iFlashback! September 17th, 2003

It’s time for iFlashback! A weekly feature in which we take a look at some comics that were on sale nine years ago. Why nine years and not ten? Well because our Mondays in 2012 sync up with the Wednesdays of 2003.

So jog down memory lane with me. The date is September 17th, 2003. The number one film at the box office is still Once Upon a Time in Mexico and these are some of the comics at your local comic book shop.

The Crew #5

By Christopher Priest, Joe Bennet, Danny Miki

The Filth #13

By Grant Morrison, Chris Weston, Gary Erskine

Wolverine: Snikt #4

By Tsutomu Nihei

Sojourn #27

By Ian Edginton, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Justin Ponsor

Gun Theory #1

By Daniel Way, Jon Proctor


By Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Kalman Andrasofszky

B.P.R.D. Night Train #1

By Geoff Johns, Scott Kolins

Ultimate Six #1

By Brian Michael Bendis, Joe Quesada, Trevor Hairsine, Danny Miki

Superman Batman #2

By Jeph Loeb, Ed McGuinness, Dexter Vines

That was the week that was in comics. Some fun surprises came out that week. That Johns and Kollins B.P.R.D. issue was fun and I want to track down Icandy, something I never even knew existed. So, did you read any of these books and if so what did you think?


  1. Wasn’t that Ultimate Six where thay introduced the Ultimate Universe version of the Sinister Six?
    I remember liking that quite a bit.

  2. I think Gun Theory was written by Daniel Way.

  3. The mighty ‘Filth’ fucking love that series!

  4. I remember the art on Ultimate Six being terrible.

  5. That Superman/Batman series was a lot of fun, if I remember correctly. But geez, look at those Canadian Cover prices! Insano!

  6. I don’t remember what it was about, but I do recall really liking that BPRD issue.

    It’s a bummer The Crew didn’t really gain a foothold. Priest had some interesting ideas with all of that. I guess that’s about the time he left comics.

  7. My top 2 picks for this week :-

    Wonder Woman #196 from Greg Rucka, Drew Johnson & Ray Snyder.
    I’ve always enjoyed Greg’s take on our favourite Amazon.

    Y : The Last Man #15 from Brian K. Vaughan, ’nuff said!

  8. Man, I LOVED ‘The Crew’….. that series had more potential than a little bit. Too bad it was so short-lived.

  9. Just re-read Ultimate Six. A lot of talking, and goes nowhere fast. I didn’t have a problem with the art though.

  10. Wasn’t reading single issues back then but I read the Ultimate Six trade over and over when it was one of the few comics I had.

    Also the Filth needs a goddamn deluxe hardcover or something instead of the trade. In fact the art deserves an absolute. If only it sold better.

  11. That I Candy cover is hilarious.

  12. Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins did a BPRD comic?

    (Snagglepuss double take)

    Here are some other big moments to happen on September 17th:

    1630: The city of Boston is founded.
    1787: The U.S. Constitution is signed.
    1814: Francis Scott Key finishes the lyrics to ‘The Star Spangled Banner’.
    1862: The bloodiest day in American history with the Battle of Antietam (Civil War).
    1920: The National Football League is founded.
    1978: The Camp David Accords are signed, which brings a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.

  13. The only one of these I read was Superman/Batman, which I enjoyed.

  14. I was born on Sept. 17th. I live in Boston. I suddenly feel like a living TimeLife book collection. Coincidence, or not? *long icy stare*