Preview: MonkeyBrain’s THEREMIN #2

Leon Theremin discovered time travel and brought it to his superiors. It was just the beginning. It was maybe the end too.

The first issue of Curt Pires, Dalton Rose and Ryan Ferrier’s Theremin truly ahem resonated with me. It’s a beautiful, poetic, chilling book up there with the best science fiction over at Image. I’m thrilled to share a first look at the second issue of this MonkeyBrain gem, due out July 3rd. You can pre-order it now on Comixology.



Curt Pires, Writer
Dalton Rose, Artist
Ryan Ferrier, Letterer

ONE YEAR LATER. The Science Killer Squad is here. Eventually we all have to re-invent the art of assassination. PLUS: A secret that will tear everything apart! The spectacular second instalment of the new series by CURT PIRES and DALTON ROSE is here and it is gunning for your soul.

Now how’s about that preview?



  1. Really dug the first issue. I feel like Monkey Brain titles keep getting delayed for some reason or at least the monkey brain titles I like.

  2. @phess1

    Which is really too bad, because I’d like to support Monkey Brain titles heavily, but it can be a little frustrating. I think they’ve got the idea of how to do digital comics right. At least they’re trying to charge a more reasonable price, unlike Marvel (charging $19.99 for the collected edition of Thor: God of Thunder issues 1-5… preposterous).

    • Yeah big 2 digital comic pricing is ridiculous. One of the titles that I read from Monkey Brain called High Crimes is really strong. Probably one of my favorite ongoing comic series right now but it feels like there’s maybe been three issues within a six month period. Maybe they are supposed to be bi-monthly like Jupiters Legacacy or something.

    • Hey guys !

      Thanks for the kind words on the book and checking out the preview. As to scheduling , it’s really different for every book at MB . Creator’s basically set the schedules on the books, so that’s why I think you see such a wide variance of time between issues depending on what book/creator.

      This issue took a little bit longer then normal to finish , which is why it’s so (relatively) late after the first one. Happy to report issue three is on track to be released in August, a month after this issue is out , though 🙂


    • That’s great to hear thanks for letting us know. Loved issue one and looking forward to issue two.