Holy Licensing Windfalls! Jeff Parker & Jonathan Case Deliver BATMAN ’66 Digital First Series

TV's Adam West wishes Jeff well.

TV’s Adam West wishes Jeff well.

Chip Kidd just snarfed!

Warner Bros. is kicking off a merchandizing extravaganza centered on the likeness of the ’60s Batman TV series featuring Adam West.

Of interest to us is a new comic series inspired by that era, written by Jeff Parker. Jonathan Case is listed as the artist for the first installment, suggesting a rotating cast of artists may follow. Mike Allred will provide the covers. We can expect appearances from the dynamic duo as well as the Joker, Catwoman and the Riddler.

As with most of DC Comics’ exciting ventures, Batman ’66 will be serialized as a digital first comic, with print collections appearing later. That makes Jeff Parker sort of the mayor of DC’s digital offerings as he and Chris Samnee are also headlining the Adventures of Superman series in the wake of the Orson Scott Card fiasco.

We like Jeff Parker being a mayor of things.

Though we don’t have any official art at this point, we probably won’t have to wait too long. Batman ’66 launches this summer.

First person to make a sound effect gag gets their IP address banned for life.

How about some art?








  1. Hey Paul!

    To clarify, Warner just has merch rights, but the actual TV series is still in dispute between Fox Greenway, and and Warners, right?

  2. Holy Batman, Batman!

  3. First question: Will Joker have a moustache?

    Second question: WTF?!

    What is happening this week? Neil Gaiman bringing Angela to Marvel? Robert Redford joining Cap 2? THIS?! I cannot wait to see what’s next. Never let it be said that the modern comic industry is predictable.

    Allred on covers alone is worth the price. Curiosity abounds.

  4. Finally, a Batman book that won’t be wallowing in despair!

  5. Any word on DVD releases?

    • I DVR’d the episodes, bought a DVD burner, and put the series on DVD myself. You can also catch them on youtube. A guy called “FanOfBats” posted them.

  6. Yes.

  7. bang, zip, pow! comics are…for kids again?

    This will be the best batman book. So excited.

  8. OMG! Cesar Romero Joker stache!!!

  9. My gut reaction is no, but I can’t help but want to read it…like right now…looks like a helluva lotta fun! Love that Catwoman…love Allred on covers. I think this will sell like crazy when it hits comic book shelves.

    • “Well your mind is telling you no, no, but your body’s telling you yes! You don’t see nothing wrong, with a little Batman Sixty-Six”

  10. This makes me so unbelievably happy. This is the Batman I first experienced. I can still recall watching the reruns on USA right after He-Man. Robin getting swallowed by a clam! Pinky! The giant milkshakes. I will hand over all my money to read this.

    (What I wouldn’t give for a DVD rerelease, but that’s next to impossible.)

    • When I was a kid I thought the show was serious. Those cliffhangers made me so anxious! As I got older I learned to appreciate their comedic value. How Adam West kept a straight face I’ll never know.

  11. What glorious news. DC’s digital first branch ought to just be considered regular DC at this point.

    • This is indeed incredible news. I love what DC does with its digital-first stuff so much more than I do the regular DCU material.

  12. Upon seeing the art update (and hearing all the buzz about Private Eye), I may finally have to purchase a digital comic. Or I could remain a crotchety old geezer and wait for the printed collections.


  13. Allred on interiors please, Allred on interiors please, Allred on interiors please . . .


    That said, the preview art looks great. It’s probably not something I’d buy regularly, but pick up from time to time — definitely curious . . .

  14. Just thinking about all the villains that weren’t in the 66 series originally that could possibly be interpreted for this.

    Two-face, scarecrow, clayface, killer croc, bane, professor pyg, court of owls, etc.

    Man, I hope we see some of that.

  15. The best memories of my youth are from watching this show over lipton soup for lunch with my mom (in french, nonetheless!)!

    I might actually pick this up for shits and giggles! 😀

  16. Sounds like a digital treat, little break from the awesome but gloomy Bat-verse we’re used to.

  17. I demand King Tut and Egghead immediately!

  18. This is MY Batman. I like the creative team and I’ll be buying the print collections since they’re offering them.

  19. I was never a fan of that 60’s Bat-show, though this looks like a fun time. The pin-ups are spectacular, capturing the tone of images and spirit of the old t.v. series. The colors really pop on-screen.

    • I loved the series as a kid until I saw the first trailer for Tim Burton’s “Batman.” And then read “Dark Knight Returns.” And for years preferred that version of Batman until our current political and socio-economic climate came a little too close to both Alan Moore and Frank Miller’s predictions in the 80’s for my own personal comfort and the New 52 decided that all superhero children must die. So I’m kind of ready for some “ZAP!” and “POW!” in my life.

  20. This is great. This show is what helped me fall in love with the Batverse.
    I recently watched Batman: The Movie on Netflix with my six year old daughter and we had a blast watching it.
    It was just as great as I remembered it and, actually, better than I remembered it.
    One of my favorite parts of the movie was the insane riddles (and answers) and how fast Batman and Robin solved them!

  21. If there isn’t a major case to keep Jeff Parker then I think we just found it.

    I must buy ALL the copies of this when it comes out in print. Those Allred/Case images look great! Love how the coloring is bad considering coloring wasn’t a big focus back in the day.

  22. This is one of the first really positive things out of DC I’ve heard in a while. I’m very excited for this!

  23. Finally, we’re one step closer to my shipper dreams of Alfred and Aunt Harriet finally coming to fruition.

  24. Wow, this looks fun! Will definitely be picking this up.

    Oh I forgot I hate DC cuz they suck and all that.

  25. I want the 1960’s Radioactive Man comic by these artists next. Scout Master?! Anybody?

  26. I know this will probably never happen, but I think it would be great if there was one comic series set Michael Keaton’s Batman and another in Christopher Reeve’s Superman world

  27. Words cannot express my want

  28. So I’ve never been too high on the Jeff Parker material with Marvel but this and his Superman work sounds pretty exciting. Is there anything people would recommend by him outside of what he’s done at Marvel?

  29. Another win for the DC digital first team!! This looks great…

  30. I am a HUGE fan of the 60s show. I am so stoked for this!! Just makes my day.

  31. My wallet says no, but the boy-who-loved-this-show inside me says “YES YES YES!”