Heroes – S03E14 – A Clear and Present Danger

Volume Four: Fugitives

Tonight’s episode: A Clear and Present Danger

Is this still on? Apparently so! NBC hasn’t yet fully handed its airwaves over to reality TV and Jay Leno so we might as well enjoy it while it lasts!

I have to say that the trailers for this new volume of Heroes make it look pretty badass. Hunted by the government and on the run with no one to turn to but each other could lead to some interesting stuff like, I don’t know, having all the characters work together or something.

I’m really looking forward to it!

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Okay this will be my final comment ever (for realz this time) for this series. Sorry I know I’ve voiced this opinion last year but this show is just clearly going to get cancelled. Bad ratings, poor writing, poor acting; and the only glimmer of hope is a guy who hasnt been on the show since season one? Sorry I am not willing to watch another bad series for 13 straight weeks…..That’s where the Simpsons take over.

    To me this plot feels very predicible and just by seeing the commercials for it 1000 times last night I can just tell where this series is gonna go. So sorry to bring the house down, go on with your lives and I hope you can find more entertainment in this series then I ever did.

  2. I’m stoked!

  3. Live blogging… its how MEN anonymously critic science fiction tv.  

  4. I look at it like a celebration, not a critique.  I wouldn’t waste my time on a show that I thought was bad or no fun to watch.

  5. Totally understandable, even when I hate Heroes, I love to hate it.

  6. lets do this everyone!!

  7. I believe she’s talking to Blagojevich.

  8. so shes getting captured

  9. wait, is he president now?

  10. @conor agreed

  11. Nathan Petrelli: Morally superior or self-loathing?

  12. She should just submit to the Anti-life.

  13. kill her we have had too much of her forever. whoa that dart looks liek it hurt

  14. That’s a lot of big guns.  You’d think one of them could blow her head off.

  15. nathan petrelli….FUCKING SELLOUT

  16. Zeljko Ivanek makes everything better.

  17. Ivanek’s REVENGE!!!

  18. Rich Eissen is looking old.


  19. i should have re-watched last season, cuz i forget what happenned..

  20. i love Ivanek so much hes good in everything

  21. I like that they are pitting the heroes against the government.  The strength of season one was a clear opponent.  Papa Petrelli was a good villain but the focus was too all over the place.

  22. where did hiro come from??

  23. costumes?? YES

  24. Like the Ghostbusters

  25. they have their own lair

  26. "Spandexchu" officially the greatest thing in my extremely limited japanese vocabulary

  27. Looks like Hiro and Ando live in a former REAL WORLD house.

  28. so no one answer my hiro question i remember what happenend

  29. Geez, Ando… talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth.


  30. is that !!! GPS!! him !!! holy crap so awesome!!

  31. Hiro is a better sidekick than Ando was, apparently.

  32. hes an EMT now!! poor pete

  33. Hiro is Microchip.

  34. so question…if Nathan knows Peter has no powers then why would he hunt him?? unless he gets powers back somehow

  35. yeah i totally forgot how Hiro came back to the present, supercharged speedster right?

  36. bitch mom back….GREAT

  37. ha the cheerleader got a GED.  ha!

  38. dont answer my question i remembered he shot himself. im a little off

  39. @rayclark: Peter’s got to get powers back somehow.  Probably soon.

  40. lol a GED…great now she can go to college….I MISS SYLAR!!

  41. Sylar can’t hurt you, Claire.  He’s off on a five year mission.

  42. @rayclark Peter can at least fly, I think.

  43. @conor: didnt he shoot himself with the gun in the last ep to fly Nathan out of the building??

  44. Also, Noah is the worst bullshitter ever. 

  45. the 5 year plan for world domination

  46. GED gets you into Georgetown huh? Can Claire play basketball or something?


  47. he looks very dead to me

  48. ahhhhh there he is sylar!!

    @psyguy411: yea i tthought so too

  49. whoa sylar is a super stalker…thats crazy. OMG his dad!! HOLY CRAP

  50. @RobAbsten: A rich and powerful politically connected family gets you into Georgetown.

  51. haha when i hear that song all i can think of is Falllout 3


  52. i thought lionel luthor was uspposed to play sylars real dad from what i read online about some HEROES rumors….anyone know about that

  53. Man C, you stepped all over my John Thompson/Patrick Ewing joke.

  54. Any chance we can get an iFanboy Special edition: Air Buddies in Space?

  55. @Jarrett: YES lmao

  56. bizarro world! 🙂

  57. matt and daphne cute??

