iFanboy Global Expansion: Initiated

If I may once more use a phrase which summons up exactly the way we feel about the following announcements: Hold on to your butts.

You've probably noticed that we've expanded our written content offerings a great deal in the past month or so, delivering new regular features, and spending more time reporting on the stuff in comics that you care about. It's going well, and we thought, why not really do something. So we'd like you to meet some new members of the team. Please welcome these additions to the expanded iFanboy family.


First and foremost, having built the best and most widely respected comic book interview podcast there ever was, we welcome none other than John Siuntres and his Word Balloon podcasts to iFanboy. New shows will be available here on iFanboy.com every Tuesday as well as on WordBalloon.com, and like always, John will wring the best out of the biggest names in the comic book industry. There's no one better, and we're incredibly pleased to be collaborating with him.

Another Chicago alum you might recognize from his guest spots on iFanboy, or possible Around Comics or Tom vs. The Flash, we're completely and unironically thrilled to have Tom Katers on board, contributing a regular column every Friday, looking at comics and their vast history in the way that only Tom can.

David Brothers is an old hand in comics blogging, coming from the 4th Letter, and Comics Alliance, and he'll be rounding up all the comics news that matters every monday, as well as contributing blog posts, reviews, and who knows what else.

On Tuesdays, we welcome the voice of Molly McIsaac, who also blogs on geek culture for Battlemouth. Molly's no stranger to the worlds of comics, manga, and cosplay, and she's definitely going to bring a different perspective than we've seen at iFanboy so far.

One thing we've always wanted to add to the content line up around here is more written interviews with the folks in the industry, and Matt Adler, veteran comics writer from CBR, AICN, Broken Frontier, and more will be talking to creators, movers and shakers every week.

Ryan Haupt has been a friend of the show for many years, and is an honest to goodness man of science. You can listen to his podcast Science… sort of, and now you can read his writing on comics and science here on iFanboy.

Benjamin Simpson is another friend of the show, and is a man about comics on the web. We have no doubt he'll be in charge of a Hollywood studio some day, but for now, you might know him as a writer for GeekWeek and a mainstay of the venerable Bendis boards at Jinxworld. Look for Ben's blogs and reviews.

Another aspect of comics we're excited to be adding is a look at the business side of the comic book industry and for that, we turn to our pal Jason Wood, who you may know as a co-host of the podcast  11 O'Clock Comics. By day though, Jason is quite the business man and brings a real knowledge of finance and business to his analysis of the comics world, in addition to sharing with us his thoughts and opinions of comics as well.

Finally, we welcome Josh Richardson, a gamer's gamer, who has more than a little experience in comics. He works in the video game industry, has a history of working in comics retail and even did some professional comics lettering, Josh will be bringing the worlds of comics and video games together, filling a valuable niche on the iFanboy staff.


But don't fret, because the old gang's all still here. Paul Montgomery, Jim Mroczkowski, and Mike Romo are still going to contribute regularly, and Chris Neseman can still be heard on the Don't Miss Podcast. You can still expect all the regular goodness you've come to expect from iFanboy, plus a lot more. Look for our podcasts as you always have, and plenty of news, reviews, and opinions from Josh, Ron, and Conor too.

See, it's like before, but way better. Are you still holding your butt? Because it's probably OK to let go now.


  1. Consider my butt well and truly held. Great news, can’t wait to see what the newbies bring to the table!

  2. Wowee. Great news guys!!

  3. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    This is big news. Looks like there’s now an iFanboy army! I’m looking forward to all the new stuff that’s coming. Welcome aboard, everyone!

  4. Jeeez. I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself with all this new blood.  Probably make an organizational flow chart though.

  5. Welcome to all!  This is great news although I fear my brain will explode with all this new content.  It’s ok, I didn’t really need it to begin with… 🙂

  6. Wow. This is huge news. Congratulations to everyone involved.

  7. Good stuff. Welcome to all and can’t wait to start reading your columns 😀

  8. I am disappointed that you did not unveil the new contributors one by one, on a daily basis ala the Avengers ads:

     "I’m a member of iFanboy."

  9. Holy smokes! Great news, welcome aboard everyone!

  10. Holy crap that’s a lot of writers!

  11. With all these new writers on board with weekly features, is there or will there be, a section on iFanboy where we will be able to find each weekly feature easier?

  12. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    The hazing begins tomorrow at dawn, but for now we celebrate like Ewoks! 

    Welcome aboard, newbies! Really excited about all the future collaborations. Great day! 

