Guardians of the Globe from Image in August 2010?

In an eerily familiar execution, Image Comics just sent us the below image that seems to be announcing a new team book, Guardians of the Globe, of which it looks as if Invincible is a member of.  Could this be the first of other character announcements to roll out the team? 



  1. Oh snap son! Thank you Image for keeping this going.

  2. epic

  3. Day made! LOL this is awesome news and I think it’s great that they’re doing the same teasers.

  4. Heh, that’s good.

  5. The possibilities here are very exciting.  I’m hoping Superpatriot is involved. 

  6. Very excited about this… not sure how I feel about them not even changing the poster dress from the Avengers lineups though

  7. I’m assuming Kirkman is writing this… but who’s the artist? Anyone recognize the teaser pic’s art style?

  8. If this is for real, it’s a great idea. I’ve never really been into team books, but Robot, Monster Girl, Brit, and all of those guys are cool characters. Sold!

  9. Bwahahah awesome

    Is this what Howard’s doing after Wolf Man?

  10. Awesome! Can’t wait.

  11. Maybe Wolfman, an interesting character whose book kind of went bad (like Brit) will be on the Guardians. Nice!

  12. LOL. im on bored for this book. that invincible looks like jim lee maybe?

  13. ya if kirkman is writing i think that wolfman is almost guaranteed to be on the team

  14. This is awesome. Love them doing the same thing as the Avengers, if it works why not rip it off I guess?

  15. Could just be a part of Invincible. I mean that book is in the middle of a war right?

  16. Awesome! This could be a good book, hopefully kirkman is writing it.

  17. This is so cool. Its nice to see someone try and give a lttle jab at marvel for once.

  18. Same font too … hehe

  19. Is the artist Mike Ransom Getty?

  20. this is just genius.

    Love Invincible so this book should be awesome

  21. It seems weird to see invincible drawn by someone else but ottley

  22. Can’t wait for DC to jump on board…


    "I’m the goddamn Batman!"

    "I’m a member of the Justice League of America."

  23. AWESOME!!! This is a fantastic way to Parody the way they were rolling out the Avengers rosters.

  24. @smeeee Yeah, it’s impressive how much Ottley has made it HIS book (sort of like how Adlard did with Walking Dead).  I don’t even think about Walker or Moore when I think of either book (even though both are fantastic)

  25. Well done!  That’s pretty funny.  And I’ll definitely check out this book.  I wonder if members of the Guardians of the Globe will get killed in the upcoming Viltrumite War.  There could be new characters on the team.  I hope Monster Girl, Immortal and Robot survive.

  26. Is this for real…and will this begin the 2nd coming of Kirkman vs. Bendis?

  27. Ha!  

  28. What would be even more awesome is if they put out teasers for "Secret Guardians of the Globe," "New Guardians of the Globe," and "Guardians of the Globe Academy." 🙂

  29. Even if this was just a joke, it was a good one. It made me laugh. Heartily.

  30. I hope it is not a joke.

    I was going to start picking up Invincible in issue, but I think this will be the book I get in singles (if Kirkman is writing it).

  31. I thought this was a joke until they put August 2010. Why put such a specific month on there. Looking forward to it thought.


    I just wish they’d done it over the weekend BEFORE Emerald City. I was at the Image booth getting #55-65 signed and gabbed with Ottley for quite a while.

  33. Great, another character I’ve never heard of

  34. hahaha 

    and I agree w/ MikeFarley DC should jump on this bandwagon  

  35. I’m currently off of monthly’s, but if this is real and written by Kirkman, I’m back.

  36. At least someone has a sense of humor! Kirkman Rocks!

  37. I hope Kirkman is announcing a GoG book. I’ve wanted one for months now. I love the current lineup in Invincible & I bet it will include Wolfman

  38. Maybe Seeley’s Cassie Hack will be on the team XD!

  39. Awesome!!! I really hope that Robert Kirkman will be writing this book. Also Image spoofing Mravel’s teasers is so funny)))

  40. I approve of this paraody

  41. My money’s on Tech Jacket. No, seriously.

    Heh. Pretty damn brilliant, Image. 

  42. with Spawn being on the team, now I’m hoping Cassie Hack does too, it would be so interesting.

  43. I bet $100 that this is one big (awesome) joke.