  58. didnt parkman use his abilities to pass his exam

  59. matt seeing the african man??


  61. I forgot already….how much time has elapsed since the last the volume.


  63. Nathan you dirty slut.

  64. @rayclark word

  65. sylars having daddy issues…lol

  66. Oh, that’s good old man, insult his mother.

  67. Does Sylar have an ability that kept his clothes from being burned or did he just buy the same jacket?

  68. aaaand enter Lionel Luthor playing Sylars Real Daddy…..


    wow he didnt kil hil

  69. Season 1 trenchcoat

  70. Sylar’s real father’s super power is going to be to remain on a TV show for seasons longer than his character should just by dint of his being awesome.

  71. They acquired a writer from Battlestar Galactica, that’s in effect next episode and on so hopefully that’s good news.

  72. HAHA mohinder and peter bff again lol

  73. they’re definitely going for a parrellel back to the beginning..

  74. Good times in the cab

  75. I think Mohinder just circles the block wherever Peter is so he can pick him up.  Also, I wonder what Mohinder thinks of the NYC cabbie credit card controversey.  These are things I think about.

  76. wow sounds like Nazis

  77. Peter’s been reading Claremont era X-Men.

  78. cue bad guy.

    @conor: they are bff so i guess that means somethign

  79. Lamest swat team ever.

  80. Hey!  When did NYC become downtown LA?

  81. @Jarrett: agreed they arent even SWAT just out in the open


  83. Mohinder SMASH

  84. "Get in Mohinder.   My name is Noah Bennett, I’m here to save this show."


  85. Come with me if you want to live

  86. HRG always saves the powered guys.

  87. uh-oh theys gonna get captured….NOAH IS A bad guy!!

  88. "Come with me if you want to live" remains one of the great lines.  This is the second time I’ve heard a variation on it this television season (I can’t remember the first instance).

  89. Ando-cycle is awesome. 

    This seems to be a slow reboot to mid-season 1.

  90. WTF CLAIRES DAD IS LIKE bENJAMIN LINUS….you just dont know waht side hes on…

  91. dang, I was starting to like Noah too

  92. Awesome mini-twist.  Totally within HRG’s character to be allied with Nathan and Zeljko.

  93. …..or I could be wrong!

  94. @rayclark: HRG has always been about protecting the people from the powers.

  95. HRG makes a better bad guy then a good guy. 

  96. something tells me hes either a double agent or cutting a deal with them to save claire

    @conor: are you guys gonna do a special edition podcast of PUSH??

  97. @rayclark: No.

  98. Are Hiro and Ando exempt from this hero round-up since they’re Japanese?

  99. @conor – I think it’s also like HRG to be in Nathan’s camp to tear it down from the inside.

  100. @conor: yea thats true but i still dont get him even after 3 years. hes a big plot twister


    back to heroes

  102. @conor: why not?? if i can ask?

  103. @broderboy: What was in Dual?

  104. What Nathan is doing seems like it loosely ties into his storyline from 5 years gone.

  105. kiss my ass ZING

  106. i hate nathan…….hands down

  107. i like it better when the pettrelli’s hate eachother!  i’m diggin this

  108. @rayclark: No interest in it from any of us.

  109. Does Nathan look like he’s aging? Maybe the job is too stressful.

  110. Thank you turtle!

  111. @conor: wow really?? i thoguht it looked good. thats kinda surprising. oh well to each his own i guess…

    matts a prophet…wow

  112. I hate it when enigmatic African prophets appear in my apartment. It always disrupts my night.

  113. nathan is an annoying character now….MATT HAS future pwoer??

  114. I didn’t ask for this honor and i don’t want it!

  115. i hate it when hiro stalks me using a GPS

  116. Ando’s a pimp

  117. Hahaha! Awesome, Ando.

  118. heroes captured!!

  119. Guess they are not exempt :-/ .

  120. What was that? three minutes between commercials?

  121. i meant Hiro…sorry

    ando is a pimp

  122. It’s funny how things that were so important to the show in the beginning, were removed and are now returning…   The idea of a Hero who paints the future was really cool.. and so important the beginning of the show.  Of course, (imo) they didn’t know how to handle it and so they had to kill Isaac off.  What do we see again?  A Hero who’s going to be able to produce images of the future.  Likewise, this seems to be a return to the relationship dynamics we saw in season 1 between Petrelli family members, HRG et. al and even Mohinder (he started it all off by being chased by shadowy men). 