  13. Fantastic news! You’re a wonderful comics amalgam of talent.
    I’m really looking forward to this. 
  14. Dang – talk about an all-star cast.  Great to hear!  I agree with @Theoran – you guys should probably make your site navigation much more granular to include these weekly features and shows.

  15. I just want to know where I can hang my swords.

  16. Yeah navigation for all the separate  features would be nice

  17. Is it the Cornucopia of iFanboy or the iFanboy Empire?

    Congrats on your growth and continued success. 


  18. All you’re missing is a demolitions expert. Great line-up.

  19. INCREDIBLE!  If I wasn’t already a member, I’d sign up RIGHT NOW!

  20. Welcome everyone.

    I will continue to hold my butt. 

  21. The Great ifanboy Takeover. Empire building, right here. Great job, guys.

  22. No Rob Liefeld? Well, I guess this is OK too.

  23. Hey cool! You guys be blowin up!

  24. Awesome!

  25. It’s about time you guys brought John Siuntress into the fold.

  26. Finally… One stop shopping!


    Seriously, THIS is a f@cking brilliant move.  Major kudos to whomever pulled the trigger on this.


    the Tiki 

  27. So the new iFanboy tagline will be: iFanboy – So much content you will lose your job keeping up

  28. Very excited to be a part of the iFanboy team in a small way. Hopefully my business musings won’t put people to sleep because there’s way too much awesomeness coming from the rest of the incumbent and new team members that deserves your attention.



  29. To all comments about the site organization and navigation: stay tuned. Good things still to come in that department…we appreciate all your suggestions as well!

  30. @Wood – Welcome, sir.  I have been very interested in learning about the way the comics business works (in detail) and haven’t had enough free time to dig that information up on my own.  I look forward to your articles.

  31. Awesome! Definitely looking forward to even more great content from iFanboy!

  32. @Theoran, last time we talked about it, something like that was part of the plan.

    I am thrilled to have even more of my favorite podcasters and writers under the iFanboy banner. When I was getting back into comics, the main thing that separated our site from the other ones I looked at was Personality: I couldn’t tell you a single name of anyone who was responsible for those other sites, but by the time I had spent fifteen minutes here I felt like I knew the guys making it. I look forward to better getting to know "the new guys" along with the rest of you in that same way.

  33. Wow, that’s some big news for iFanboy! Very cool, and congrats all around!

  34. Congrats to iFanboy and the new recruits.  Truly looking forward to all the new content.

  35. My mind is officially blown. I was already pleased with the quality and frequency of the content here on iFanboy, and this announcement just blew the roof off. I couldn’t be more pleased with this site and this community – LOVE all the additions you keep bringing to the the iFanboy family guys!

  36. At what point can we expect acquisitions of iFanoogle and Ifantube? Also, will Conor, Ron, and Josh be merciful and fair overlords?

  37. @s1lentslayer They are great! The wifi in the writer’s dungeon is extremely high quality. They gave us a WHOLE loaf of old bread to split this weekend as well. Writing for Ifanboy > being able to speak to your family!

  38. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Seriously over the moon. It’s like the Comic Book Podcasters All-Star game. When I got the email about this it was like three Christmases, a birthday, and the good parts of Thanksgiving. 

  39. Congratulations to all! One stop shop for everything.

  40. Siuntres and Wood?

    iFanboy is now awesome. No offense intended to the iTrinity and the current writers but I know Siuntres and Wood will bring the kind of stuff I really like to the site.

    Great stuff! However, how these new acquisitions are paid for remains a mystery to me seeing as the "lights are kept on" by donations… Not meant as a criticism but as curiosity. Becoming a member has become quite a bit more interesting with this latest news.

  41. Well done gentlemen. Looking forward to all the new stuff.

  42. Ifanboy has now definitley has become the must go to site, with these new additions

  43. OMG!

    This is like "The Inifinity Gauntlet"!

    Lots of my favorite characters all under one cover!


  44. Salutations to all the new talent! Can’t believe you guys passed up the chance to do Avengers-style "I am an iFanboy" weekly reveals of the new team. We would have been on the edge of our seats.

  45. Seems like iFanboy is gonna be THE site to get a variety of comic news and opinions. Great news, indeed!

  46. Thanks for the welcomes, everybody!

  47. Wow!

  48. The fact that Josh Richardson doesn’t have any links only leads to me believe he is an elaborate prank by Josh and Ron. Congrats new guys, except J.R. I’ve got my eyes on you…

  49. Wowwy wow wow! first off Congrats on the expansion of the site, I can barely keep up with the content as it is right now, I can’t imagine the breakneck speed this will shift the site into. I look forward to Ryan’s articles being a science major myself and have often wanted to see someone examine science in comics. Wow!

