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You Want the First Installment of BATMAN ’66 by Jeff Parker & Jonathan Case

For once, “Biff! Bam! Pow!” actually seems appropriate.

Preview: MonkeyBrain’s THEREMIN #2

It’s time for assassination to evolve.

It’s Time: Digital Comics 2.0

Just because everything is amazing doesn’t mean we can’t do better.

David Accampo: My Life in the Direct Market, Part 3

Despite his best efforts, Dave’s comic didn’t quite reach the audience it needed to sustain a print run, though Sparrow and Crowe still have a future in digital distribution. So what’s next for the direct market, for comics and for Dave?

“The Funnies” – Seriously Important

Mike is reminded that comics are “fun” and wonders if today’s kids will get the chance to feel the same.

What Do We Lose When We “Go Digital”?

Does the move to digital comics mean a loss of one’s comic soul? A simple excursion to a used bookshop reminds us that “going digital” means some sacrifice.

Kids and Comics: Passing Down a Family Tradition

So you want your kid to like comics as much as you do? There’s hope. With the right bait, you just might hook ’em.

Holy Licensing Windfalls! Jeff Parker & Jonathan Case Deliver BATMAN ’66 Digital First Series

Hold me close, Chief O’Hara.

Review: THE PRIVATE EYE #1 by Brian K. Vaughan & Marcos Martin

“One day the cloud burst.”