iFanboy Upstarts: Cosmo White

From the same British indie scene that spawned Frank Quitely, Kieron Gillen and others comes one of the most colorful and dynamic additions to comics: Cosmo White. Although I didn’t get a good glimpse of his work until the upcoming Com.X graphic novel BlueSpear was announced, he started out in comics years ago as part of the small-press outfit Underfire Comics out of Brighton, which continues on to this day. White did work for their titles like Black Jet and Talisman while also doing editorial illustrations in magazines and newspapers. White did this all as a hobby while toiling away at day jobs such as managing¬† a bookstore or being a woodworker.

White got what he called his big break with a story inside Ilya’s Best New Manga Vol. 1 about a lonely spaceman, despite his work falling outside the lines of manga. That work brought him to the attention of UK publisher Titan, who put him to work on his childhood favorite comic Transformers. Since then he’s done batches of pages as pitches for publishers both in the U.S. and the U.K., and also signed on to do the aforementioned BlueSpear one-shot which is a spin-off of Com.X’s previous graphic novel Forty-Five. Com.X has a habit of finding superstar artists before they get big, from artists like Travel Foreman and Trevor Hairsine to giving star turns to artists already in the biz like Cary Nord and Joshua Middleton.

With White completing BlueSpear earlier this year, he’s already working on an unannounced project as well as a few ideas of his own. Once you see his artwork here, you’ll be as anxious as I am about seeing where – and how — he shows up next.



  1. fatsoraven fatsoraven (@http://www.twitter.com/veryraresecrete) says:

    This guy’s awesome.

  2. Holy crap! I need to read a book by this guy!

  3. Glad you guys like Cos’ work! BlueSpear is released this November/December – Diamond order code NOV110868 – Please ask your local retailer to order some copies and support indie comics! We’ve a 50/50 variant cover by Ryan Sook, too!

    • fatsoraven fatsoraven (@http://www.twitter.com/veryraresecrete) says:

      Cool cool cool. Though it’s typically a well-stocked store I’ll be sure to pester the fellas at my LCS about ordering copies. This looks to be a book that I’m definitely picking up. Thank you for the info!

  4. Hey Whedon, get this guy to draw Buffy, toot sweet !!!

  5. Wow this is some fantastic art. It has lots of that Lafuente-esque freshness thats so appealing.

  6. Holy shit!