You can re-watch the live stream from Thursday:

Come here this Thursday September 3 at 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT to join us in a grand iFanboy tradition — a live broadcast of the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast!

But first, you still have until Thursday at noon PT to send an email to contact@ifanboy.com with a subject line “501” for a chance to get your letter on the show. Anything that comes in after that time won’t be under consideration for the show.

We will be using Google+ Hangout to capture the video and we will embed a player in this post so that you can watch it here. We will also be embedding a chat room widget here so people can follow along the action. The video will also be available to watch live on on our YouTube page, and that page will also have a chat room, but we will only be paying attention to the chat room embedded here

(Don’t worry, if you can’t watch the live show or if you don’t want to watch the live show, we will of course be releasing the audio version as we normally do on Sunday and the video will be archived on our YouTube page.)

What: iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast #501 – Live!
Where: Here or YouTube
When: Thursday September 3, 8:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT




  1. It’s been too long. At least one week too long.

  2. Green Lantern 4 Lyfe!

  3. Please leave in the “after show” on the video archive. It’s the part I always miss when it’s cut from the audio when released as the potw podcast. Thanks for 500 episodes!

  4. Am now recalling beautiful flashbacks from iFanboy’s previous live streamed podcast… when we were all distracted by something on Paul’s bookshelf… and Josh stayed away from his family for a surprisingly long time… and Conor was drunk…
    Ah, memories.

  5. Can’t wait for Sunday! A little upset I couldn’t catch it live

  6. The live shows with you guys are always the best. The wide range in e-mails/questions always lead the discussion in interesting places. I don’t often get the chance to sit and talk with friends at lengths about comics anymore, so watching these kind of shows is a kinda/sorta surrogate of that experience (that sounded far more creepy than I intended it to…). The 3 of you guys going without a script, just talking about comics/pop culture is always entertaining, and I just wanted to Thank you again guys for doing this every week!

  7. Not sure why- but I thought the live show was this Sunday.

  8. Congrats on 500 (+1) guys!

    Loving the live video, especially watching Josh get more and more and more drunk. Funny stuff!