  50. iFanboy is locking that Eisner win in. Suck it CBR!

  51. Good grief! Suintres! Katers! Wood!  95% of my podverse content is here! Grab Augie from CBR and poach Sims from CA/The-ISB and you’ll have ’em all. 

    It’s like you’re the goddamned Yankees, stockpiling all that talent.

  52. @Simon – Demolitions is just the chemistry people get excited watching. Science will take care of all your explosion needs.

    @English – Sweet! What kind of science? It better be one of the good ones. *shakes fist menacingly*

    To everyone else: Woot! This wasn’t a hallucination/prank.  "Hold onto your butts" is a quote from a scientist, and Josh used it twice. Just something to think about…

  53. What i love the most about this, is that it has been years in the making. The friendships that have been growing between AC, 11 O’Clock, Wordballoon and iFanboy are culminating in an awesome online partnership. I’m thrilled to be a small part of it, and I know Tom, John and Jason feel the same way.

  54. Speak for yourself Neseman! I hit ifanboy with my car and I was sentenced to write for them.

  55. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    You ran over our beagle! 

  56. This is excellent news! so glad to see a bunch of names I’m already a fan of join the iFanboy crew! Welcome everyone and i can’t wait to read your stuff!

  57. This is great news! So many powerhouses in comics podcasting, I can’t wait to see all the new content.  You forgot Roger Sterling on the flow chart.

  58. Welcome to iMonopoly

  59. Thanks for the warm welcome gang!



  60. Ifanboy adding Tom Katers alone is worth the $100 a year membership. Neseman and AC were keeping him down.   

  61. So many new people and articles! My brain cannot fathom just how awesome this is!

  62. glad to be part of the team. the guys have been my friends for years, and now we’re all working together for the greater good! 

  63. HOLY. FUCKIN’. AWSOSOME. iFanboy is blowing up! I’m a big fan of a lot of these folks. I’m really excited to see some comic SCIENCE via Ryan Haupt.

  64. I just invented that word, AWSOSOME. It’s like awesome only more awesome.

  65. Nice little team the ifanboys are building here im pumped for the developments

  66. Are these guys gonna be on the podcasts from time to time?

    I would imagine Katers (to replace josh of course), but I would love to hear from everyone else.

  67. It just gets better, congrats to the R.E.C.R.U.I.T.S. and hi to the founders and regulars.

  68. Wow. I feel bad not being a paid-member. All this comics-goodness in one website is crazy. Gonna have to remedy that when the next paycheck hits.

  69. [quote]

    Are these guys gonna be on the podcasts from time to time?

    I would imagine Katers (to replace josh of course), but I would love to hear from everyone else.[/quote]

    I’ve been fortunate enough to appear on the show once in place of Josh (hard seat to fill), and I know Chris has been on once, and Tom was on a few times recently. I think like any of the other iFanboy collaborators, we all love the trio as its intended, but also are flattered and have a blast when we’re given the occasional chance to jump in and talk for a bit.


  70. @ThomasKaters Sounds like the Seinfeld defense; the iFanboy writer/butler.

  71. Great news!

  72. @TheNextChampion –  David Brothers, John Siuntres, Jason Wood, Tom Katers and myself do have podcasts of our own already if you really must hear us speak. They all talk comics exclusively, sometimes mine digresses into science. Check them out!

  73. Wow, Ifanboy now has an army. Cool. Welcome all.

  74. See now this I like, because it may actually cut down the amount of time I spend on the ‘net…why would I have to waste precious time on other sites with all this content.  Sounds like the bases be covered…

    Global expansion=euphemism for domination?  Next phase…ifanboy sleeper agents…

  75. Avatar photo Molly McIsaac (@MollyMcIsaac) says:

    I’m intensely excited to be part of the team. <3 Especially now that I have witnessed this overwhelming enthusiasm!

  76. Wow, hell of a lineup.  Tom, John and Woooode anchor my three other favorite podcasts; having them all in one place is astounding.  As Chris said above, the interweaving relationships are culminating right here, before our very eyes.

    I’m don’t mean to give short shrift to David, Molly, Matt, Benjamin, Ryan, and Josh… WELCOME!  I can’t wait to read all of your upcoming columns.