  123. baby blackberry….is this neccessary??

  124. @Crippler: It’s true, it really does seem like they are going "back to basics" with "Fugitives".

  125. Matt….did a prophet tell you to draw like Tim Sale?

  126. claoires jumping to conclusions….PWNED

  127. @psyguy411: yea apparently

  128. I wonder how HRG is going to feel about Claire Bear being taken…

  129. I guess Claire and Parkman cant put 2 and 2 together.

  130. HAHAHHA..  Parkman can paint pictures of events that will happen ONE minute in the future.  Hmm.. lets see.. what have I painted here… seems to be an anvil?  and it’s falling.. and who’s this underneath?  Um, god, I gotta get better at drawing….


  132. Im waiting for Nathan to say, "Theres a storm coming."

  133. @conor- That’s why I think HRG is a double agent…in order to protect Claire.

  134. Nathan is like Norman…? idk im just mad at him right now.

    nathan using peters emotions against him…….weak man

  135. Nathan is such a fantasticly layered character.  I love it.

  136. Aaaaaaaaaaand Sylar’s father appears to be a taxidermist.

  137. How is it that we’ve gone 45 minutes into this show and no one has made a Clear and Present Danger joke yet? 

    Peter – How dare you go around telling me who I can and cannot abduct?

    Nathen – How dare YOU sir! 

  138. Maybe this is the taxidermy man that Quint was talking about.

  139. @psyguy411: i TOTALLY agree wiht you on that one


  140. awwwwwww, now you have f-ed up…

  141. Oh hell yes

  142. and thats why sylar is my ALL TIME FAVORITE CHARACTER

  143. One thing that The Company knew was you can’t send normals after a power withotu some power backup…looks like the government hasn’t learned that lesson yet.

  144. i think this has the making of a good season with the exception of the first part. i love this storyline like i love my comics

  145. Oh yeah, I was going to say before I got distracted by Sylar beating on agents….I like Sylar and Nathan-type characters, because like @conor said they bring layered and duality that needed. I guess HRg should be thrown in there, too.

  146. This is definitely a strong start.  Maybe the strongest since season one.

  147. That fight scene was as good as any we’ve ever seen on this show. 

    Don’t you wish that they got Willem Dafoe to appear in this episode?  I mean, he has both the Tom Clancy and superhero links….  When Clear and Present Danger came out, Willem Dafoe really hadn’t had much of a career for years.  I thought he was awesome in that movie.  hehe  So, my goal in the time remaining will be to make a link from Willem Dafoe to this episode. 

  148. Hiro uses Vista.  Figures.

  149. andos gonna be a hero

    WHOA thats intense all of the heroes like taht

  150. This is awesomely creepy.

  151. @conor: i am literally scared for everyone. i am so scared you have no idea.

  152. You know what would rule?  Ando/Sylar team-up.

  153. By the way, this is how we are going to escort everyone into the iFanboy party at NYCC.

  154. @Jarett: agreed!!

    gi ckaure

  155. it does feel like I’m sort of watch a comic book…first time in a long time I’ve had from this series.

  156. Claire’s gonna pull a COMMANDO move!

  157. is it me or has the cinematography also shifted slightly with this season?

  158. @conor: wouldnt want it any other way man. cant wait to go there wiht you guys!!

  159. Claire is John Matrix!

  160. ando amplifying Sylars powers?? anyone anyone??

  161. This is why Claire needs to learn how to fight. 

  162. claire is being so badass

  163. She definietly entered the plane reverse commando style

  164. so whats peters power?? can anyone explain. i knew he had flight but now absorbing??


  165. THank god shes finding all the cast members

  166. Is this the first time we’ve seen most of these people together?

  167. And what did Peter just do?

  168. looks like all the team is back togehter now!!

  169. okay, someone yells "go to the cockpit!" and no one up front notices.

  170. Noah has to fly the plane too?  Gah, talk about overworked.

  171. @conor: apparently yes since season 1 and they are all friendly too thats good!!

  172. holy crap

  173. So, I guess he’s officially comparable to Rogue.

  174. peters badass points went WAY up….now whats gonna happen to them all??

  175. aaaaaaand, prop driven aircraft don’t fly into explosive decompression territory.

