Join Us For iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast Episode #300 — LIVE on USTREAM!

Happy belated birthday, Jack Kirby!

As you may have noticed if you pay attention to such things, we just released the 299th episode of the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast. That means that next week’s show is episode 300 and since it’s comics and that’s a round number it’s time to do something special.

Normally we would all get together and do a live show to celebrate but this year our schedules made that impossible. So we’re getting together virtually! This Friday we’ll jump on USTREAM to live broadcast the recording of the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast Episode #300! After we’re done with the show we’ll hang around for a bit to chat with everyone and answer questions in the chat room. If you’ve ever attended one of our live USTREAM shows in the past you’ll know the drill.

So, to sum up:

WHAT: Live broadcast of iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast Episode #300 and post show chat!

WHEN: Friday, September 2nd. 8pm EST.

WHERE: You can watch the show LIVE below – and if you’d like to chat with the other viewers, as well as us, you can head over to iFanboy on USTREAM and watch and chat there.

Streaming by Ustream

See you then!


  1. I’ll be blocking out Saturday so I can watch. The wibbly wobbly-ness of timezones and the international dateline has its perks on occasion.

    300 episodes is a phenomenal achievement. Congratulations to everyone that’s taken iFanboy to this incredible milestone.

  2. Should be good. Looking through the comics coming out this week, and one of them is Ultimate Comics Hawkeye. Josh has the pick this week, right?

  3. Hooray! These are always fun. Hopefully it won’t be the middle of the night for me.

  4. I…. will be there

  5. What time will this be on for the UK?

  6. I really hope I get home from work early enough for this. 300 episodes is a fantastic achievement, especially because after 30 episodes, you guys just keep getting better and better. You would think after all this time, you would settle into a formulaic routine, but the podcast is fresh and the excitement you guys still have for the job is amazing. Congrats on 300!

  7. I love it when you guys do these. Unfortunately, I’ll be in Atlanta attending Dragon*Con, so I’m going to have to miss it. Let me congratulate you in advance for reaching 300 shows. Well done, gentlemen.

  8. Awesome stuff guys!!
    I’ll probably be there.

  9. Cool. That’s a Saturday morning for me, so I’ll definitely be taking part. Can’t wait to talk about Justice League and the end of Flashpoint.

  10. Congrats on the milestone! hopefully i can make the ustream.

  11. The main question, will Josh be Sybian ready since he now has stitches?

  12. Updated with the time.

  13. sweet, can’t wait

  14. This sounds like fun! Hopefully I can survive all the ‘comic books?!’ eyerolls I’ll get from my husband.

  15. Awesome. I can come right home from internship and watch this. Can’t wait!

  16. There’s that old iFanboy image I love so much! Aw, nostalgia.

  17. is there any chance of recording this USTREAM and publishing it as a video podcast?

  18. Crap. I’ve promised my son we would go to a football game that night. I’m with Wally, with this be posted as a videocast for those of us who can’t hit it live?

  19. many beers will be drank lol

  20. 1am GMT on a friday? I’ll be there!

  21. Man, congratulations guys! 300 episodes is a rare feat indeed, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer group’a geeks!

    Can’t watch the live show, but I look eagerly forward to the podcast, as I do every week.

  22. So is that like 1am for the UK

  23. Tonight’s the night! Really wish I could celebrate with the live show. Have a good one and post that sucker up soon so the rest of us can check it out.

  24. I’d love to watch live but the time-zone difference makes it impossible. Could we please have a video podcast of it?

  25. Well, looks like my plans have changed. I’ll be watching tonight!

  26. almost time, giggidy giggidy,

    hope you three stooges bring your A-GAME !

  27. It’s 1am in the UK amd Ireland. How many of you stayed up for this?

  28. Has it started yet? I don’t see anything ?

  29. I’ve got the podcast but can’t get chat to work.

  30. Thanks for the great 300th show guys! I had a lot of fun listening in and asking questions afterwards. Plus a special surprise at the end was really something.

    Also, if you guys (i.e. everyone on here) wanted to hear some TNC bashing then this was the show for you! *thumbs up*

  31. Watched the whole thing and had a blast! Thank you guys for being awesome!

  32. that was a great episode. Stayed for the whole 4 hours. thanks for a fun episode guys.

  33. I watched as long as I could. My internet took a dump on me so I missed the last part of the “extra hours”. Wished the chat would have loaded up. Never got it to work. Would really have loved to have yapped with fellow iFanboys.

    Nonetheless it was a great time. You guys MUST do it again. Thanks for the great show. Lotsa fun.

  34. Oh, and be sure to add Ron’s live mic Belch in the show notes! Freaking classic! 😀

  35. man…….. I missed this one. is there anyway you guys could upload it?

  36. Forget about the belch, there’s another anatomy sound of Ron’s that we need to include. 🙂

  37. caught the last hour or so of stuff. Nice surprise interview in there. Seems like most of the regulars were in the chat room..good times.

  38. I started a drinking game while watching this last night. Take a drink every time Ron interrupted Josh. By the end I was as drunk as Conner.

  39. Love that you guys were drinking during the podcast.

  40. I guzzled three diet Dr. Peppers.

  41. It was lots of fun to participate on UStream. I did feel a little bad when I made a joke about Ron name dropping (when he mentioned having lunch with Sonia) and everyone took it as a serious comment. Oops! Sorry there Ron, I was honestly making a silly remark. (I will say you have some good friends there looking out for you. Conor especially seemed to have your back with the way leapt into action there.) I’m going to have to use one of my iFanboy Members Get Out of a Stupid Gaff for Free card on this occasion — I think I have one card left. 😉

    Congrats again on 300 episodes! That’s quite a milestone.