He Heeded the Call and Spread the Word!

Way back is iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast #291, Ron, Paul, and myself decided to challenge the listeners to one up their word of mouth methods, and load the show on a thumb drive and randomly leave them out in the wilderness. We were sort of joking, but Pete John Wilson wasn’t.

So there you have it. Ron is in contact to make sure this dude gets his well deserved reward.


The next challenge will be to figure out who found and listened to the show, and if they came back. Are you out there mysterious fan?!


  1. That is dedication.

    Props to you Pete!

  2. AWESOME!!!!! That is great!

  3. What a legend! I really wanna know what the reward is.

  4. At least buy him a dozen or so thumb drives. lol

  5. I can’t get people who know me personally to click links to my content, and this is the devotion you inspire in strangers.

    Use your powers for good.

    Or evil, I guess. Whatever works best.

  6. This is so great. Nice one, Pete!

  7. LOL. NERD.

    haha juz kidding

  8. That is amazing.

    I’m still laughing at this. Bravo, man. Bravo.

  9. I found the bottle, but the podcast wasn’t on the flash-drive! It was just one song on there a ton of times: Message in a Bottle by the Police.

    …I’m sorry if you read this.

  10. Oh, wow. Get this man something good, guys.

  11. Awesome Pete!

  12. NICE

  13. I just realized that Conor, Ron and Josh have about two and a half weeks to make a few dozen of these thumb drive envelopes so they can scatter them through out the Javitts center. Hop to it mi Amigos!

    the Tiki

  14. Sending out a POW

  15. Awesome. I hope people gave it a shot.

    Did anyone else notice the Conor/Hunter switch for a split second near the end of the video? Good stuff.

  16. I want to see a video of the reaction to all of these things. The guy/girl who got that letter with the thumb drive must’ve thought they were being blackmailed for a second.

  17. Wait just a darn minute.

    First off, good work dude, that’s dedication right there.
    But you just left an envelope in a freaking old school Superman phone booth? Is it still 1988 where you live? They don’t still really have those things do they? And it looked clean. Wow.

  18. Nice! Good job Pete. You make all us other Canadians proud. At least I assume you’re Canadian from the CIBC bank and Bell phone booth you were at. Hahaha……wait, I’m just realizing something here. A comic book podcast left in a phone booth. Oh Pete, you ironically clever genius.

  19. that is so awesome. i feel bad that i didn’t do this. sorry guys

  20. “…Ron, Paul, and myself decided to challenge…”

    I didn’t register the commas at first glance, which of course, changes everything about the phrase.

  21. Nice work man, hope you get some cool shit for your trouble. Also hope someone listened to the podcast on one of the drives.

  22. Awesome job Pete. But I was wondering about something.

    “Congratulations to Ron, Josh and Hunter on 300 PotW Podcasts”

    Just for a flash at 1:15.


  23. THis is epic but tbh I reckon if I found these drives I would be to scared they’d have viruses to put em in my PC. But I guess you could always use a public computer.