iFlashback! July 7th, 2004

It’s time for an iFlashback, a weekly feature in which we take a look at some comics that were on sale nine years ago.  Why nine and not ten? Our Mondays and Wednesdays used to sync up, but 2004 was a leap year so we are off by a day. Jog down memory lane with me. The date is July 7th, 2004 the number one film at the box office is Spider-Man 2  and these are some of the books that are on the stands at your local comic shop.


The New Invaders #0

By Chuck Austen, Allen Jacobsen, C.P. Smith, Chris Walker

Birds of prey 69

Birds of Prey #69

By Gail Simone, Ron Adrian, Rob Lea, Alex Lei

Thor #82

Thor #82

By Michael Avon Oeming, Andrea DiVito, Laura Villari

DC presents the batman

DC Comics Presents Batman #1

By Geoff Johns, Carmine Infantino, Len Wein, Andy Kuhn, Joe Giella

Spider-Man Unlimited 4

Spider-Man Unlimited #4

By Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, Allan Jacobson, C. P. Smith

Captain America and the falcon 5

Captain America and the Falcon #5

By Christopher Priest, Joe Bennett, Jack Jadson


Starjammers #1

By Kevin Anderson, Alejandro Garza, Sean Parsons


Loki #1

By Robert Rodi, Esad Ribic


Powers #1

By Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Avon Oeming

That was the week that was in comics. Powers gets a new start, DC launches a tribute to Julius Schwartz and our first taste of the Marvel Universe “Disassembled”. Did you read anything that came out this week? If you did be sure to let us know what you thought of them.


  1. Who is that sitting in Robin’s chair and what has he/she/it done with the real Batman?

    Thor, Loki, and Cap/Falcon for me. Read Powers later. I liked what was going on in Cap/Falcon, but the art was generally not good. I’m pretty sure that was the last work Priest did for Marvel, which is a shame.

  2. Just “Thor:Disassembled” and “Loki” for me. Good stories, good charact…

    HOLY CRAP! Who is that sitting in the Batman cave?! Does Geoff Johns not get Batman?

    • We should start collecting images of Batman sitting down. Turns out DC has been laying the groundwork for an epic Marvel/DC Skrull invasion crossover for decades!

    • I’ll start: Superman/Batman by Johnathan Nolan, the first issue of his arc. Batman is sitting down at Mt.Justice working on a computer.

      Maybe the white Martians are back?

    • @IthoSapien I found this http://batmansits.tumblr.com/

    • Well I guess the search is over. Although what is it with that guy and Batman riding horses? Thanks MistahJ97.

      Maybe we should the DC editors of the bat-books an email, “We don’t think you understand Batman. He sits down all the time, why would there be a giant chair in front of the Bat-computer if he didn’t?”.

    • That site is missing a whole lot of pics of old Bruce Wayne sitting at the Bat Computer from Batman Beyond.

  3. How was Starjammers?

  4. Hey Geoff Johns! I don’t think your really getting this Batman character. He would never sit down or watch TV!

  5. My favorite part of the iFlashback feature is seeing where Chuck Austen is going to pop up this week.

    I had no idea that the man who convinced me to give up on my assembling continuous runs of Avengers and X-Men wrote so many other books!

  6. Thor: Disassembled is simply fantastic. The trade sits proudly on my shelf.

    I remember really wanting New Invaders to be good, but alas, Chuck Austen.

  7. Thor: Disassembled for me, very enjoyable.

  8. Powers was and is a great series and still holding up! I’m currently rereading the series. (right now I’m at the third TP)

  9. I actually liked the New Invaders, especially the Flaming Skull

    • I bought the series “The Last defenders” solely based on the fact that blazing skull was on the team. My favorite heroclix figure is that guy- he’s nuts.

  10. Thor: Disassembled and Loki (or now called Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers in trade) were both terrific.

    All you guys enjoying the current Thor run check out more Esad Ribic goodness in that Loki miniseries.

  11. Kirkman and Walker on Spider-Man? Thought I’d never see the day. Wonder if it is any good? (Knowing most of Kirkman’s Marvel work I doubt it.)

    Here are some big events, births, and deaths to occur on July 7th:

    -1928: Sliced bread is served for the first time
    -1947: In Roswell, New Mexico a “flying saucer” appears to have crashed
    -2005: Four explosions by suicide bombers, and other means, occur in London. 56 people are killed while 700 are injured

    -1899: George Cukor
    -1919: Jon Pertwee (3rd Doctor)
    -1940: Ringo Starr

    -1971: Ub Iwerks