iFanboy Helps Out The Other Young Avengers

From this week’s Dark Reign Young Avengers #3

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  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  2. Sweet. Now I will be even more proud to wear my shirt (when it gets delivered). I believe this is Paul Cornell. Cool.

  3. Is even the little editorial caption box in the comic?  If so, that is really great, (if not it is still pretty freakin’ cool).

  4. Wait. Is that graph indicating that as responsibility increases power decreases (after reaching a maximum)? What is prompting this reversal? I need context.


  5. I saw this and squeeked.  My must think I’m insane.

  6. That is great.

    @stuclach yes its Paul Cornell.

  7. That’s great, guys!  The eagle has landed, so to speak!  Now get to work on a shirt of Conor dressed like Cap punching a Hitler-mustachioed Ron in the face screaming "AM I REAL?"!  Either that or a pic of Ron, Conor and Josh in a heroic pose screaming "X-MEN FOREVER!".

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Paul Cornell rules. 

  9. That is really awesome for you guys, congrats

  10. Haha that’s awesome!

  11. You have arrived!

  12. That’s really awesome, you guys should see if you can buy that page and put it up in the "IFanboy Offices"

  13. Neat!

  14. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    That is great!

  15. iFanboy needs to own that page.

  16. Paul Cornell does, in fact, rule. I hope his next project is as good as Captain Britain.

  17. This is the second comic iFanboy has been immortalized in, right? I remember you guys popping up in Green Arrow Black Canary.

  18. Oh Paul Cornell…how I love thee!

  19. iFanboy are the New Young Avengers.

  20. Shouldn’t Great Power be on the bottom since its the base value and Great Responsibilty is based on who much power one has? And how can Great Power increase or decrease?

  21. @BoogieKnight: It’s a shirt that is read left to right. It’s not a real math equation.

  22. @conor: no, i think he has a point there

  23. way to go.  you guys have been immortalized in a marvel comic

  24. not this debate again…

    But Congrats to iFanboy, must feel like Weird Al just did a parody of one of your songs.

  25. @BoogieKnight, @conor, and @edward – BoogieKnight is correct that the exogenous variable (power) should be on the X axis and the endogenous variable (responsibility) should be on the Y axis.  That is typically how they are present. However, in Economics we often put Price on the vertical (Y) axis and Quantity on the horizontal (X) axis simply because it is easier for students to interpret. I think the way the relationship is presented here is valid because the reference is still clear.

    Also, it’s just a t-shirt. 

  26. Can we never bring up the correct or incorrect axes again?  We already printed them, and the joke doesn’t work for most people if you read the word responsibility first.

    Mathematically correct?  Don’t care.

    Paul Cornell is, in fact, my dawg.

  27. The real nerd would point out that the "With great power, comes great responsibility" statement is a logical relationship, not a statistical one.

  28. @redlibertix- Exactly.

  29. This is tantamount to the Liquid Paper people thanking Romy & Michelle. Epic.

  30. NICE

  31. are you guys gonna buy the original pencils for that???

  32. Very cool.

  33. and that is why Dark Reign: Young Avengers #3 is Pick of the Week….

    Seriously, really cool to see.

  34. The math equation joke is still funny.

  35. That is pretty damn awesome. Congrats!

  36. That’s pretty dope.  Congrats to the Ifanboys and Paul Cornell is the comics master.

  37. Very Nice

  38. it’s a nice chart. i like to wear charts.

  39. I think this also proves:

    Your ‘unoffical’ T-shirts are being noticed like bands noticing Kazaa

  40. Awesome.  Wait, has someone said that yet?  Still, awesome.

  41. and about the axes issue, there is nothing mathematically incorrect about putting either aspect on the x- or y-axis. It is a ratio. It can be expressed in terms of power or in terms of responsibility. For instance we generally express speed as a rate of distance over time, but it could also be expressed as time over distance, or hours/mile. More useful for a snail than a human perhaps, but still, nothing mathematically wrong about either. 

  42. None of the words or graphics would be on the original art.

  43. That’s got to be by far the most epic thing I’ve read in a comic since Spider-man referenced family guy who referenced spider-man. *has migrane*

  44. I thought the shirt was in no way affilliated with a Marvel character. Looks like you’ll have to come up with a new disclaimer. Congrats guys! Great mention. Here’s the real question: Did Paul Cornell credit you because he was afraid of your legal team that you mentioned on the potw podcast?

  45. It would be way cooler if she was drawing Ron’s sideburns/mutton chops.  But still very cool.

  46. irony is iFanboy sueing Marvel because of that

  47. Holy crap that’s awesome! Now I have to read my copy. It’s going to the top of the stack right now.

  48. That’s awesome, guys.  Ordered a shirt just a bit ago myself, looking forward to it arriving!

  49. Now if only Ifanboy can help out Heinberg.

  50. Regarding the whole argument about which value belongs on which axis, it really does need to be Y: Power, and X: Responsibility for the joke to work. However, in the comic, it is strange to include the word "great", thereby predetermining the respective values of power and responsibility.

    Regardless though, that is freakin’ awesome that you guys were credited with that on the page. Great job! However, 50 years from now, when iFanboy takes over and establishes totaliarian rule, some kid will pick up this issue from a $30 dollar bin (inflation), read that footnote, and think, Why the hell would anyone thank iFanboy? They are our tyrannical overlords!

    Maybe I’m letting my imagination run a little wild. Maybe.

  51. Awesome.  I wonder how many more issues they will sell.  I’m buying one.

    And on the whole axes.  Are we really being that nerdy about a t-shirt joke inspired by a comic book character catch-phrase.  🙂  Do two nerdies cancel each other out?

    It’s a cool and clever t-shirt, not math.  

  52. this IS really cool, but I am more curious about why she is wearing gauntlets to do what looks like quite delicate painting?

    Also give it up with the graph debate. It is such a ridiculous and insignificant argument. 

  53. That is Brilliant! ;D

  54. Yeah, but what’s this going to mean in 30 years when kids are reading "Essential Young Avengers"? They’ll be all confused. 

    Just playing, congrats guys that is indeed quite awesome.  

  55. @delphan – I was attempting to make a joke (notice the whole "Also, it’s just a t-shirt" in my post).

  56. Fantastic!

  57. @Jurassicalien: When the ifanboys turn into our dictators in 30 years; this will be required reading at the schools.

  58. @stuclach – Got your joke and liked it.  But clearly my (lame) nerd math joke attempt missed.  "Two nerdies cancel each other out"…OK, never mind 🙂  Not pointing at anyone.  Just generally noting that the math thing comes up every time the shirt is mentioned without fail, and only cos that makes me smile. 

    I really should buy one of those shirts, BTW.

    And again, iFanboy: being named in an editor’s note!  Awesome.

    And as another aside, I wish editor’s notes were back in all books. 

  59. @delphan – I order the red version. It looked good on Conor.

    I agree wholeheartedly that editor’s notes should be back in all books. 

  60. -cameo in green arrow

    -shout out from paul cornell

    what next?  Josh meets Grant Morrison within the pages of a reimagned aquaman?

  61. epic

  62. iFanboy has come a long way from Ithaca, huh?

  63. so awesome