  77. Nice. More content = more iFanboy goodness. Now if only we could get rid of that Flanagan guy…

  78. Awesome news! This is so cool. 😀

  79. This is  the Alpha roster.

  80. Congradulations, before IFanboy was one of my favorite websites. Now it’s my favorite website! HUZZAH!!!

  81. Omg… Josh Richardson. They did it, they finally fused. I think that this type of combination however would cause alot of self loathing.

  82. Just to clear something up I’m being asked about on Twitter and email, etc…

    This writing gig is 100% complementary to my primary role as one of the co-hosts of 11 O’Clock Comics. Just like my co-host Chris does double duty as a host of iFanboy’s Don’t Miss and does our show (and until recently did the amazing Around Comics podcast), I will be writing my column as a way to cross pollinate between our shows. We’ve already long been buddies and part of a mutual admiration society, so I don’t want people thinking this changes anything going on with 11 O’C. 

    Now back to the grindstone…


  83. Wow.

  84.  The changes they are a happening.Good luck to all the newbies!

  85. Serious question.

    When do I get the keys to the executive washroom? That was a rider in my contract you know. Oh, and has anyone told Paul that he’s got to give me his parking spot at iFanboy HQ? 🙂


  86. congrats guys, you just got moved in front of Newsarama, Wikipedia, and CBR on my bookmarks bar

  87. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    And now the guys are all laughing because I don’t drive. Don’t think about touching my bike rack, Wallstreet! 

  88. Holy bAjeebers! That’s ALOT of content! This is turning into a site the size of something in the vein of IGN or Gamespot, but ALL about the comics industry, blimey!

    Gets me wondering as to if we are going to have separate sections to find all the content for a particular topic or writer?

  89. Paul, my Segway will fit perfectly in your bike spot. Hand it over Philly boy 🙂


  90. Wow! This is fantasic news!! Welcome everyone, looking forward to your contributions!

    @Wood I’m not sure Paul has a parking space. It’s my understanding that Paul does all of his traveling in an old-timey hot air balloon.

  91. This means we’re getting a new video podcast of Tom and Paul touring the country by car, visiting cons, major LCSes and other notable landmarks, right?


  92. I love the new AROUND iFANBOY.  Nice.

  93. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @megnolia – That’s cross-country. For the metropolitan commute I’m on my penny farthing. 

  94. I feel like they just annouced my dream Justice League line up. It’s iFanboy Unlimited. In all seriousness I was going to be bummed at C2E2 with AC ending but this turned it around. Looking forward to seeing what the new iFanboy brings.

  95. Welcome to the team, team! I now going to curl up in a fetal position and sob quietly to myself; the company I was keeping was already stellar…now this is just scary.

  96. Just read all that stuff about driving… I guess my idea would work with a tandem bicycle.

  97. Dude!  I look away for a weekend and then THIS happens!  Sheesh.


  98. Avatar photo Molly McIsaac (@MollyMcIsaac) says:

    @Mike, you’re gonna like it. LIKE IT, DAMMIT.

  99. Love it, love it, love it. The best comic book website is getting better and ever growing. Also, along with some of the other names on the roster, I want to throw some love to @MollyMcIsaac. I’ve been enjoying her rantings, columns, postcards, etc. since she was the stranger who hit me up on Twitter a couple of years ago, haha. Look forward to seeing everyone’s stuff, new and old, and keep up the goodness, iFanboy!

  100. Avatar photo Molly McIsaac (@MollyMcIsaac) says:

    @mcbaker, awww! I’m blushing <3

  101. This is like the Avengers or JLA of comics podcasts/websites! I’m sure Tom calls the Flash bolt for his chair at the table – what do the rest of you get? And will we get to see fistfights for the chairperson job?

  102. Around 11 O’Clock the iFanboys Blow Up a Word Balloon.

  103. Some really fantastic additions, guys! Congratulations to everyone involved.

  104. Great stuff, I look forward to seeing and hearing the new content.

  105. When iFanboy rules the world will paying members get the women of our choice?

  106. "If I may once more use a phrase which summons up exactly the way we feel about the following announcements: Hold on to your butts." iFanboy is going to be eaten by dinosaurs?

  107. "Stay Golden Ponyboys"

    I just hope the days of the personal bar get togethers are not over.

  108. Been listening to/watching/reading ifanboy for years. Glad to see it grow.

  109. Fantastic news. I’ve also been watching Ifanboy grow over the years and I’m happy to welcome all the new staff!

  110. Now, even more time can be spent reading and listening about comics rather than reading the actual things themselves.  I think my to-read ‘stack’ will reach a new stasis of magnitude.

  111. This is awesome.  All my favorite comic podcasts/podcasters in one place.  Can’t wait for the next editions of the Bendis tapes, Loeb report and I’d be very interested in another Rucka debrief.


