up to stop the Hulk once he stops Abomination, have FF, Spidy or Iron Man show up to stop him. That will never happen, but hey, we can dream.

    I can’t believe the comic-movie year we’re gonna be having! Punisher 2, Iron Man, Hulk 2, Batman Manga, Dark Knight, Wanted…then Watchmen next year? Sweet holy hell!

  46. On a completely unrelated note, has anyone tried those RIFFTRAX that advertise here?

    Any good? Funny?


  47. I’m with you Conor i liked the 03 movie too. But this one looks better.

  48. The ’03 movie was mediocre. There was far too much exposition for a Hulk story, and the effects trying to make it look like a comic failed greatly. Also, I disagree with a lot of you, and think this trailer looks absolutely fantastic. Certainly not at the top of my list of movies too watch, but it’s far above rewatching Ang Lee’s version.

  49. http://www.firstshowing.net/2008/03/12/must-watch-finally-the-incredible-hulk-trailer/


    A better quality trailer for us non-USicans.


    I’m with the minority of iFanboy readers in that I didn’t like Ang Lee’s movie.  Now, I only saw it once, so maybe I’m not remembering it right, but to me it was just way too emo, slow, plodding, and boring.  This is from a guy who loves the slow-burn in Lost, and who just recently watched Seraphim Falls and The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford and really enjoyed both.

    I’m also not a fan of mindless action, especially mindless CGI action (unless it’s the Transformers), so I’m not sure what to think of Hulk and Abomination smashing it up.


    @Conor, I thought that would be Doc Samson.  HULK SMELL SEQUEL PLOT POINT. 

  50. Repeated viewings of this trailer have left me less excited for this one.  It’s weird… for a first look at this movie it’s not very exciting.  Kind of standard.  Also the CGI – kinda lame.  Hopefully they are still working feverishly on it.

  51. I’m so ready for this Lou Frigno on Gamma steroids looking Hulk

  52. The pacing of this trailer has me excited for the movie.  While I liked Bana, I do think Norton is probably a better fit for Banner … but I will miss Jennifer Connelly.

    I need to see more Hulk before I can really say if I like the design.  The one from the 2003 movie grew on me. 

  53. wow, ironman and hulk this summer… this could be a really good summer for movies

    hulk trailer looked good REAL good.

    and this wanted movie doesn’t really look like the comic, but it looks pretty good too

  54. I am really looking forward to this. I can’t think of a single Edward Norton movie that I didn’t like.

  55. Looks terrible. Yikie, yikes. I’m not going to bother seeing it. Not even on DVD. I bet it’s worse than Elektra.

  56. really Yoda??

    it’s a trailer, man. i think it did what a trailer should do. it gave a peak at what it’s about and what we can expect. 

    i’m surprised that it didn’t do what most trailers do nowadays which is give the whole fracking story away. and we all pretty much know what the stories going to be so what’s the problem.

    cgi doesn’t look to your liking?? it’s not being released tomorrow. they’re still working on it. and with Norton involved in the process and actually being as involved as he seems to be I’m ok with what I saw.

    I saw good actors NOT looking like douches and some short clips of some possible interesting dramatic scenes and some possible kickass action scenes.

    i’m there.

    not the greatest trailer but i won’t judge the movie on it… i mean look at Jumper. that trailer looked amazing. 

  57. Well I’ll miss Jennfier Connelly and certainly Sam Eilliot. But it looks like they replace him with Donald Sutherland, is that right? If so, I’d say more than even swap.