How ‘Captain America’ Should Have Ended

Listen, I really enjoyed Captain America: The First Avenger, but this video has a point, right after the stupid cold open joke.

I thought all of these things as I watched the end of the flick, but what really makes it funny is Batman and Superman at the end. They’re in a diner. See, you want to watch it more now, don’t you?


  1. Check out the other videos as well, Batman nd Superman show up at the end of the superhero ones.

  2. Man, that was epic, I love those ‘How it should have ended’ pieces.

  3. I liked the Captain America move a ton, but this is spot on.

  4. This really reminds me of Harvey Birdman, especially the end.

  5. i saw this the other day and loved it. “Do you hear that?”

  6. Should have just rode a nuclear bomb, there’s cinematic precedent.

  7. check out the dark knight hishe

  8. i didn’t hate the beginning. Until the last part. Where he screams like an idiot.

  9. I never thought about that while watching the movie.

    That’s a pretty big plot hole now that it’s pointed out.

  10. HISHE is puts out a lot of great videos. And pretty much all of their superhero movies end back in the dinner with Superman and Batman (which originally happened in their Superman video), which I think is funny. I think in the Thor one they flat out ask each other if they’re always going to do this.

  11. ha, nice

  12. Cause I’m Batman

  13. As far as I understood it, couldn’t he not leave the control because he couldn’t turn the auto pilot off? If he had left, the plane would have corrected course and wrecked havoc, no? Maybe I’m giving the movie more credit on that ending because I thought it was fine…

  14. That dinners gonna be pretty full for the avengers video.

  15. Haha, awesome.