  112. Wow, there are almost as many iFanboy writers now as there are Flashes!

    Look forward to seeing the new content.

  113. Great news on the adds. Just a few question or considerations, I’m sure most of these are already being considered.

    1. Any chance of changing the colour of names or starring the names of writers in comments.

    2. Side tabs for each person and dates of the most recent additions. In addition to the set up you already have on the mainpage.

    3. Fold in the Rest of 11’Oclock Comics, Tom Vs. The Flash. (Get Blair Butler and Felicia Day Add some more Video Podcasts…Think I’m being greedy now.

    Gratz on the great work guys. 

  114. @Crucio: A website overhaul is coming in a few months that will address some of these concerns.

  115. @Conor: Good to know, you guys do good work and I look forward to everything ahead.

  116. Fantastic news. Love Siuntres’s extended interviews. But also, his website is a, shall we say, like a nice starter home fixxer-upper with lots’a potential and it’ll be great to encounter his interviews and writings within a more attractive and community-enabled site. Perhaps most intriguing, it’ll be great to see the added convenience for the current iFanboy writers be able to respond to interesting points raised by Siuntres and vice versa. 

  117. When’s the 24 hour iFanboy podcast going to be? 🙂

  118. Gordon Bennett!!!!! I come back from my Easter break and find that I am well and truly holding onto my butt.

  119. Congratulations, everybody! Especially my buddies David, Ryan and Josh!

    @CHUNK: What’s up, dude?

  120. Also, if I may, a small suggestion for Haupt: You should maybe think about updating your avatar because the one you have now doesn’t really do you justice. 😉

    And how are we supposed to tell the two redheaded Joshes apart?

  121. Sad that with the ability to make all these additions Ifanboy couldn’t keep Sonia around.

  122. @DrStatic: Here is a link for Josh Richardson. http://writersoldfashioned.com/blog/josh-richardson/ He actually exists, I have met him in real life.

  123. Wow, that’s a lot of new additions! Congrats to everybody who just joined the iFanboy team. Looking forward to reading all this new stuff!

  124. @KenKneisel hey! I <3 you. Good call on Haupts avatar. Ryan, you are way hotter than that photo suggests. Take Ken’s advice, then lets go wrestle some seals for #SCIENCE!!

  125. Please! Just leave all the feeds alone!


  126. AND with this bit of news, iFanboy just became the central hub for all comic book love/discussion.  I mean, you get Vince B. on here along with King Dap every once in a while, then you’ll have the whole thing sewn up. 

  127. I realize this is an apolitical website, but please do not hire Sarah Palin next.  Otherwise we may not get more of this good hopey, changey stuff.  Thank you.

  128. Bleeding Cool did not cover this…

  129. @Chunk & @KenKneisel Happy now? It’s more science, but not boring lecturey science.

  130. So the reign of the ifanboy empire has begun.


  131. The question becomes who of the iFanboys will eventually become the Darth Vader of the bunch as the empire grows.  I have to give it Conor (height, deep voice and baldness).

  132. THIS IS SO AWESOME I SHAT BRICKS! I am so PUMPED! More pumped than Terry Crews doing an Old Spice Commercial!

  133. @Haupt: Much better/hotter! 😉

  134. Yay! More content!

  135. You know I just realized something….Next year’s stack week is going to be HUGE!


  137. Really glad to have Tom, John and Billy Batson (no he’s not, he’s Jason Woooooood!) on board.

  138. Man, I go on the first vacation in quite sometime, and look what happens to the place.


  139. Really you put Siuntres infront of Katers?

    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

    You put your all star first up!


  140. Tuesday showdown: Siuntres vs. Katers. Cage match,  no weapons.

  141. Does this mean Ron, Conor, and Josh are finally gone. About time! Those guys really didn’t know what they were doing!  Come on Pick of the Week?!  Come on! How dumb of an idea was that…

    Oh wait, you’re just ADDing new people, not replacing anyone. Oh man. My bad!

  142. Great!!! I love all of these exciting additions. the only problem is I’m going to have a hard time keeping up with all of the content.

  143. Love the site…Don’t turn into Wizard magazine and sell out…WE’RE WATCHING YOU.

  144. Well, technically, we already sold out. And look how good things are!

  145. I wanna see you guys on TV every week for half an hour….Make it so!!!!!

  146. Now that you guys got more peeps, maybe you can bring back the daily mini videos. Maybe not do them yourselves, but assign your many minions to do them for you.