iFlashback! March 24th, 2004

It’s time for an iFlashback, a weekly feature in which we take a look at some comics that were on sale nine years ago. So jog down memory lane with me. The date is March 24th, 2004 (it was a leap year in 2004, so we are a day off now) the number one film at the box office is Dawn of the Dead and these are some of the books that are on the stands at your local comic shop.



X-Statix #20

By Peter Milligan, Nick Dragotta


Batgirl #50

By Dylan Horrocks, Rick Leonardi, Jesse Delperdang


Human Target #8

By Peter Milligan, Cliff Chiang


Heaven’s Devils #4

By Jai Nitz, Kevin Sharpe, Thompson Knox


Tell Me Something

By Jason


Wildcats Version 3.0 #19

By Joe Casey, Pasqual Ferry, Sandra Hope


Kinetic #1

By Kelley Puckett, Warren Pleece


Superman/Batman #8

By Jeph Loeb, Michael Turner


Cable and Deadpool #1

By Fabian Nicieza, Mark Brooks, UDON Studios

That was the week that was in comics. Superman/Batman was the highest selling book that month and we get a glimpse of early Nick Dragotta. So, did you read any of the books that came out this week? If you did, be sure to let us know what you thought of them.


  1. Cable and Deadpool is decade old ? Damn.

  2. Only thing I read was “Superman/Batman #8”. I maintain that series only got better has it went on (Ed Mcgueniss vs Micheal Turner? No contest: winner Mike Turner). “Tell Me Something” and “Kinetic” both look interesting tho, did anybody read those?

  3. Kinetic was really interesting, it was a lot like a pre-KickAss, without trying to be offensive. Unfortunately, it was cancelled, so it just kind of ends without resolution.

  4. I was sure that Cable/Deadpool cover must’ve been by He Who Must Not Be Named. Could Cable’s head be any smaller?

  5. The only one I picked up was Superman/Batman #8. I’m a World’s Finest fan, so I stuck with the book through #245. I don’t think I picked up the spacial commemorative issue though. The cover price is what kept me from sticking with it til the book ended. I really liked the Public Enemies storyline. The Supergirl re-boot was okay. A little on the weak side. Not a fan of this version. I wasn’t a fan of the Matrix version of Supergirl either. I don’t see why the character was eliminated during Crisis On infinite Earths.

  6. This was the week I officially got into comics. I only bought the Thundercats before this week. On this wednesday I picked up Cable & Deadpool #1 and Captain America & The Falcon #1 (drawn I think by Bart Sears). I enjoyed both books and expanded from there out.

    Pretty cool stroll down memory lane. Even if that lane is paved with non-existant muscles and shoulder pouches.

  7. Loved X-Statix, and just just picked up the Omnibus. Was loving Wildcats 3.0 as well….until it was ended early so Jim (Super Ego) Lee could re-launch the title and of that new start exactly one issue came out…..grrrrrr….

  8. Human Target was SO GOOOD!
    I also liked Kinetic.

    Basically anything that got cancelled.

  9. “Wizard Book of the Month!” Remember when Wizard was relevant?

  10. What a great week, the first time my eyes ever graced Dragotta’s work in a Vivisector story, the Milligan’s mighty Human Target ongoing rolled on, a taste of Jason before I knew just how damn funny he could be, and what I remember as an omen of death for everything I loved about Wildcats 3.0 (although I never thought it’d get canceled by the end of this arc)…

  11. He didn’t do the guts but that Batgirl cover is James Jean. It’s worth point that out because it’s so ding dang cool.

  12. Yay! I’m glad to see Jason get some love on this site for a change. He’s a wonderful cartoonist and his books are a blast to read. Although TELL ME SOMETHING is very hard to find now a days because I believe it’s out of print. Amazon has some used copies but I’m looking for a better version of it. One of the few remaining Jason books I don’t own. But I urge everyone to go find his other work including I KILLED ADOLF HITLER, ISLE OF 100,000 CORPSES, and ATHOS IN AMERICA to name a few. He has a new book called LOST CAT coming out in June and it’s a rare treat because it’s going to be a very long story instead of his usual, 50+ efforts.

    Here are some other big news, births, and deaths to occur on March 24th:

    -1989: The Exxon Valdez ship runs aground in Prince Williams Sound of Alaska, spilling 240,000 barrels of oil.

    -1874: Harry Houdini
    -1930: Steve McQueen (interestingly enough, the premise of THE GREAT ESCAPE occurs on the same day in 1944)
    -1933: R. Lee Ermey
    -1976: Peyton Manning

    -1905: Jules Verne

  13. Loved that Superman/Batman run by Loeb and Turner. Has that been collected in trade yet?

  14. Superman/Batman was a great book before Loeb left. It was not quite the same after he left. I was in the Navy serving on a ship in the Persian Gulf, but my father would send me comics from time to time and they made my day when they came.

  15. God I miss when James Jean would do comic book covers. Beautiful.

  16. Was reading, back then, X-Statix, Cable + Deadpool and Human Target. Great week.