iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast #350! LIVE!

If you’re a regular listener to the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast or if you follow us on Twitter then you know that this Sunday will be our 350th episode. And as we’ve with done with episode 150, 250, and indeterminate episodes before that, we’re doing an all listener mail show! And we’re drinking! And this time we’ll be streaming it live over the internet!

But first, you still have until today at 6pm PT to send an email to contact@ifanboy.com with a subject line “350” to get your letter on the show. Anything that comes in after that time won’t be under consideration for the show.

We will be using Google+ Hangout to capture the video and we will embed a player in this post so that you can watch it here. We will also be embedding a chatroom widget so people can follow along the action. The video will also be available to watch live on on our YouTube page, and that page will also have a chatroom, but we will only be paying attention to the chatroom embedded here.

(And don’t worry, if you can’t watch the live show or if you don’t want to watch the live show, we will of course be releasing the audio version as we normally do on Sunday.)

What: iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast #350 – Live!
Where: Here or YouTube
When: Thursday, 8pm ET / 5pm PT


  1. Excellent. This should be fun. It’s always good to hear that Conor will be thoroughly drunk before most people in his time zone sit down for dinner.

  2. “Tagged With: Drunken Shenanigans”

    So excited.

  3. Gonna be a little past my bedtime I think (4am for the UKers!) but y’all have fun – I might be up in time to catch the end!

  4. I’m always busy when y’all do this. Booo.

  5. Episode 351: Conor’s Intervention, Part Deux

  6. Parri Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    I’ll be at a UK festival this weekend, which is awesome.
    Which mean I’m going to miss this, which is less awesome.

    Will the unedited video be forever available on YouTube for posterity/evidence/those who couldn’t be there?

  7. You guys have ruined that Kirby panel for me you know. Now everytime i see it, all i can think of is iFanboy 😉

  8. I hope this is an extra long episode 🙂

  9. Personally, I look forward to eating a big ol’ bucket of fried chicken and listening to this finger licking good podcast.

  10. Crap!

    Not sure if I’ll be able to listen to the live stream. Oh well, I’ll be here for the podcast anyways.

  11. Will it be recorded?

    I might miss the live version but I’d love to watch it later!

    • The article mentions that the live show will also be released as the regular sunday POTW audio show. I don’t believe they capture the live video for later distribution, so you’ll probably have to rely on the theatre of the mind.

    • Yeah I know they’re doing the audio version. Just hoped I could watch it later, lots of livestreaming sites give the option to record and have it be viewable later.

  12. liquor store run after work and good thing it’s only perseason games on tonight or I might have missed this.

  13. Oh boo. I’ll be working. Have fun!

  14. Awesome show guys, I listened to it from beginning to end. I can’t wait for episode 400! : )

  15. You guys don’t seem to like DC much which makes the things come across as very Marvel/Indies biased.

    All Star Western for instance is an awesome book with great writing and art that isn’t a superhero book. I, Vampire is also a really strong book with great art and writing. In fact most of the dark books are good and are at least trying to be different.

    I squirm when you get a question about DC and seem to dismiss the entire output of a company.

    Just my two cents.

    • They are generally pretty unbiased. It seems that they simply aren’t enjoying the DC books quite as much as the Marvel books right now. It happens.

    • I generally favor DC over Marvel, but even I think DC is in a bit of a rut right now. None of the books seem as good as they were even six months ago (WW excluded). I hear I, Vampire has been getting better, but I’ve been trade-waiting on that series. Even the stalwart Vertigo has been losing a lot of steam to Image.

    • I certainly don’t dismiss the entirety of DC’s output.

  16. That was fun. Thanks guys.

  17. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Very sorry to have missed this. My allergies have been a living nightmare the past few days, and last night I was essentially deceased. Glad it went well though. Proud of contributing in some small part to reaching this crazy milestone.

  18. How long did this go? It was a lot of fun, but I had to bail out just a bit before 10pm Eastern time.

    • I jumped off at 11:30ish eastern and they had finished the video portion. I think Conor hung around and chatted for a while.

    • Oh wow, then I’ve got a lot to look forward to on Sunday!

      Thanks for reading my questions guys, even the dumb one about the total number of issues published by a company. After I hit send, I realized how low all my estimates were. And since most companies release multiple comics each week, I don’t think you could ever say which particular issue hit the milestone number anyway.

  19. Thanks for reading my question guys! I’m glad you feel the same way I do about comics to film adaptations.

    …and I wish my accent was as thick as the one Ron displayed. I’m a transplant from Syracuse, but Ron sounded a lot like some of my wife’s relatives!

  20. I ended up making it in late. Don’t know if my question got read or not, but goddamn that chat room was funny. At least it was for me. I’m sure others were annoyed at how quickly chat rooms devolve some of us into stupid 13 year olds, but I was having fun.

  21. I was there from beginning to end & it was SO much fun! Thanks to the team for all they do, & thanks to the community for being awesome.

  22. My gratitude and admiration knows no ends for the work you guys do here and pretty much the whole ifanboy story. I was lucky enough to come across your print ad on the back inside cover of the Vertigo: Resurrected “Hellblazer: Bad Blood” collection about a year ago and ifanboy’s been in my life ever since.

    I was happy to see “Prophet” finally snatch up the POW, but the thoughtful responses to the more complex industry questions were quite a shine on the already spectacular conversational chemistry you guys you usually have when people ask about folks in the industry “Changin’ The Game!!”

    Here’s to 350 More!!

  23. Looking forward to the mp3 version, can’t wait.

    Hell yeah another 350, lets go

  24. Gordon is real!