  176. Just land it in the river! Land it in the river!

  177. I laugh at the randos getting sucked out the hole.

  178. its the end of the living daylights for peter



  180. Awesome.

    That was awesome.

  181. and heroes becomes LOST

  182. @conor totally agreed.  Did Geoff Johns write that episode?

  183. Is this about being titled and plotted after Harrison Ford movies?

  184. You think you’re invincible, but you’re not…

    Of course not!  Mark Grayson is Invincible. 


  186. Pretty good first episode. It returns to the more serious and mature plotting of the original season. Now, hopefully, they stop having Hiro and Ando act like 10 year olds… same could be said for Daphne.

  187. slow clap …very much enjoyed that

  188. Heroes is back to such a good start! I hope it continues this trend.

  189. LOL I keep hoping when they all finally team up I’ll get to hear Hiro yell "Avengers Assemble!" Good episode, nice to see no more timetravel, although Hiro losing his powers is kinda sucky

  190. These Powers represent a Clear and Present Danger to the national security of these United States.

  191. Ok so I’m thinking Peter can only have one power at a time now?  Interesting.

    He seemed to get weak when he touched "Nikki" and also he told Nate "What was the last power you saw me have" or something like that, which makes me think it’s one at a time.  Besides, if he could fly, he wouldn’t exactly be worried.

  192. @gobo: Yeah, it totally seems that way.  That’s a good choice on the producers’ part.

  193. I agree, it’s bad enough have one incredibly powerful guy hanging around (who I’m glad didn’t die) but two was too much.

  194. Just finished it. Strong start. Sylar rocks, again. HRG though is still my favorite character. Still think they need to kill some more characters. Wish Peter had his original powers, rather then Rogue powers. I’m hopeful but wary.

  195. why did peters powers switch?  he used to have a bunch of powers, now they just switch out for who ever he touches?  ok rouge

  196. One of my favorite episodes of the entire series. And surprisingly Ali Larter didn’t bother me this episode. Great twists and great plot movement. Heroes is back.

  197. Do you think that Heroes is kinda poking fun at themselves with this title? I mean, with all the complaints about complicatons, time-travel and future telling, they come back with a CLEAR and PRESENT danger. They seem to be trying to simplify it to attract a more mainstream audience, and, while I loved this episode, that makes me worried. I’ve personally liked all three volumes so far, but I don’t like the idea of them trying to dumb it down to attact more viewers.

  198. @kingyouth412: I dunno, it’s possible that you’re looking too far into it.  I didn’t think this was dumbed down at all.  It was rather smart.

  199. @kingyouth412 – Like I said, I think it was a refrence to the Harrison Ford film since this volume is called Fugitives…but even that’s stretching it. With the firing of Loeb, hiring of Mark Verheiden from BSG, former Heroes alumn and Pushing Daisies creator, Bryan Fuller coming back in some writing form, and them all around just trying to identify what works and what doesn’t. That’s what I call not dumbed down at all, and a strong start with this episode to boot!

  200. Watched this again with the wife… 
    Did anyone notice that the snowglobe that Sylar picks up in taxidermist house is from India?  It seems to clearly be the Taj Mahal.  I say that’s not random.  This would link Sylar and Mohinder’s backstories. 

  201. I think the show finally got around to really pinning down what they’re going to with Nathan, which I like.  He’s been kind of floundering as a character since the "Bomb" story ended.  I do find it amusing that this arc looks to be just "Five Years Gone" except instead of Sylar Nathan, it’s Nathan Nathan.  I also like that he isn’t entirely wrong either about the danger of unrestricted metahumans.

    Also, I don’t know if this was a conscious choice by the creators, but I like how Peter keeps sounding like Magneto in this with all his talks of Nathan "betraying" their people and all.  I’d like to believe both Petrellis will eventually become villains on separate ends of the spectrum, but it probably won’t happen.  Still, a good episode.

  202. It’s going to be interesting to see what the assembled heroes do in terms of the Sylar problem. Obviously their going to fight Nathan’s plans, yet Sylar is essence of why Nathan is doing what he is doing. Now Peter doesnt have his empathy, they are going to have to learn to fight as a team against Sylar, like at the end of Season 1

  203. @Tork – Definitely would like to see that as well.  I caught the same Magnetoesque vibe from that little Petrelli confrontation. 

  204. This episode was a real blast of fresh air. I really was excited with the subtle changes in cinematography, they are really using all the tools available to give the tone of desperation. Anyone else waiting to see peter fight a sentinel?